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Right on schedule the rain is here this Friday afternoon just like the weatherman had predicted. Come Saturday morning the rain gauge had 3.4 tenths inches of rain in it. More rain on the way later today. The wet weather is gonna be holding up farmers and a lot of other people that want to get to work outside. Can't stop Mother Nature can we? We'll just have to bide our time after all, this rain has got to stop pretty soon hasn't it? Farmers got to plow that ground and get it ready for planting crops, landscapes got to do that landscaping and have it done to perfection to be a magnificent sight to look at, dozer guys get to push those trees down and clear the ground, and we that like to get our hands good and dirty in that soil to have some beautiful flowers later on in the summer well, we're all at a stand still with this much rain. The grass and the weeks are the only things not waiting fur sunny and drier weather. Just my luck.

Sure hope you got to attend church Sunday. It was quite a cool, windy, very rainy day all day long. Glad my umbrella was working properly so I didn't get wet and melt. Charlie Mai Daniel able to attend service. A really good sermon by Pastor Chris Moore "Break Free from Bondage". The bondage of sin can hold us hostage in so many different ways, if we let it. God is the only One that can rid you of that bondage of sin in your life, if you'll just ask Him.

We have May birthdays to let you know about: John Womack 1st, our granddaughter Leah Johnson 7th, Jimmy Womack 7th, my cousin Peggy/the diva 20th, Holly Gunter 22nd, and Wayne Gunter 26th.

Also a couple of anniversaries for May: Tony and Donna Lawson 28th (will be their 34th), Billy Joe and Barbara Vincion 30th (will be their 59th).

Congratulations to all of you on your birthdays and anniversaries.

Clyde and Bobby at it again as they are planning an expedition with those little aliens, the cow and that rabbit as that's what I heard through the grapevine. They are being pretty hush-hush about it and we on this side of the mountain think they have their sights on us as targets to annoy. Sometimes Bobby and Clyde have been known to get into a little mischief and like to stir up trouble and then take off. So sad but so true. This is well documented by some people around here that know them all too well. I guess we better prepare for a visit from Clyde and Bobby, the little green men, the invisible cow and the 10 foot tall rabbit named Harvey just to cover the bases. Tar and feather them someone has suggested, if they show up. I say large nets could be dropped on them if they did show up bound and determined to rain on our tranquil side of the mountain. We would only let them go if they promised never to try this kind of caper again or they could all be toast literally at our next cookout. That should get the point across that we weren't joking about the matter. You do know we could live in peace and harmony, if it weren't for Bobby and Clyde don't you? We could probably get more sleep, too. Oh well, if that grapevine doesn't break, maybe we can stay a step ahead of them, when they start cooking up another scheme of some kind.

If you have news for the column, just give me a call at 615-563-4429. Have a great day!

Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. - Matthew 24:42

When you accept Jesus into your life, you'll never be that person that you used to be -- you've been forgiven by Jesus of your sins and a new creature in Jesus Christ you are and the freedom and happiness you feel inside and deep down in your soul you finally but finally for the first time in your life know that Jesus is REAL. The One that you've been told about it seems by so many all your life well, that Jesus has redeemed you and saved your soul so someday you'll be with Him and sharing the wealth of heaven for yes, what you've heard for all of eternity. I feel so sorry for those that get caught up in the worldly wilds that go in Hollywood of those actors and actresses that live for the pleasures that are certain to doom them and also those of the country music scene. There is heaven and there is hell. The booze and the looseness will certainly get you to a destination of gloom and despair, if you don't stop and think there's no sure ground to stand on, if I'm living this kind of life, because it's taking me no where and I'm miserable. Nothing Godly with the sin in the movies of Hollywood and the lewdness going on with those parties and drinking it up and so many that don't know what happened the night before the next morning. If you're listening to the country music of today (I'm not talking about Roy Acuff) which basically is doing nothing but promoting the same as Hollywood with the drinking and have a good time with whoever, then you need Jesus. If you're listening to that music, that is what will be going on in your mind. You can figure this one out. Your should and the salvation of your soul is what's at stake here. If that kind of life you enjoy, that is absolutely your business, but I know a better way of living life than that pure foolishness and misery. Being free and living for Jesus who guarantees you'll be with Him forever and ever in heaven with riches this world can't ever imagine works for this girl hands down. You will die here that is for sure but you'll live again in heaven and Jesus promises that so don't throw your soul away on this world as this is an empty place without Jesus as your only true friend.

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