Wish Granted: Celebrating Drunk Driver Taken To Jail

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Cannon County Sheriff's Deputy Brandon Gullett ws dispatched to 7025 Hollow Springs Rd. on June 2 at 9:35 p.m. on a report of a one-vehicle accident. Upon arrival he was advised that the female driver had been drinking.

Gullett made contact with the female, later identified as Brittany Nichole Keyt of 74 Maple Dr., Beechgrove. He was advised by Keyt that she was drunk and for Gullett to just take her to jail.

Gullett reported that he could smell an odor of an intoxicant on Keyt's body and breath. He asked her if she had been drinking, to which Keyt stated she had been and that she was going to jail Monday (June 7) and was celebrating before she went.

Keyt refused to take a field sobriety test, saying she was drunk and didn't need to take a test. She was placed into custody and was read an implied consent form, which she consented to.

A check of her license status revealed Keyt was driving on a suspended license.

Pelham's Wrecker Service was called to the scene to tow the vehicle, a 1989 Pontiac, which was around 200 feet into the woods beside the residence.

When asked what happened, Keyt said she was turning around and that she was in Coffee County in Lake Wood Park. When Gullett told her she was in Cannon County, she continued to state she was in Coffee.

Keyt was transported to Stones River Hospital for the blood alcohol test, and then to the jail where she was booked on charges of underage driving while impaired and driving on a suspended license.

DUI, Driving On A Revoked License

Deputy Tommy Barker was patrolling the Woodland Elementary School grounds on June 6 at 3:34 p.m. when he noticed a vehicle heading North on Jim Cummings Hwy. traveling at a high rate of speed. Barker turned his car around in the parking lot of Woodland School and pulled onto Jim Cummings Hwy. a few seconds behind the vehicle heading North.

While in pursuit, Barker observed the vehicle swerving from side to side and riding on the center line on several occasions. Along the 4300 block of Jim Cummings Hwy. Barker observed the vehicle cross over the yellow line by a foot and he initiated his emergency lights. The vehicle pulled into the address of 3984 Jim Cummings Hwy.

Barker reported when he approached the vehicle he could smell a strong odor of what appeared to be an alcoholic beverage. He asked the driver for his license, registration and proof of insurance. The driver said he did not have his license with him.

Barker smelled an odor of what appeared to be alcohol on the driver's breath and asked him to step out of the vehicle. He said his name was Trevor Lanphere and gave his date of birth. Barker learned from dispatch that Lanphere only had a state ID due to his license being revoked.

After conducting a series of field sobriety tests, Barker placed Lanphere under arrest for DUI 3rd offense and driving on a revoked license and he was booked at the Cannon County Jail.

Recovered Stolen Handgun

On June 3, Chief Investigator Charlie Wilder came in possession of a Colt handgun. He ran the serial number through NCIC and it came back stolen. Wilder took possession of the handgun from Marcus Dewayne King of Murfreesboro and gave him a receipt. Wilder called Chief Rick Sides of the Fort Branch (Indiana) Police Dept. and notified him that he had possession of the gun. Wilder shipped the handgun Chief Sides.

Suspicious Vehicle, Larceny From Refrigerator

Deputies Steve McMillen and Matthew Parsley were dispatched to 11390 Jim Cummings Hwy. on June 7 and 8, respectively, to investigate reports of suspicious activity on the property. McMillen observed a white Chevy box van in the driveway with the door open. It appeared to be abandoned along with the other vehicles at the location. Extra patrol was advised for the area for the next two weeks.

Parsley responded to the location on June 8. He spoke with Eric Bogle, who stated it appeared that someone had taken the emblem off a Cadillac and also strown around medication for animals. It was also discovered someone opened the door of a Ford pickup truck and thrown items on the ground. Charles Rowland arrived on the scene and stated someone took a knife (valued at $60) from a refrigerator.

Verbal Dispute

Deputy Steve McMillen went to 406 Ronald Hayes Drive on June 7 on a verbal dispute report. He was told by Amy Miller that her landlord, Ronald Hayes, had turned her electricity off. McMillen then spoke with Hayes, who said the electricity was in his name and Amy did not pay her rent and he had it turned off. Hayes said he had given Miller a 30-day eviction notice. McMillen advised both parties the matter was a civil issue and to see the advise of a lawyer.

Possible Vandalism Of Property

Deputy Reed Bryson was dispatched to 1038 Iconium Rd. on May 4 in reference to a possible vandalism. Upon arrival he spoke with Terry Spray who stated that on his way to town with his wife Judy with sunroof of his truck came off. Mr. Spray stated that when he closed the sunroof it would lock down. He said he was unsure if the vehicle had been vandalized because he had an earlier incident of gas being taken from the residence and someone might have tried to break into the truck. Bryson could find of apparent evidence of vandalism or why the sunroof came off the vehicle. It was valued at $350.

One Vehicle Wreck

Deputy Randy Neal was dispatched on June 6 to the corner of Center Hill Rd. and Short Mountain Rd. for a one vehicle wreck. Upon arrival he observed a black Toyota 4-Runner on its side in the yard of 2215 Short Mountain Rd. It appeared that the vehicle had been going south on Hwy. 146 Short Mountain Rd. and lost control and run into a ditch on the right side. The vehicle hit two mailboxes and a fence before it rolled over and came to rest in the yard. It also appeared that no one was living at the address where the vehicle came to a stop.

Deputy Tommy Barker spoke with the neighbors across the road who stated that someone stopped and picked up the driver of the vehicle. They also started the vehicle went down Cherry Springs Rd. Duputy Barker and Deputy Patrick Fann went down Cherry Springs but did not make contact with the vehicle. The neighbor also stated that the driver took the tag off the Toyota 4-Runner before leaving the scene. Neal had dispatch run the VIN number and it came back to Roger and Karen Demoss of Antioch. Neal had Pelham's Auto Salvage come and pick up the veicle and placed a hold on it until the sheriff's department could make contact with the driver.

Warrants Served

Albert Summers served Marty J. Cooper Jr., 4050 Bybe Branch Rd., McMinnville, with three warrants on June 5 for driving on a suspended license, theft over $1000 and vandalism over $1000 in the booking room of the Cannon County Jail.

Possible Animal Neglect

Deputy Reed Bryson was dispatched to 4093 Big Hill Rd. on June 4 in reference to possible animal neglect. Upon arrival he saw two brown horses tied to a fence to the right of the driveway. The horses did look slightly slim. but not to a neglected extent. Bryson then came in contact with Howard Litchford Jr., who stated his son lived at the residence. Litchford showed Bryson a food bin with food in it. He also said the horses are untied and go down to the creek behind the property for water.

Bryson then went to the barn on the other end of the property and saw three horses, which were slimmer than the others but had access to water, food and shelter. He also observed several dogs to the left of the barn in pens. The dogs were extremely thin. At this point Amanda Litchford came out of the home and Bryson advised her why he was there. She stated she has had problems keeping weight on the dogs. She said they would gain weight for awhile and then drop it quickly. She said they had not been fed that day but that she would do so before she went to work. She also advised that she would get in touch with Dr. Gayle Tate to see if he would advise how to get them to keep weight on.

Cracked Windshield

Deputy Matthew Parsley was dispatched to 187 Adamson Rd., Woodbury, on June 3 in relation to a motor vehicle crash. He spoke with Beulah Howse, who said she was traveling on Doolittle Rd. on May 28 when another vehicle passed her and about her same time her windshield crashed. Howse said she didn't see anything hit the windshield or come off the passing vehicle, and that it sounded like someone had fired a shotgun at her. At this point Parsley advised Howse that she had not been involved in a motor vehicle accident, but just a regular incident. Howse said after her windshield was cracked she turned around and followed the vehicle, retrieved the license plate number, and then spoke with the operator, Margaret Davenport (1507 Pleasant Ridge Rd., Woodbury), who told her she did remember passing Howse. Howse obtained insurance information from Davenport.

Possible Prowler In Garage

Deputy Brandon Mims went to 193 Valley Dr., Woodbury, in June 4 after a report of a prowler in a garage was received from homeowner Edward Howard Hoskins Jr. Mims checked the garage and the property and was not able to find anything to lead him to believe that someone was in the garage or around the house.

Four-Wheelers Causing A Disturbance

Terry Leyden of 344 Osage Lane made of a report on June 3 of four-wheelers in driving in the creek in his neighborhood causing a disturbance. Deputy Brandon Mims responded to the call and was told by Leyden that the neighborhood had experienced problems with four-wheelers in the past as well. He stated he tried to tell the riders to leave. He was advised to call the sheriff's department if they returned, and extra patrol was set up for the area.

Phone Harassment

Deputy Anthony Young talked to Tracy Young of 182 Watts Lane, Woodbury, on June 3, who stated that his estranged with, Kimberly Young, had been calling him at his mother's house and he did not wish her to call him anymore. He was advised to tell her not to call. Young contacted Kimberly Young and advised her that Tracy did not want her to call him at his mother's house. She was advised that after this point he could seek a warrant for phone harassment if she contacted him by phone again.

Online Fraud

Patricia Woods reported to Deputy Anthony Young on June 3 that she had sold some furniture online and a company called Lapeer Recycling had sent her a fake check for payment. She said her bank informed her the check was no good. She said she had not sent the buyer the furniture and she wanted a report made of the incident.

Tractor Trailer Stuck In Ditch

Deputy Brandon Mims responded to Pleasant View and Ivy Bluff for a tractor trailer blocking the road. Upon arrival he spoke with Donald Hickey of Smithville, who told him the turn was not wide enough for the rig. He said as he was making the turn the tires on the trailer dropped off in the ditch, tilting the tractor. The tractor's passenger side tires were off the ground. Hickey had already called a tow company. The tractor trailer had not damaged the road or ditch, Mims reported. After being removed from the ditch, Hickey was able to make the turn after several tries and went on his way.
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