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Hmmmm...I thought that was what was going on out there!!

Remember Folks, winter time is know... hibernating next to a large bowl of buttered popcorn by the fireplace watching one movie after the other. Just remember, we still need to stay aware of over eating the junk food and also try to establish some sort of mild exercise

program for indoors. Take your vitamins. Keep your feet covered and warm. Wear a hat when the chilly winds matter how silly you think you's worth not getting a cold. Yes? Keep your pets warm also....they are near and dear to you but they get chilly too.

Brains are awesome..just wish everybody had one! So please take care of yourselves and others with the weather change coming up.
Uncle Festus is the worst one for not taking heed of what I tell him about keeping warm and taking vitamins. If there is a wrong way to do things....he will find it! He is one relative that is definitely bad for my liver! Aunt Martha bought him a shirt that reads: MY I DO NOTHING SHIRT. She said that he must be exhausted watching her do everything. She asked me: Savannah, what is the deal with these lazy men who get sick all the time from doing nothing? I told her that we must have gotten the BEST rib!!

Cousin Clara called me yesterday morning all upset...when she woke up and looked in the mirror she had the worst deep wrinkles that she had ever seen...really deep creases that weren't there yesterday. I told her to go look at her bed pillow and match her new found wrinkles to the deep folds in that pillow. She called me a miracle worker...I called her a heavy sleeper.

My younger Cousin Clarence is all into being a fantastic guitar player. He doesn't have a job because he swears that his new venture as a musician will pay his bills. The way Uncle Clyde sees it...he packs $5000 worth of gear into a car...drives 100 make $50 !! He is just happy that Clarence doesn't have a twin ! This son of his is about to exceed the limits of his medication!

I try to make Clyde and Clara feel better by reassuring them that Families are like Fudge: mostly sweet with a few nuts! Seems to run true with my relatives. Just remember ONE word: YOLO....You Only Live Once....Enjoy life whether it hands you lemons or not....make a glass of lemonade and smile!!
I had such a nice phone call the other day from a lovely lady Georgia Gannon. She resides in assisted living and her husband is now living across the street in a more heavier assisted living for medical reasons. She is in a wheelchair and told me that she gets to visit him several times a week when
her daughter wheels her over to his place. She said that she has three children and she cannot complain about them not being attentive. They try to help when they can. Georgia has a wonderful sense of humor. She said: We have a big white fence around the place I live....I don't know whether it is to keep people in or keep people out !! Then she laughed. Georgia called me to tell me how much she loved my column. So, Georgia, if you are reading the paper this's all for YOU, Darlin' !! I will call you soon.

I wanted thank Shirley Leiting and her husband for the darling candle they gave me at the Country Christmas Bazaar on October 10 at the Trading Post!!
It sits perfectly on my little end table and I love it !! The magic wallet that I bought from you has fooled many folks by now. What fun!!
JD and I will be handing out the donated winter clothes soon at the Feed America First Station in Woodbury. Once again, those who need extra food
or know of someone who does please call me at : 615-464-7824 and I will gladly give you further information.

I am happy to hear that a new animal shelter will be going up in Cannon County. Anyone wishing to help out with this project let me know. DeKalb county is also gearing up for a new and improved shelter as well. It is sad that there are so many animals that need shelter and medical care and have no where to go. I have adopted so many little furry folks that I can't take in anymore. They tell me the key to not having such an overflow of our little friends is to spay or neuter them and keep their population at an even keel. Reasonable prices for these services are offered by different animal organizations. Your vet has that information where you get a voucher that helps pay sometimes half of the expense. So, please do your best to keep these little ones off the streets by doing your part of controlling this situation.

The Short Mountain Trading Post is still busy. Open Thursday thru Saturday from 10 to 5. We have had so many repeat customers both local and visiting from other states. So many folks are building homes near by here so they can enjoy themselves when the certain months of yucky weather where they live are unbearable. Very nice people who totally enjoy the Barn and all the vendors and their merchandise. A big shout out to all of our wonderful visitors who make all our efforts and work so worthwhile. Along with the Short Mountain Distillery and the Stillhouse Restaurant we have all created a most wonderful day in the country for all of you to enjoy!!

Hope to see you soon and please enjoy this gorgeous fall weather and scenery. Pumpkins and mums terrific is that!! Take care of yourselves, family and friends. Stop thinking: What's in it for ME? and start finding out: what can I do for OTHERS. It's a big wide world out there....let's keep making it better, Folks!! Chat with you next week.

Hugs, Savannah

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