Shots Fired Into Attic After Man Hears People, Puppy

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Cannon County Sheriff's deputies Tommy Barker and Lawrence Avera were dispatched to 3936 Old Murfreesboro Road on Dec. 26 in reference to a possible shooting.

Cannon County Dispatch advised Deputy Barker that the caller at the residence stated that he believed he had shot someone. The caller stated he could hear three or four voices coming from the attic along with a puppy dog.

Dispatch also advised Deputy Barker that the caller said he did not believe the people in the attic have weapons because they did not shoot back. Dispatch advised the caller to put his weapon on the table and walk out of the residence with his hands in view when he saw deputies arrive with their emergency lights on.

When the deputies arrived they observed a white male wearing blue jeans, a heavy coat and a ball cap exiting the residence with his hands held up shoulder high. The deputies identified themselves as they approached the man, who appeared to be unsure of himself and had actions consistent with a person who was under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.

The man identified himself as (Harry) Wayne Brandon and said he believes he shot someone through his ceiling and that they were still inside the attic. He said he wanted the deputies to go inside his residence and locate the individuals.

Deputy Avera advised Brandon the deputies would search his residence. Given the nature of the call and the mental state of Brandon, he was placed in handcuffs for his safety and seated in the backseat of the patrol unit. When deputies searched Brandon for possible weapons, he had 29 live 20-gauge shotgun shells in his pockets along with an open knife.

The deputies then started to walk to the residence when Justin Higgins drove into the yard. Higgins advised he was with the Bradyville Fire Dept. and also a First Responder. Deputy Barker advised Higgins the situation was under control and that he was not needed at the residence since EMS was now on scene.

Then a van pulled into the driveway. A white female exited the vehicle and started to walk up to the residence where Deputy Barker was standing. She identified herself as Brandon's girlfriend and said her name was Renee Chapdelaine. Chapdelaine stated she knew where all the doors were located in the residence and that it was an old house. Brandon gave the deputies consent to have Chapdelaine show them how to get into the attic.

When Deputy Avera entered the bedroom area where the entrance to the attic is located, he noticed a partial joint lying on the dresser along with a pair of tweezers. At this point the deputies asked Chapdelaine to exit the residence and wait in her vehicle, and also advised her not to go near the patrol unit to speak with Brandon.

After Deputy Barker asked the two EMS personnel standing on the porch to notify him if Chapdelaine did try to get near the patrol unit or to re-enter the residence, he then went back into the bedroom with Deputy Avera, who found a plastic bag containing coffee filters and also another bag containing residue of a white powder substance lying on the bed where Brandon sleeps.

Deputy Barker observed several weapons lying out in the residence. A 20-gauge shotgun and a .38 special revolver, both loaded, were found on a table along with a camo folding knife.

The deputies searched the lower level of the residence and then the attic area and did not see evidence of anyone having been there other than Brandon.

Deputy Avera contacted Sgt. Anthony Young about the situation and Deputy Barker advised the EMS personnel there was no one hurt at the scene and that they could return to service.

Deputy Barker then took information from Chapdelaine and advised her that she could leave. Chapdelaine again asked if she could speak with Brandon. Deputy Barker advised her she could not at this time because Brandon seemed upset with her and that it would be best if she left the area. Chapdelaine then started crying and getting loud and said she wasn't going to leave.

Chadelaine then started yelling at Deputy Barker. He advised her if she didn't leave  she would be arrested for disorderly conduct. Chadelaine became even angrier and refused to leave. Deputy Barker then advised Chapdelaine she was under arrest for disorderly conduct.

Deputy Barker reached out to grab her wrist, but Chapdelaine jerked away and started to run around the vehicle. Deputy Barker then caught her and as he was attempting to put handcuffs on her she continued to resist and try to get away. Deputy Barker then used force to place Chapdelaine on the ground where she was handcuffed by both deputies.

Deputy Avera then contacted Dispatch to request Woodbury Police Patrolman Patrick Fann come to the location to assist in the transport of the two subjects to the Cannon County Jail.

At this point Justin Higgins pulled back into the yard and asked what was going on, because he was Brandon's brother-in-law. Deputy Barker advised Higgins for the second time to leave the property or he would go to jail. Higgins then got into his truck and parked across the street. Patrolman Fann then pulled into the driveway and Chapdelaine was placed into his patrol unit for transport to the jail.

The deputies then went back to their patrol unit and advised Brandon he was under arrest. They removed everything from his pockets and placed the items in a property bag. Sgt. Young advised the deputies to remove the firearms from the residence until Brandon's court date. Two revolvers and four long rifles were removed. Brandon told the deputies that it was fine if Higgins took possession of the residence, and Deputy Barker notified Higgins the area was clear and he could enter.

Chapdelaine, of 103 Radio Tower Lane, Readyville, was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Bond was set at $3,000. Initial court date is Feb. 1.

Brandon was charged with reckless endangerment, possession of a Schedule II drug, simple possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. Bond was set at $25,000. Initial court date is Feb. 1.

• In another recent incident, Lewis Mark Kronnick, Jr., 102 West Lynn St., Manchester, was charged with driving on a suspended license on Dec. 27 by Cannon County Sheriff's Deputy Brandon Gullett. Kronnick was charged after Deputy Gullett observed his vehicle parked in the middle of Ivy Bluff Road with the driver's door open and Kronnick behind the wheel. The vehicle, a 1992 Cadillac Deville, then took off, turning onto Jim Cummings Hwy., where the traffic stop occurred. The vehicle was swerving from lane to lane. Following the stop, Kronnick told Deputy Gullett he had stopped in the middle of the road because he was sick. Kronnick's license was suspended for failure to pay traffic citations. A release citation was issued. Initial court date is March 2.

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January 02, 2011 at 1:52pm
This sure is a great deal of drama and information for such an innocuous incident.

January 03, 2011 at 7:59am
Seriously! Good job making someones worst moments public information. I'm sure his family will apreciate that...
January 03, 2011 at 11:27pm
You might be a redneck if ?
January 03, 2011 at 11:30pm
Such an idiot..he deserves to be on americas dumbest criminals!
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