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O ME ......Shucks, I love birthdays just don't like the getting older part. Not doing anything special today. Waiting till next week and will visit Nashville and have some fun !! In a few days we are have the JUNE BUG FEST at the Short Mountain Trading Post, so need all my energies to prepare for that. Birthday fun comes later. Certainly hope all of you came to see us and had a great time !!!

The Distillery and the Stillhouse Restaurant are also doing well and enjoying all their visitors taking the tour and then sitting down to a farm to table meal.
I am hoping all of you are feeling okay and struggling successfully through the allergy-sinus season. JD and I are slowly getting better, but WHEW....that air is packed with mold, mildew, dander and dust !! Yuck....even my dogs and cats are sneezing....what's that tell ya' !!

Recently, Uncle Festus decided to join the Hangover Club. The person's name who discovered this organization is believe it or not, Dr. Maurice Beers. Festus claims that this new hydration therapy for hang-overs is great. So when you party, you don't need to worry that you may over drink which makes for s good time that never ends until you fall down, I guess. The cost of this next day after the party treatment starts at: $175 and up. (Just the thought of all that makes me nauseous.) Wait until Aunt Martha finds out where all her cash in the cookie jar went to. If you happen to hear a loud bam....that is a bomb going off in their kitchen when Martha goes after Festus ! Martha has enough of her problems.

Just the other day, she and Festus went shopping and they both decided to use the restroom at the mall before starting their day purchasing things. Naturally, there was a line in the womens' room and Martha was in urgent need of an empty stall ! As soon as a lady opened her door, Martha ran in. Oh Great, the lock didn't work on the door. She went to hang up her handbag on the hook and that wasn't she hung the handbag around her neck while trying to find a sanitary paper to cover the toilet seat. There were none there. So, she assumed the position above the seat and finally was able to go to the bathroom. Suddenly, a person slammed the stall door open because she saw it wasn't locked and knocked poor Martha onto the dreaded dirty toilet seat. Ick.... She screamed out: Occupied !! and proceeded to reach for the toilet paper. None.

All she had was a tiny used Kleenex in her purse which was hanging around her neck. She finally found it and fell onto the wet floor. She attempted to pull herself together and exit the stall. She went to wash her hands and she could not figure out the faucets and then the paper towel dispenser was ofcourse empty. As she exited the bathroom, Festus was waiting outside (and for quite awhile at this point.) He asked her what took so long and why in the heck did she have her purse hanging around her neck !! ( And this is a MILD day with my relatives.) They told me this story when they came over to wish me a Happy Birthday earlier in the day. It felt so good to laugh and I thanked them for brightening my day.

I am hoping that those of you who have crops and gardens this year are being blessed with enough rain. There is nothing more enjoyable than fresh fruit and vegetables. Folks are really into the organic grown products. It's being said, that consumers are becoming more and more aware of eating healthier.
The gluten-free idea is another one to think about. It's very good that all of us think more strongly on what we eat and what our children, even what our pets eat.

It's out there, you just have to take the time to plan a more nutritious daily menu. You will feel better and look better.
Well, Gotta run for now....take care of each other. Enjoy your summer. Drive carefully and SMILE.....Hugs, Savannah

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