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It was Wednesday evening that I turned on the TV and saw several people marching and protesting about something. I though this could be going on for one of the following reasons:

1) Because these people were upset about others not acknowledging God and His Holy Word and His Ten Commandments in this country as they should.

2) Maybe it was the killing of unborn babies that we know is morally wrong.

3) or Marching for Veterans rights and needs that are not being addressed as they should be in this country they have defended from the enemy so we could have this freedom we hold so dear.

4) for Judges to make it extra hard on the criminals out there with their guns killing innocent people. A slap on the wrist ain't gonna do the job. Behind bars for life or lethal injection carried out to the letter of the law for those that break it sounds good to me.

5) Could be they were protesting over ISIS and the barbarians and I might add the cowardly life style they choose to carry on in the killing of captured soldiers, reporters, and others. Really brave with those guns and knives aren't they? Take away their weapons and they would turn tail and run for their lives. These people are so dumb in thinking they will be going to paradise. Flames of hell only thing gonna greet them and the punishment they get will never end as they will suffer forever and forever. God will make sure of that.

6) Maybe they're upset over the burning of the American Flag or a person 'not standing' when the National Anthem is sung. My only thoughts on this if you feel this way about 'Old Glory', you are very pitiful and should just get out of the country or maybe serve jail time. Whatever a jury of 12 would recommend would be best for our beloved country of America for those that truly love her. You might find out then the country you live in and are FREE in might not be as bad as you thought. Remember ISIS is not and never will be on your side as a friend, because they had soon as behead you as look at you. You need to smarten up and get your head straightened out, if you are to ever amount to anything.

Skimmed over only a few reasons why I thought intelligent people would take off time from their work place or leisure activity to join in to disrupt people's lives that were doing productive things that do matter each and everyday.

Did not take that news anchor long to tell what was going on with the tying up of the traffic down there in Nashville. How simply pathetic.

I had this all wrong thinking people were caring about the things they should have been concerned about not how an election turned out. If I marched and protested and showed my ignorance every time an election, football game, ping pong match, bingo game or a game of marbles didn't go my way, well I could have been a celebrity on TV I guess by now and had that 15 minutes of fame too. I've got more sense than that. Does anyone every pray to God anymore that was in that crowd of people I was wondering? Evidently not. Seems like people will march to the sound of any drum that comes in the caravan moving through the town. God can change anything, if He so chooses. If you don't like what's going on, be a man or woman and go to God in prayer about it. He's still and always will be in control of this universe not us.

Ashamed and embarrassed by these protesters I was as they could have spent their time doing something positive for the homeless and deprived, the elderly and those that are hut in, or countless other good deeds to show the love of God and country. What a waste of time by so many who need to get a life.

On this Monday, the 14th of November, it has been hazy and Smokey on the mountain due to the wildfires in East and Southeast Tennessee, in Georgia, and North Carolina, also that is being blown out way. Winds out of the wet tonight are supposed to get the bothersome and stifling smell of smoke that are bothering us in trying to breathe out of here. Only a small chance of rain toward the weekend.

How are you liking the time change we started experiencing back on November 6th? As 5:00 pm this evening it was dark as a dungeon outside. I don't like this getting so dark so early of en evening. I do like the daylight streaming in around six in the morning. I welcome that.

Got to check in on a story about what someone has found here lately. Don't know if the 'little green men' are involved, but it seems like some very 'large' green marbles (or it could be alien green eggs) have been located not too far away. Speculation by Clyde and others that know the little aliens exist are weighing in on this and hope those eggs don't hatch as they believe that is what they are. Clyde says he'll confirm or non-confirm (his words) about this newsworthy story after scientists check them out.

Please keep in prayer: the families of Paul Lester Seal, and Jeffrey Lynn Bogle. We all know how it hurts to lose a loved one. Also, be praying for Carlon Melton, Edith Miller (she is a good friend of mine) and Denise Stanton. .

If you have any news for the column, just give me a call at 615-563-4429. Have a great day!
He that heareth my word, and believeth on Him that sent me, hath everlasting life.
John 5:24

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