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WAKE UP .......... BEFORE YOU MOVE FORWARD ...... seems to be the most recently quoted statement of the day. Having been the most highlighted quote from the Pope's nation's visit.... it basically says it all !! It not only pertains to OUR countrymen but to ALL the world's population.

Similar to the old world adage: Think before you Act. I believe that there is and always has been a basic refusal by most of us in this department. Most of the time, leading to unfortunate events and unfortunate national events on the news everyday. We are constantly distracted and numbed by all that happens in our daily issues, family illness, demanding jobs, cars breaking down, children wanting only the best and made to settle for less, crops failing, mortgages overdue, vet bills, school expenses, grocery prices climbing and on and on and on....uh, yeah.....we are ALL distracted ALL the time and when we do WAKE starts all over can only hope that we honestly do the best we can and act appropriately. I just wonder how bad is it for those who feel they have to STEAL your neighbor's possessions, BURN down a church, TORTURE people and animals, SHOOT down folks at your past work place where you left as a disgruntled angry employee, take out your narcistic attitude on your classmates and teachers by killing them, joining the Taliban and spying on your own country, bomb scares in public schools....and on and on... it's one HOT MESS.

MY POINT ?.... exactly... let's do the best we can as things do have a way of working out and we can only hope that problems in our nation cure themselves.
We can't save the world...but we can keep ourselves level and only hope to : WAKE UP....BEFORE WE MOVE FORWARD as each day greets us !!
Well, there I go again...up on my pedestal ..... preaching to all of you....(sigh)...

Uncle Festus had a horrible day last week...when he swore everyone on the highway were out to kill him ! First, there was a wild man in a huge pick up
truck coming right down the wrong side of the road directly at Festus.....He honked furiously and realized that he better move his car and forget the horn.
He moved and the fella kept going down the wrong side of the road....Festus thinks he must have been a retired mailman who was too used to driving that way.

Then, he had to come to a screeching halt more than once when the drivers never put on their turn signals and came to a sudden stop in the middle of his lane. He put on his brakes....all his groceries in the back seat slid forward on top of him and Martha's bottle of wine crashed against the windshield on spilled all over her dry cleaning on the front seat. ( It wasn't so bad on that count , as her dress was purple and the wine was grape.)

I think that Festus does have a good point : please use your turn signals and of all things drive on the correct side of the road !!
A big THANK-YOU goes out to Bobby and Sue Hale for the tons of donated clothing for the Feed America First warm winter clothes drive. Another shout out to Jim and June Everett for their lovely donations as well, which included June's gorgeous hand knitted hats, scarves and blankets that she personally made.
We need more blankets and boots and baby items. These donated items may be dropped off at the Short Mountain Trading Post on Thursday through Saturday from 10 to 5. The Post is open every week on those days.

The Country Christmas Bazaar sign ups are fantastic and we all cannot wait for ALL of you to join us on Saturday October 10 from 10 to 5. Free vendor spaces are still available, so call: 615-464-7824 if you wish to participate. FREE LUNCH for everyone !! Don't miss out on this terrific event full of holiday décor, crafts, baked goods, wood art, stained glass, jewelry, name it.....We are located next to the Short Mountain Distillery and Stillhouse Restaurant at 8280 Short Mountain Highway...Woodbury.

One more cute barnyard event to send your way: Last Friday, JD called me to watch Beans, our black and white kitty, tackle a mouse. It appeared to be Bean's first encounter with the barn mice. So, instead of successfully catching the mouse, the mouse stood on it's back legs and ran toward Beans with it's arms waving in the air. No doubt...who won that match. The mouse lived and the cat remained stunned in his tracks. I had never seen anything like that.
I told Lisa Wisdom, who has the Southern Wisdom Works booth at the Post, about the event, and she proceeded to tell me about seeing a mouse in her bedroom run straight past her and on to the other side of the house on it's back feet...straight upright...waving it's arms. A Kangeroo maybe...but a mouse?
Another shout-out to the Mug Man....found a few unique mugs to add to your c'mon out !!

Well, Folks.... once again it was a great day to CHAT with all of you !! Take care of each other, smile, laugh and be matter what

Hugs, Savannah

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