He’s Slim Shady Takes Top Prize At Show

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Nathan Oliver rode A Cloudy Sky to victory in the Youth 11-under category at the 2012 Woodbury Lions Club Horse Show.
Sweltering heat and being in the midst of a record-setting drought created concern for organizers of the 74th Woodbury Lions Club Horse Show Saturday (July 7), but tradition won out as the event drew in excess of an estimated 2,000 fans and more than 300 entries.

Jimmy McConnell, who has enjoyed success at the Woodbury Lions Club Horse Show in recent years, continued his winning ways on He’s Slim Shady, by winning the TWHNC Walking Horse Stake. He’s Slim Shady is owned by Bill and Karen Bean.

He’s Slim Shady was one of more than 300 entries who made the annual event another exciting venture for the Woodbury Lions Club.

“We had concerns because of the heat but the show was just outstanding,” Horse Show Chairman Bruce Steelman said. “We had a great deal of entries and we had good turnouts for most all of the classes.”

There were six or more entries in 29 of the 36 classes. Of those, 17 classes had at least eight entries.

Following are the results from the 2012 Woodbury Lions Club Horse Show:

2012 Woodbury Lions Club Horse Show
(Place, Horse, Rider, Owner)
TWHNC Walking Horse Stake/WHAT 2012 Rider’s Cup
1. He’s Slim Shady, Jimmy McConnell, Bill/Karen Bean
2. Private Charter, Knox Blackburn, Mike Walden Family
3. I’m Packin’ a Pistol, Chad Williams, Rick/Della Compton Family
4. The Thug, Dick Peebles, Kay/Luckey Easterling
5. Atl. International, Brandon Stout, Jimmy Reece Family

Amateur Specialty
1. Bingo Time, Sandy Shumate, Rae Shumate Tysor
2. Joses Crystal Lite, Rhonda Stewart, Stewarts Farm & Nursery
3. They Call Me Samson, Karen Bean, Bill/Karen Bean
4. Vegas Ritz, Julia Livingston, Julia Livingston
5. Jazz Talkin, Renee Montgomery, Renee Montgomery
6. I’m a Hustler, Jacquelyn Elliott, Jack Heffington

Molly Walters Family Four-Year Old Open
1. I’m Deuce, Casey Wright, Bill/Debbie Woods
2. The Jazz Player, Jimmy McConnell, Jimmy/Edith Dilday
3. Gin’s Who Dat, Jerry Woodlee, Carol Canerday
4. Skywatch Makes Magic, Bobby Hugh, Bobby Hugh
5. Those Fancy Legs, Charlie Green, Pam Hendrickson

Pro-Am Specialty
1. Trouble On The Line, Tom Morgan/Gary Edwards, Hannah McCurdy
2. That’s My Luck, Alex Way/John Puckett, Doss Farms
3. Tarheel’s Parolee, Casey Wright/Josh Wright, Bob/Mary Rollins
4. Bella Sera At The Ritz, Patti Pollack, Knox Blackburn, Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch
5. Country and Famous, Miles Irby, Rick/Marla Lovett
6. C Est La Vie, Dick Peebles/Carol Lackey, Lackey Properties
7. She’s Armed With Poison, Herbert Derickson/Thomas Derickson, Thomas Derickson
8. Kid Me Not, Lloyd Cassidy/Brandon Stout, Lloyd Cassidy

Amateur 50-over Specialty
1. Lined With Poison, Lucky Collins, Don/Lucky Collins
2. The Who, Molly Walters, Molly Walters
3. I’m Moonlighting, Robert Deutsch, Robert/Anne Deutsch
4. Terror On The Border, Nancy Goover, Nancy Groover
5. High Jacked, Dr. Jim Baum, Lisa Baum
6. Generator’s Freefalling, Carroll Counts, Kevin Counts
7. He’s Wild Eyed & Wicked, Mike Walden, Mike Walden Family
8. Arms Deal For Real M, Debbie Eichler, Rising Star Ranch

Open Aged Mare & Gelding
1. The Royal Dollar, Jimmy McConnell, Mike/Lee McGartland
2. Dance All Night, Tim Smith, Frank/Rita Hudgens
3. Nightshades Maiden, Michael Daniel, Roger/Laura Mauney
4. Southern Dollar, Charlie Green, Bryan Turpen
5. Promise of Candy, Scotty Brooks, Gene Davis

Park Performance Open Specialty
1. Favorite Son of JFK, Patrick Thomas, Carthel/Libby Smith
2. Moonshine Man, Philip Trimble, Bob Cunningham
3. The Concealed Weapon, Patti Pollack, Pollacks Silver Spur Ranch
4. Prodigy, Sherri Pollack, Pollacks Silver Spur Ranch
5. Legend of JFK, Jannie Chapman, Jannie Chapman
6. A Armed Dealer, LaRue McWaters, LaRue McWaters

Amateur Four-Year Old
1. Prime Country, Ann Callicutt, John Callicutt
2. Joses Dr. Pepper, Lucky Collins, Don/Lucky Collins
3. I’m Pushin N Line, Janice Fostek, Joe/Janice Fostek
4. Sox Appeal, Debbie Eichler, Rising Star Ranch
5. The Shut Out, Taylor Walters, Molly Walters
6. I’m A Rod, Dalia Smith Harr, Molly Smith
7. Masq Of Jazz, Laura Lester, Gary Lester Family
8. My Diamonds and Pearls, Brenda Little, Brenda Little

15.2 & Under Open (Canter)
1. Mr. Heisman, Brandye Mills, Randall/Sadie Baskin
2. He’s A Weekend Warrior, John Puckett, Stanley Enfinger
3. I’m Breakin Bad, Michael Daniel, John Odom
4. Admission Is A Dollar, Charlie Green, Pam Hendrickson
5. Jazz Me Up, Edgar Abernathy, Lance/Rhonda Lincoln
6. Hocus Pocus Jazz, Winky Groover, Rising Star Ranch

Youth Ponies
1. Prime Poison, Lilly Waites, Andrew Waites Family
2. Roll The Gold, Allison Thorson, Thorsport Inc.
3. A Show of Jazz, Robert Cortner, The Cortner Family
4. Pushing The Gen, Mary Elizabeth Wright, Joanne Dempsey
5. Eagles Finess, Cole Sims, Mike Chiappari Family
6. A Shady Character, Hayden Burks, Graves/Thrasher
7. Inception, Kailin Kesselring, Kasey Kesselring Family
8. Heartbeat Counselor, Buie Williams, Brenda Little

Amateur Three-Year Old
1. Defending The Title, Jason Myatt, Jerry Myatt
2. Gin Rio, Becky Coleman, Madeleine Coleman
3. National Hero, Taylor Walters, Molly Walters
4. Sweetener, Ben Kail, Bobby Belew
5. Master Of Bourbon Street, Robin MacDonald, Bruce/Robin MacDonald
6. Cougar, Tommy Vinson, Dr. Tommy/Pat Vinson
7. Powerstrokes Miss Delight, Sister Milligan, Tommy/Sister Milligan
8. The Nickle, Holly Coggin, Merv Whittenburg

Amateur Ladies Specialty
1. She’s A Shady Sister, Lee McGartland, Mike/Lee McGartland
2. Jazz Country, Patti Pollack, Pollacks Silver Spur Ranch
3. He’s A Showboat, Virginia Counts, Kevin Counts
4. Major GS Hard Cash Girl, Heather McCormick, Heather McCormick
5. Bum In The Storm, Maria Holland, Stewarts Farm & Nursery
6. Watch Number Seven, Gayle Holcomb, Gayle Holcomb
7. Command’s Simply Special, Lucky Collins, Don/Lucky Collins
8. Ms. Jose Walks, Sister Milligan, Tommy/Sister Milligan

Three-Year Old Stallions
1. Joses Bambino, Casey Wright, Bill/Debbie Woods
2. Los Lobos, Brandye Mills, Joe Barnes
3. Just Bet The Line, Herbert Derickson, David/Libby Doub
4. River Master, Bobby Kellett, RPC Farms
5. Ted’s Snap Shot, Mickey McCormick, Bill/Karen Bean
6. Dollars Encore, Justin Harris, Charlotte Chrestman
7. You Hit Blackjack, Chad Way, Jimmy Reece Family

Two-Year Old Amateur
1. Willie Twilight, John Callicutt, John Callicutt
2. Bonjour, Carol Lackey, Lackey Properties
3. Next Simply Red, Linda Garnes, Richlin Farms
4. Kingdom, Erica Derickson Way, Fisher/Way
5. All American Jazzman, Ben Kail, Eddie/Tina Smith
6. Prime Stars Lady, Lisa McKay, Danny Meade
7. Ritzy Woman’s Man, Bart McWaters, LaRue McWaters
8. I’m a Firey Diamond, Sherri Pollack, Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch

Youth 12-17 Specialty
1. Pushin That Jazz, Robert Cortner, The Cortner Family
2. Bing Bang Boom, Alex Blackburn, Mike Walden Family
3. Joses Dulce, Meghan Davis, Shamrock Farms
4. Shock It To Me, Cassie Rutherford, Cassie Rutherford
5. Black Market Pusher, Nathan Britt, RPC Farms
6. Stemwinder, Koston McWaters, LaRue McWaters

Park Performance 4-Under
1. Ted Who, Mike Walden, Mike Walden Family
2. Paroled In Tennessee, Michael Daniel, Belvie Jordan
3. Dos Equis, Chad Williams, Thorsport, Inc.
4. Black Jack Citation, Sue Irby, Sue Irby
5. Season Opener, Winky Groover, Rising Star Ranch
6. Undecided, Wayne Dean, Kasey Kesselring Family
7. Antonio Banderas, Ryan Gannon, Hall/Hall

Two-Year Old Stallions
1. Nine Gold, Michael Wright, Bill McMillan
2. Master of Jazz Opus, Edgar Abernathy, Dr. Tommy/Pat Vinson
3. I’m Jimminy Cricket, Winkey Groover, Jay/Barbara Kenehan
4. Sic Em On A Chicken K&L, Blake Sims, John Hash Family
5. The British Open, Justin Harris, Bruce/Robin MacDonald
6. Black Gin’s Mountaineer, Chad Way, Jimmy Reece Family

15.2-Under Amateur Specialty
1. Boure, Tam Brogdon, Tam Brogdon
2. Holyfield, Clay Mills, M/M Bob Hill
3. The Colonel Reb, Taylor Walters, Molly Walters
4. King of the Jungle, Ed Breedlove, Nestor Stewart Family
5. Jazz Eclipse, Justin Harney, Justin Harney
6. Sweep Up Gold, Mary Elizabeth Morrison, Fikes/Morrison
7. Your Wish Is My Command, Bart McWaters, LaRue McWaters
8.. Joses Knight, Charles Carddock, Charles Craddock

Three-Year Old Mares/Geldings
1. Fenway Finesse, Brent Coburn, Terry Dotson Family
2. I’m Tex Anna, Larry Edwards, Byard/Groover
3. Strong Seduction, Knox Blackburn, James/Betty Corlew
4. Silver Fog, Dan Waddell, Rachel Castaldi
5. Strokin At Sunrise, Michael Daniel, Richard Greer
6. Ruby Tuesday’s Jose, Charlie Green, Keith/Anita Bowman
7. Hot Dollar, Scotty Brooks, Sherri Ward
8. Sheza Gamer, Edgar Abernathy, Shannon Stepp

Show Pleasure Amateur Specialty
1. Godfather By Ultra Copy, Courtney Luttrell, Alex Luttrell
2. The American Choice, Linda Garrard, Dr. Cliff/Linda Garrard
3. Turnbow, Lynn Womack, Barnes/Hixon
4. Jammin The Blues, Jvonna Matthis, Abe Matthis
5. Beamin Dollar, Megan Green, Green/Peebles
6. Dollars and Dreams, Elizabeth Tew, Scott/Elizabeth Tew
7. My Blackeyed Susan, Rose Anstett, Ray/Diana Popp
8. C Me Push, Sister Milligan, Tommy/Sister Milligan

Youth 11-under
1. A Cloudy Sky, Nathan Oliver, Darrell/Tracy Oliver
2. Joses Delightful Pusher, Landon Callicutt, John Callicutt
3. Walk On Command, Jessica Lowell, Roger/Barbara Jenkins
4. Spin My Money, Isaiah Lambert, Rae Shumate Tysor
5. Bayou Bay, Gabriel Humiston, Jack Mitchell
6. John FKS Diamond Delight, Lilly Riddley, Alan Riddley Family

Two-Year Old Mares/Geldings
1. Cash Date, Keith Blackburn, Rita Carper
2. Janes Silver Lining, Herbert Derickson, Tommy McGee
3. Mr. Onyx, Justin Harris, Darrell/Tracy Oliver
4. Conga Line, Todd Smith, Stone Manor Farm
5. Unwavering, Michael Wright, Bill/Debbie Woods
6. Rockabye Lady Love, Tim Gray, Fletcher/Sharon Griffin
7. Coachs First Lady, Brad Davis, Barnes/Hixon
8. Ritzs Heart Throb, Scotty Brooks, Gene Davis

Pleasure Driving
1. Joses Baby Doll, Jeff Laughlin, Doris Penick
2. Scores Heartbreaker, Victor Haley, Kathy Owen, Double Springs Farm
3. Trigger On The Prowl, Jeff Givens, JoAnn Dowell

Amateur Yearlings
1. I’m A Farmer’s Daughter, Molly Vaughn, Bobby Joe Jones Family
2. He’s Fabulous, Rayna Latham, Bobby Jones Family
3. High On Arrival, Logan Goostree, Lowery/Johnston
4. Out Of Devotion, Meagan Wright, Carla Hurley
5. I’m So Charismatic,Ben Kelley, Ben Kelley
6. Doc Pearl, James Blankenship, C L Kline Farms
7. Mercedes Lane By Design, Jenn Fleming, Faugn/Fleming
8. Miss Power Play, Ella Kline, C L Kline Farms

Classic Park Pleasure – Specialty
1. Double Shot Of Cash, Laurie Toone, Tamara Hader
2. Lucky Daze, Patrick Thomas, Lisa Shockey Kessel
3. She’s Up For Parole, Robert Nelms, Carole Hargett
4. Jazzman’s Legend, Dr. Judy Moore, Moore/Foust Farm

Country Pleasure Youth
1. Hallelujah In The Sky, Tyler Diamond Pollack, Pollacks Silver Spur Ranch
2. The Ghost Walker, Katie Gerber, Debbie Brown
3. Delight Silver Design, Jackson Stephens, Van Stephens Family
4. Joses Hannah Montana, Ashley Gray, Kasey Kesselring Family
5. Dales Bon Temps, Bradley Richards, Bobby Richards Family
6. Stop Drop & Roll, Aaryn Tarver, Mona Tarver
7. She’s Magic To The Boys, Kaylee Hash, John Hash Family

Classic Park Pleasure – Specialty
1. Lucky Daze, Patrick Thomas, Lisa Shockey Kessel
2. Break Me Out, Lisa Baum, Lisa Baum
3. She’s A Bandit, Kim Leonard, Scott/Kim Leonard
4. Major Conspiracy, Sherri Pollack, Pollacks Silver Spur Ranch
5. Mr. Jose Walks, Ryan Gannon, Bobby/Kim Parker
6. A Little Mo Jazz, Laura Brandon, Wallace/Laura Brandon
7. I Can’t Imagine, Robert Nelms, Carole Hargett

Country Pleasure Youth
1. Wicked Endeavor, Miles Irby, Dr. Jana Anderson
2. A Red Ruby, Liz Gassaway, Liz Gassaway
3. He’s All That Jazz, Kasey Kesselring, Montverde Academy
4. Rolling Commander, Patti Pollack, Pollacks Silver Spur Ranch
5. Oops Peek A Boo, Laurale Lowery, Laurale Lowery
6. I A Mysteria, Joe Lester, Joe Lester
7. She’s Indescribable, Allie Dennis, Dennis/White
8. Mr. Paparazzi, Anna Kaminski, David Kaminski

1. Coachin and Preachin, Beverly Lamp, Keith/Lorraine Rosbury
2. Snookie Majors, Nathan Mills, Nathan/April Mills
3. Out Of Devotion, Carla Hurley, Carla Hurley
4. Cooperstown Kid, Marty Warren, Denise Smith/Darrel Frazier
5. I’m A Farmer’s Daughter, Molly Vaughn, Bobby Joe Jones Family
6. Time For Vengeance, Ronald Morton, Ronald Morton
7. Shimmy Shimmy Shake, Sylvester Skierkowski, Rayna Latham
8. Title Seeker, Brian Wright, George Wright Family

Country Pleasure Adult
1. I’m Rose Walker, Lauren Hamilton, Lauren Hamilton
2. Cowboy On Parole, Wilsene Moody Kwok, Jack/Wilsene Moody Kwok
3. Designer Champagne, Maggie Moore, Moore/Leek
4. Mikimoto Pearl, Cindy Adams, Cindy Adams
5. The Ghost Walker, Miles Irby, Debbie Brown
6. I’m Soulja Boy, Darren Gray, Darren Gray
7. Mr. Jessie James, Ann Jameson, Ann Jameson
8. I’m Shake N Bake, Joe Lester, Joe Lester

Park Pleasure Amateur Specialty
1. BB Kings Jazz, Libby Stephens, Stephens/Womack
2. Major Randolph, Deborah Parmer, Don/Deborah Parmer
3. Sure Cash At The Ritz, Dr. Jim Baum, Lisa Baum
4. Overpass, Patti Pollack, Pollack’s Silver Spur Ranch
5. Marching Orders, Angela Jones, RPC Farms
6. Mr. Jose Walks, Kim Parker, Bobby/Kim Parker
7. The Lady Has Connections, Lynn Kasicki, Bill/Lynn Kasici

Lite Shod English Open
1. 2X The Magic, Susan Coleman, Susan Coleman
2. Major Orders, Laurie Toone, WestMark Farms
3. Lil Wayne, Carlan Cotton, Jeff Gillespie
4. Slammin Rammer, Bobby Richards, Dave/Joy Buck
5. No Way Jose, Hannah Pulvers, Rachel Allen
6. Miss Rocky Top, Jackie Byrom, Horses To Go LLC

Performance Model Specialty
1. It’s My Moment, Jeff Givens, JoAnn Dowell
2. Outlined In Iron, Hayley Wisehart, Randy Young

Trail Pleasure English Specialty
1. Pushers Secret Rose, Susan Coleman, Phyllis Langley
2. Music City Jass, Laura Brandon, Wallace/Laura Brandon
3. Confederate Jazz, Kasey Kesselring, Kasey Kesselring Family
4. Ambassador For RFK, Vickie Penick, Vickie Penick
5. Victorias Got A Secret, Jack Kwok, Jack/Wilsene Moody Kwok
6. Rolling Commander, Patti Pollack, Pollacks Silver Spur Ranch
7. Dream Catcher Command, Lynn Kasicki, Lamar Coleman
8. She’s Black Ice, Aaryn Tarver, Mona Tarver

1. My Dangerous Liaison, Carla Hurley, Mary Beals
2. Rowdy Sunshine, John Dorris, Harlinsdale Farm
3. Darks Red Man, Ronald Morton, Ronald Morton
4. Watch Don’t Touch, Michael Chandler, Michael Chandler
5. Jazzs Johnny Red, Clinton Gribble Jr., Clinton Gribble Jr.
6. Docs Power Play, Ella Kline, CL Kline Farms

Model Pleasure
1. Trigger Treat, Jeff Givens, JoAnn Dowell
2. Armed With Intent, Ronnie Rushing, Creek Walters
3. A Handsome Stranger, Dickie Gardner, Dickie Gardner
4. The Prestige, Beverly Lamp, Rushing Creek Walkers
5. J Lo, Kim McMahan, Kim McMahan
6. Victorias Got A Secret, Karen McGee, Jack/Wilsene Moody Kwok
7. Jazzmans Legend, Dr. Judy Moore, Moore/Foust Farm
8. Clearly Neon, Candy Huening, Montverde Academy

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