November Election Looks Grim For Democrats: MTSU Poll

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MURFREESBORO – Tennesseans generally want U.S. Muslims to have the same rights as other Americans, and while most state residents oppose building an Islamic facility near “Ground Zero” in New York, most wouldn’t mind construction of such facilities in Murfreesboro or even closer to home, the latest MTSU Poll shows.

Sixty-six percent of Tennesseans say U.S. Muslims deserve the same rights as other Americans. About the same proportion say they either support or would not oppose construction of an Islamic facility in Murfreesboro or near where they live.

“Recent news coverage has tended to portray Tennessee as intensely hostile toward Muslim Americans,” said Dr. Jason Reineke, associate director of the MTSU Poll. “Our findings suggest, though, that such attitudes are not typical of state residents – or at least not typically expressed by them, even when participating anonymously in a survey.”

Most Tennesseans also reject the idea that Muslims in the U.S. should have to register their whereabouts with the government, and most consider it wrong to profile people as potential terrorists because they are Muslim, the poll shows.

Sixty-three percent of Tennesseans do, however, oppose construction of the Park51 Community Center, the Islamic facility proposed for construction in Lower Manhatten near the World Trade Center site. The proportion is similar to the 67 percent of New York state likely voters who said in a September poll that the center should be built elsewhere.

Other findings show Republican Bill Haslam running well ahead of Democrat Mike McWherter in Tennessee’s gubernatorial race. Haslam draws 42 percent support to McWherter’s 19 percent among all Tennessee adults, with 34 percent undecided. Among Tennesseans who say they both voted in the 2008 presidential election and are eligible to vote in the upcoming election, Haslam attracts 50 percent, and McWherter, 21 percent, with 24 percent undecided.

“Supporters of Haslam’s chief rivals in the Republican primary, Ron Ramsey and Zach Wamp, have generally lined up behind Haslam,” said Dr. Ken Blake, director of the MTSU Poll. “The tea party vote seems to be favoring Haslam as well, but tea party admirers make up only about 30 percent of the state’s population, and tea party members are an even smaller 7 percent.”

Conducted by Middle Tennessee State University’s College of Mass Communication, the telephone poll of 614 Tennessee adults chosen at random from across the state has an error margin of plus or minus four percentage points at the 95 percent level of confidence. Full results are available on the poll’s website,

The poll also found continued erosion of President Barack Obama’s popularity in the state. Fifty-five percent disapprove, and only 35 percent approve, of the job Obama is doing. Approval is down and disapproval is up compared to previous MTSU Polls. Significantly for Obama, a majority of independents disapprove, with concern about the national economy as the deciding factor.

The poll did not estimate the standing of specific candidates in the state’s various Congressional races, but Tennesseans are more likely to say that the country would be better off with Republicans controlling Congress (34 percent) than with Democrats controlling Congress (20 percent). A sizable 36 percent, though, think that conditions will be the same regardless of which party ends up controlling Congress. The same attitudes show up when Tennesseans are asked about which party they’d like to see controlling the state Legislature.

Tennesseans say, too, that Congressional Republicans and Obama are both to blame for gridlock on Capitol Hill. Meanwhile, 37 percent continue to believe that Obama was born in another country, and 34 percent think he is a Muslim. The White House and officials in Hawaii, where Obama’s birth certificate is on file, have repeatedly attempted to dispel the rumor that Obama was born outside the United States. And Obama as well as others in his administration have said that he is a Christian.

Financial worries continue to dog Tennesseans, with majorities concerned about the national economy (80 percent), the state economy (84 percent), and their own family finances (62 percent). Seventy-three percent say the recession has hurt them. And of those, about half say the recession has hurt them “a great deal.”

In still other poll findings:

• A 48-percent plurality of Tennesseans disapprove of the federal health reform law passed in March and want to see the law repealed.

• A 60-percent majority of Tennesseans consider protecting the right of Americans to own guns more important than controlling gun ownership.

• Half of Tennesseans think going to war in Afghanistan was the right decision, but only 41 percent consider going to war in Iraq the right decision.

For over a decade, the Survey Group at MTSU has been providing independent, non-partisan and unbiased public opinion data regarding major social, political, and ethical issues affecting Tennessee. The poll began in 1998 as a measure of public opinion in the 39 counties comprising Middle Tennessee and began measuring public opinion statewide in 2001. Learn more and view the full report at
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Members Opinions:
October 15, 2010 at 6:15am
"Sixty-six percent of Tennesseans say U.S. Muslims deserve the same rights as other Americans."

And 34% say Muslims do not deserve the same rights?

"A sizable 36 percent, though, think that conditions will be the same regardless of which party ends up controlling Congress."

Says more than the other two numbers--not even the King's horses can undue this.

"Meanwhile, 37 percent continue to believe that Obama was born in another country, and 34 percent think he is a Muslim"

Driven by the likes of Beck, Palen, Super 99 and their ilk! Much like the 34% noted above--a pretty pathetic picture of that segment who call themselves Americans.

" A 48-percent plurality of Tennesseans disapprove of the federal health reform law"

And the other 52%???

The Republicans and Tea Party pundits have done very well in getting their message across--
October 15, 2010 at 7:19am
The survey didn't say "34% of Americans say Muslims do not deserve the same rights", just "facts" you pull out your---.

MANY of us should leave the gathering of data, generation of news and the spreading of that news to the people who are capable of doing so.

October 15, 2010 at 7:46am
rachel--and neither did I, did you not see the question mark?
Herein is the problem, rachel, many are incapable of reading and understanding the written word and read into it their predujices.

Most distrubing is that only 49% feel the Iraq War was a mistake.
A unprovoked, unnecessary, unwarranted war, based on nothing more than hyped up mistruths, a war that cost the lives of thousands of our troops, inflicting injuries on tens of thousands more, killing off upward to 100,000 or more innocent Iraqis--men. women and childrem and injuring tens of thousands more along with driving millions out of their country and only 49% feels that was an injustice!

"Great is the guilt of an unnecessary war."

October 15, 2010 at 9:44am
Hope you were talking to yourself, "incapable of reading and understanding the written word" without" reading into it their prejudices".

As for your "?" which I and, I sure most, would see as not actually asking a question but as pondering and making a STATEMENT which required an assumption. If you were asking a question, then the answer is NO. Just because 100 - 66 = 34 maybe true in NO WAY reflects that your statement is correct.

statical data +unfounded assumptions = garbage

As far as your "unprovoked, unnecessary, unwarranted, rant on new topic: maybe we should have imposed more sanctions and deprived them of cold drinks and electric blankets--yea that will teach them. We had been attacked many times at the cost of American lives on foreign soil by these extremest with little to no retaliation. We were viewed as weak and that maybe ok with you but NOT ME. When the attack was on our soil someone had to pay and sorry but Iraq was at top of list. One thing is for sure we did it and it is done.
October 15, 2010 at 10:21am
Rachel you will never make a Democrat understand the importance of military strength in our nation.

The Democrats are like the French. It truly isn't a war until the French or Democrats surrender.

Being weak militarly, cutting defense spending, allowing Americans to be held hostage, allowing Navy ships to be bombed and doing nothing about it, being politically correct and playing footsie with countries that are known to have terrorist sympathies are all the Democrats know how to do.

Wasting your time explaining something as simple as toothpaste to dailyreader is useless because he is a radical, left-wing aethist who believes everyone should live off of the government.

Don't even bother. The man does not even live in Woodbury and does not vote in Woodbury. He just wants to stir trouble because no one else will listen to his garbage he so desperately wants people to hear.

Freud has a good word to describe him and it is called: Neurotic!
October 15, 2010 at 4:30pm
I'll take all these insults more seriously when all learn how to spell "aethist" as in "a radical, left-wing aethist."
October 16, 2010 at 6:26am
I may have had a typo and mispelled atheist, but I did spell Neurotic correctly on the first try.

I hope you take that seriously since I spelled it correctly?

I am sure there are some good doctor's that might help you.
October 16, 2010 at 8:02am
So you take atheist ,radical, and left wing as insults which so many (many times true leaders) hold in honor, but you have no problem with " wants to stir trouble because no one else will listen to his garbage he so desperately wants people to hear" and " wasting time explaining something as simple as toothpaste to dailyreader" and then resort to pointing out grammatical errors (posted to small town online news opinion post) in retaliation. I have spell check too--aint it nice.

GOP I hold no party affiliation and believe one of the biggest problems with our current system is yellow dog voters but we definitely agree on showing our strength to those who threaten us.
October 16, 2010 at 11:27am
You know rachel, the truth is I am really not a radical. I personally believe there are good and bad in both parties. And that includes people and ideas.

The problem I have is people like dailyreader who accuse anyone who has a different idea or belief than his liberal agenda as being radical.

He proclaims to know it all, he proclaims his party is the greastest thing since sliced loaf bread, he claims all Republicans are radicals and "extremists" and yet him and others like him are the very problem America faces today.

Blasting off at people because they don't agree with you just puts people on the defensive.

Instead of taking the time like Mr. Davenport did in his letter to the editor recently and explaining why he felt the Democrats didn't tell the whole truth about the Health Care Law in their ad last week, dailyreader just wants to cut people down, be sarcastic and try to promote himself as well read, intelligent and sooooo knowledgeable.

Yet, he offers no real solutions except more of the same. More government, more taxes, no spending cuts, making our military weaker and making sure everything is anti-God.

I will debate him all day long. I will offer solutions to any problem he poses. I will go toe to toe with him anywhere, anytime just name the place.

I will 100% legitimately debate him in any forum he chooses. No name calling, no sarcasm with no problem.

But, he won't and it is hard to find any Democrat who will.

More of the same results in our country becoming worse by the day. And, it will never change as long as neither party is willing to work together.
October 16, 2010 at 7:42pm
Dear GOP--radical to dismantle Social Security, radical to eliminate the Education Dept, radical to forbid abortions to rape victims and incest victims, radical to ban IUDs and birth control pills, radical to privatize Social Security and Veterans Administration, radical to bash gays, lesbians, welfare recipients, radical to ban AIDS programs, radical to eliminate Federal Reserve, radical to denounce the 1964 Civil Rights Act--and the list continues with the radical comments of O'Donnell and others--

Radical to call someone atheist, anti-Christ, anti-God, idiot, moron and a few other expressions when the caller does not even know the individual he is addressing---except that the individual is a liberal Democrat with a tour of duty in a combat zone who is also a believer in not squandering the lives of our troops on wars where God has told someone to invade and conquer and do a little nation building.

No nothing radical about all that, just normal for some.

PS, I voted for Truman, Ike, demonstrated against LBJ's war, think Carter deserves his low rating as a president, felt Clinton should have resigned after lying, experienced the effects of NAFTA, hired Negoes when no other company in the area would touch them, helped young women to obtain abortions after being raped, knew, at one time, most of Luther's Smaller Catechism and try to practice what Jefferson and Adams said: Be just and do good.
October 16, 2010 at 8:11pm
Seems from my viewpoint dailyreader that by your own definition you are a radical and extremist, because it apears the only criteria to qualify as one is to have opinions on issues which are different than yours. Many people hold views on a variety of issues which are the exact opposite of yours, and in a majority of instances you would be the one considered radical. Privatizing Social Security may be a viable option. Aborton may be legal but it is still killing a child that otherwise would be born. The gay lifestyle may not suit all people, and people are entitled to expressing their opinion about it. It is well known that there are welfare recipients who abuse the system. It would probably be possible to eliminate or downsize some federal departments and let states and local communities handle matters more.

As to name-calling, I must ask, have you ever listened to liberal TV or radio stations, or read liberal newspapers or blogs? They thrive on character assasination. Do you not engae in it yourself?
October 16, 2010 at 8:41pm
GOP in my last statement I was addressing dailyreader in the first part of my statement and you in the second. I don't find you radical and as I stated find it hard to believe dailyreader would take insult to that labeling.
October 17, 2010 at 5:47am
Ah, Kevin, when I see what has taken place within the once revered Republican Party I am reminded of two quotes.
First to paraphrase Goldwater:

"Extemism in search of a vote is no vice"

and to those who have conjured up enemies in the government where none exist, I quote:

"Fortune is guiding our affairs better than we ourselves could have wished. Do you see over yonder, friend Sancho, thirty or forty hulking giants? I intend to do battle with them and slay them".
October 17, 2010 at 8:58am
Typical dailyreader who quotes some obscure passage he reasearched, cut, copied and pasted off the internet and never offering any solution or rebuttal to comments asked of him.

I said it before. It is people like him who are the very problem Amercia faces today in politics. He calls everyone and extremists and he does the name calling, the sarcasm and promotes continuation of more of the same.

Like all Democrats, he has no viable solutions, only liberal agendas.

He is an aethist who believes we all should live off of the government.
October 17, 2010 at 4:14pm
rd77--the paraphrase came from a biography I have of BG and the other came from another book I have--perhaps some day you will read it also.
October 18, 2010 at 12:59pm
no thanks dailyreader on reading your books, anything you read is the exact opposite of what I read with very few exceptions.

Personally I like to be inspired by the books I read, instead of the psychoanalytical garbage I am sure that fills your bookshelves. Liberal inanity is not my cup of tea.

Unlike you, I search through all things looking for peace, understanding and a common ground. I find the broader you allow yourself to be the more intelligent you are able to talk, write and explain things when asked or given the opprotunity.

Like I said previously, all you want to do is complain, use sarcasm, berate and call people names because they disagree with you and your liberal mantra.

You offer no solutions to any of the problems we face in America and that is why you and the Democrats fail to capture the minds and hearts of the American people.

That is also why of the 234 years America has been in existence, the Republicans has held the Presidency 92 years. That is why there has been almost half of the Presidents elected Republicans.

You don't get it. You don't try to get it and you probably never will get it. The majority of the time for over the last 100 years, the American people just are not buying what the Democrats are trying to sell.

Why don't you stop bashing and start listening for a change?

You seem like a semi-intelligent person and I am sure you have something good to offer. But if all you do is condone people then don't expect anyone to listen.

October 18, 2010 at 6:11pm
everyone take your meds and a deep breath and remember a quote that I believe came from the infamous ber rabbit 'please dont throw me in that brier patch"
October 19, 2010 at 6:14am
rd77, you are correct that more Republicans than Demcorats have been elected--but it is more meaningful to look at the accomplishments of those in office then years spent in futility.

For instance on how they handled the eeconomy, Republicans rank far lower than Democrats--Bush Jr--42nd, Bush Sr 32nd, Ford 30th, Nixon 25th, Reagan 21st and Ike 11th,
Contrast that with FDR 1st, Clinton 3rd, Truman 6th, JFK 7th, LBJ 10th and even Carter at 40 bettered Jr.

Look at domestic accomplishments: Bush Jr 38th, Ford 30th, Bush Sr 28th, Reagan 23rd, Nixon 24th, Ike 11th.
Compared to FDR 3rd, LBJ 5th, TRuman 7th, Clinton 10th, JFK 15th and even Carter with 29th fared better than Bush and Ford.
And forbid that we would look at intelligence in these leaders for all we would find would rankings way down with Bush Jr at 42nd.

As far the bashing--but to you and GOP and others, it has not been me who has called someone an idiot, moron, neurotic,anti-God, anti-Christ, aethist (I think this is far worse then being a atheist--if I can get a Tea Party dictionary without being lynched as an infidel I will check out.)

October 19, 2010 at 4:16pm
dailyreader just so you know, I am not a member of the Tea Party. I have never been and I never will be a memeber of the Tea Party. I am a conservative Republican. Period. Exclamation point. Please do not lump me into any group you love to hate on outside of the Republican party.

I have nothing against Tea Party members, it is just not my cup of tea (no pun intended).

I call you an aethist because you promote anti-God sentiment, you believe in a so- called "Seperation of Church and State" that doesn't exist in the Constitution and because you have never denied it.

I don't recall (but I won't say I didn't) calling you an idiot. I remember calling your liberal ideas idiotic. And I am certain someone else called you neurotic.

You love to quote facts and obscure passages from your own liberal websites and bash other people who quote from their conservative sites. How can you not see that is the very definition of hypocrisy?

And you are getting way to caught up in the "rankings" of Presidents. In the end, you know that the Presidential powers are extremely limited. The power resides in the Congress. It was intended to be that way by the founding fathers.

How much research have you done to discover what Congress was in power during the years of the Presidents who were ranked the lowest?

And honestly who caresssss? Not me and I bet not many others.

What makes a good leader is not defined by their scale of 1 to 10. What makes a good leader is someone who inspires, unites, and causes people to want to do what is right and not what is popular.

There have been some good Democrat leaders and good Republican leaders. I have seen both. You have seen both even if you won't admit it.

I don't agree with your liberal views. I never will. But, that doesn't mean because I disagree with most everything you say that I shouldn't continue to try and find the middle ground.

That is what Americans want more than anything. They want the middle. They do not want to be too liberal or too conservative.

Arguing who is ranked in the top ten does nothing and is a waste of time typing it out.
October 19, 2010 at 4:48pm
do yall have the same conversation on every story regardless of topic? i bet most like me find you both quite comical at best.

i know, you are the same person--split personality with nothing to do and no one to talk to. yeaaa thats the ticket
October 20, 2010 at 9:43am
dailyreader and I do have the same back and forth on most every article.

I agree with you in some ways that it is a waste of time.

I had much rather we be looking at problems, discussing what we each think could solve them and then work toward a middle ground.

I am more than willing to do that. However, dailyreader is not.

I feel it necessary to respond to his liberal agenda with my conservative beliefs when he comments because most people never take the time to actually study the issue from both sides. If all they see and read is liberal garbage they will never know there is another side to the argument.

I pledge to you that if you can get him to agree to stop blabbing on every single subject posted about how great a President was in 1897 and where they were ranked greastest to least and focus on the issues, I will do the same.

Until he stops being part of the problem, I feel we all should try to rebutt his liberal agenda.
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