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Well, weather is cold so we're back into wintertime. That didn't last long did it?

Anytime we get some warmer weather we start thinking about spring with its buttercups, tulips and hyacinths a blooming don't we? Someone told me they really had buttercups blooming with some snow accumulated on them just for a short while. The old saying about if the buttercups are blooming, you can just about count on snow falling on them proves to be true most of the time.

I got to checking on this flowering out situation and found out my hydrangeas are leafing out and burning bushes budding out and yes to my surprise buttercups are blooming in so many places around here.

I just hadn't been paying as close attention to them I guess, because I am keeping my eyes on my driving and usually that vehicle on my back bumper. Not a smart person at all that does that sort of stupid thing. Guess it hasn't occurred to them my vehicle could break down or maybe someone in front of me has car trouble and stops quickly in front of me and I have to throw on my brakes.

A lot of people, as you all know, once they get behind the wheel, don't know beans from a barbecue sandwich about how to drive in a courteous manner even though they most likely were brought up with the manners to do just that. Never follow too close to a vehicle or you might be in an accident and that could spell trouble for you and others involved and maybe kids, too! Show respect for everyone when you're out on the road.

Aubrey would tell me out on the interstate, ever to get too close to the vehicle in front of you and that you could just about count on a wreck, when you saw cars bunching up together.

Correction about Jimmy Womack and John Womack. They are cousins. Sorry about the misinformation.

Someone needs to talk to that groundhog about his seeing his shadow and predicting 6 more weeks of winter weather for us. Could put a blindfold on him. That might just work and give us an early spring. Just a tale passed down for a whole lotta years as we know the groundhog can't predict the weather.

Even the weather people can't so I'm not buying into a rodent being an expert. I think this is more of a party thing going on each February 2nd than a weather prediction anyway. Spring can't be too far away as I got my first flower and seed catalog in the mail today.

Left out a couple of names of those that attended the gala Christmas Eve gathering with the little green men and just about everyone else from A to Z here and there and from everywhere else at our house.

Rick and Beverly Hubler enjoyed immensely those fireworks Rob from down in the holler brought (he took off before I could properly thank him. Someone said he was on the run.) Maybe he'll be back this year again at our house, if he didn't get nabbed by the mafia or worse.

Rick and Ben also enjoyed the cookout, the music and the square dancing. I missed out on any square dancing as I don't remember that ever going on. Maybe I misunderstood and the square dancing was at their house.

They said they had never witnessed a shindig like this before. Told them I hadn't either but maybe we would live through it with law watching all of us. Square dancing might be put in the next go around, if enough participants want that instead of me singing and causing all the dogs in the neighborhood to howl from inside their dog houses at the noise and not at the man in the moon.

Keep these people in prayer: Edith Miller, the family of Steve Stanley, Carlon and Mai Nell Melton, and Denise Stanton.

It sure looked like the Super Bowl was going to be a blowout for sure didn't it as the Falcons were like a train at high speed moving up and down the tracks / field? I really don't know what happened to the Falcons. One newsman said it was like a wheel fell off and another said they went to bed thinking it was all over for the Patriots.

Never pays to count your chickens before they hatch about anything. I was for the Patriots but wouldn't have drowned my disappointment in tears of disbelief at the outcome, if the Falcons had won. I'm used to my team Dallas getting beat but once in a while, the Cowboys come out on top.

It's just a game not the end of the world, if your favorite team doesn't win. Good sportsmanship you demonstrate about a let down you didn't see coming tells so much about you - the integrity and character you possess or the lack thereof.

If you have any news for the column, give me a call at 615-563-4429. Have a great day!

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. James 5:16

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