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Got an important birthday I left out for May: Jack Parsley 30th. Hope you have a wonderful birthday Jack. Love, Carol.

There won't be a Triple Crown winner this year as the horse "Always Dreaming" that won the Kentucky Derby finished eighth in the Preakness. Oh well, maybe next year.

Someone besides me must believe there could be aliens among us. Was at a place that sells concrete bird baths and all sorts of statues from A to Z and low and behold there was a statue of "a little green man" about 3 feet tall just like the height I had been told they were since long, long ago in my childhood era. State of umbelievement and definitely shock, too, I was in and couldn't ask the price on it at all. Being speechless a first for me. There wasn't any other little green statues around as I surveyed the area. That was the closest encounter with an alien I've had since Christmas Eve and do not want it repeated as it was sort of eery for me. Writing about them one thing but walking by a concrete replica of one of them puts things in proper prospective. Glad it didn't come to life and say hi as that would have been the end of me. Could have been far worse if there had been a status of 'the invisible cow" and the 10 foot tall rabbit named Harvey staring at me there, too. I didn't survey the whole business and just maybe that was a good thing.

Interesting day ahead as I may not get to mow the yards as planned, because as you guessed it, rain wants to somewhat dampen my spirits. Hoping it will hold off raining but the way it looks outside, it's probably not going to do that. There's only a 20% chance of rain today but does it ever go up tomorrow with a 70% chance. The weather stops us from getting things done doesn't it, but that is okay as I've got patience. All I have to think about is winter with those north winds howling as they blow so hard through the old peach orchard, it snowing and putting blankets of snow and sleet on everything, and the temperatures that nearly freeze me to death and I figure this temporary interruption in my plans are really not that bad as I'm okay with what's transpiring with the weather.


Let's keep these people in prayer: Carlon Melton (he's in River Park Hospital in McMinnville and doing somewhat better), Mai Nell, Charlie Mai and Denise Stanton.

I'm on pig or hog patrol nowadays I guess you could say as another one of my neighbors pigs out the other day. I automatically think of my flowers and what a pig could do to them. Would for sure not be a pretty sign as you can imagine. You don't mess with a woman's flowers as that could be like World War III breaking out. A pig's life would be in danger, if he did in a persons flowers as no doubt only some fresh fried up hog vittles on the supper table would help ease the pain and suffering that person would be going through. Note on the hog situation with my neighbor, he's trying to sell them as their are too hard to keep in their enclosure and out of peoples yards. This is an answer to my prayer.

Cooler than usual this morning as I looked out the window and saw a little hummingbird with a light jacket on as it had lit on the stake where the feeders are. Do not know if that jacket was a famous designer's jacket or not as I couldn't get close enough to the little bird to tell and plus it wouldn't be still long enough for me to find out for sure or get a license plate number.

Hope you got to honor Americans who gave their lives for this country on Memorial Day. A debt of gratitude school be given to them for the supreme sacrifice they made for all of us.

You know we wouldn't have the freedom we have without those in the military protecting us. The world we live in today so much scarier than its ever been. Be sure to let the men and woman of the armed forces know how grateful you are for them standing in between us and the evil that wants to destroy us. We should all be so very proud and supportive of them.

If you have any news for the column, just give me a call at 615-563-4429.

Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; .... for God loveth a cherrful giver. - Psalm 27:11

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