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The day that I am writing this CHAT to you is Martin Luther King's birthday. Martin Luther King III, (son) publicly stated that the meaning of this day in his father's honor is not so much the ethic reason, but for the hope that peace will reign throughout the world.

That is his father's wish. I agree and understand that this is a wonderful hope...but did it stick? Will it ever stick? There is always going to be a group of bigots that judge and destroy all the efforts to make mankind harmonious.

It's a BIG job and Martin knew this. Let it be known that we DO understand his efforts and hopes. And, out there somewhere lies a solution to it all! Is it too much to ask that we offer a smile and handshake to those who reflect a difference but none that truly matters?

We are all here to keep our world level and form a brotherhood no matter what race, religion or ethnic background anyone boosts to be. Let's work on that we have nothing to lose and so very much to gain!

Would winning the lottery change all that much? It would for some of us. We could pay off our mortgage, dump our job, take a REAL vacation after vacation.

Set up college funds. Buy a car or truck that FINALLY works. Choose the best retirement home for our parents. And so forth. These are things for US.

Then what would you do? How about the rest of the crew that needs help? Believe it or not the first thing I think of is how can I help my adult children and their families? How can I help all the abandoned and hungry children? How can I help all the little animals who are abused and left to fend for themselves?

Please Lord, let me put this money to the best use I can. So many folks waste it frivolously. Others donate to charities and world peace. Wow what a strange stretch from one end to the other! Just for fun think about what YOU would do with all those winnings.

Sesame Street has been revised. Jim Henson's creations roll on. Oscar the Grouch not only got to keep his garbage can, but added a recycling bin and compose pile. Big Bird even has his baby picture up on the wall, an egg in a nest. An updated song and new scenery completes the deal. All good just as long they do not make this charming little show disappear.

Have you ever listened to someone for awhile and wondered: Who ties your shoelaces for you?

Uncle Festus says I'm not lazy, I just enjoy doing nothing. Sounds like a new show: LIFE OF THE RICH AND FAILURE.

Hey Festus, Just calm down, take a deep breath and hold it for about 20 MINUTES! Even tho, you got your breeches full of buckshot last week!

Did you see the internet special where they summed up OBAMA'S final state of the union address? ALL in TWO MINUTES. (And NO wiggle room !)

The Upshot? Let's hope our next president can claim he IS the sharpest tack in the box! By the looks of our selection so far filling this office to run our country is very SCARY! A soap opera waiting to be cancelled.

Well, the Short Mountain Trading Post is still on sabbatical. It was freezing out there today. Had to check on the kitties and make sure all was okay. Everyone was very happy to see me with my fresh supply of milk and food. They DO stay warm and cuddle during this chilly weather.

Our winter weather has finally make sure you check on YOUR pets and make sure they are well fed, lots of water and have a warm bed.

We have a lot of very interesting items arriving at the Post all set for you to come see and shop for in the Spring. New vendors and lots of new fun is in store for our fourth year in business!

For Christmas, JD gave me a fantastic heated mattress cover. If you don't think that chased the cold away...think again. I highly advise all of you to try and get one. Keeps the arthritis away and allows you to not have the heat turned on soooo high . JD found mine at Walmart.

I visited with some of my delightful friends today. Lots of catching up to do. It did me good to get out and do this as I definitely miss visiting with ALL of YOU when we are open at the Barn.

Well, hey...all of you take care...please love your your neighbors...check up on each other. Take good care of your pets. Be thankful you have a job. Keep your sense of humor...keep your ALRIGHT SONG...and look forward to tomorrow.


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