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Are you bundled up like me with this Siberian weather gripping us about to death? My beautiful warmer weather disappeared and it's having one more hard time coming back much to my dismay. Patience is a virtue so I guess, if we'll stay busy, it will help us keep the cold weather we're dealing with off our minds somewhat. Make a little dent on the house cleaning so keeping busy is working for me.

Weather has changed for the better once again as upper 70's yesterday and mid eighties today with possibly some severe thunderstorms to boot this Tuesday evening. We dodged a bullet around here once again with all the watches and severe thunderstorm warnings going on. We had .6 tenths rainfall in the old rain bucket. Happy that I finally found my $2 rain gauge after days of trying to track it down just in time to measure the rain that was coming our way. More storms will show up over the weekend. Springtime can sure be a roller coaster ride.

Winding roads on a road trip Saturday to Chestnut Mound and a place I would call back in the boonies like the mountain is to me. Saw only a few buttercups blooming, while I was there. The people were my kind of people as they were very friendly even though they didn't know me from Eve. Why they call this place Chestnut Mound I can't figure out as I keep looking for mounds of chestnuts but not a one did I see. Stopped at a flea market on my way back home and brought only 1 flea home. Just kidding! Got a few bargains and that made my day even sunnier. We ladies do like to browse around for good deals don't we?

Watching the news this morning about a house fire in Nashville. Thankfully everyone made it out safely including a 96 year old woman. They interviewed her and she was describing what happened very vividly. Amy Watson the news anchor even made the comment she wished she could look that good at 96. Also, one more story of a woman who is 98 years old and she is a yoga instructor. I could not believe how good she looked slim and trim and was ding some ballroom dancing. She was very elegant looking indeed like the 96 year old lady. These two ladies have cared about themselves and how they look most likely all their lives and does it every show.

Please keep these people on your prayer list: Reed Vanderpool, the family of Hoyte Hooper, Carlon and Mai Nell Melton, Charlie Mai Daniel, and Denise Stanton.

Read Mike Vinson's column on the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa back in the 70's. I had heard Hoffa was buried under the Pennsylvania turnpike under a slab of concrete. Looks like someone would have wanted to get this killing off their chest and give all the details before they died and tell authorities of Hoffa's body or dismembered body wherever it might have been. Personally, I think, and Bobby and Clyde are in agreement, Hoffa's body has been in that devil's hold for a few decades. We are thinking there truly was a hit put out on Hoffa and those little green men seized the moment to cash in on a lot of money to live in the lap of luxury by doing him in. Actually some people believe he skipped out on the other mobsters by disguising himself and getting on a slow boat to China. You've heart that phrase no doubt and it's true cause you can't get any slower way of traveling to different ports of call than paddling with those wooden oars and what mobster would think he could escape in such a simple and unpredictable fashion as that. My best are on the boat theory, and if it sprung a leak, then Hoffa was I guess you might say 'buried at sea'.

A thought for the day: What a better world we would be living in, if we did right by our fellow man. For those of us that are living for God, this comes natural to us each and everyday. So say encouraging words to someone who needs them to help them get through the day. You might not think that a big deal but it may mean the world to them. By our actions are we known and remembered by others seeing the love of Jesus in us. Jesus should always get the glory in everything we say and do, while we are here.

If you have news for the column, just give me a call at 615-563-4429. Have a great day!

Our God whom we serve is able to deliver us. - Daniel 3:17

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