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Cool, crisp and delightful this morning on the mountain. Still needing rain as it is getting pretty crucial now with the drought situation we're having as the weatherman says we're 5 inches behind at the present time on our rainfall amount we normally have for this time of the year. Praying for rain would be a good thing for us to be doing. This is quite a fervent need we should be addressing as the weather affects us all.

What about those cubbies winning the World Series? Game seven turned out to be a nail-biter with the rain delay and going into extra innings but the Chicago Cubs pulled it out 8 to 7 to be the World Series Champions of baseball. Way to go Chicago. Sure was a good series both teams played. Only way it could have been better would have to be if my "Yankees" had been in it and won. Maybe next year.

Last night listening to some people on TV talking about how bad a shape this country is in and just how we could get it straightened out. One guy said we needed to take care of America first by taking care of its veterans, the homeless and the kids that are going to bed at night hungry. Another said military spending should be cut. That one statement I could hardly believe as the military is the one thing that needs to be beefed up not less money being spent on it. We enjoys our freedom in this country because of those brave men and women that defend it on a daily basis. They need to have the very best in weapons and equipment and anything else at their disposal. A three letter word is the reason for what ails this nation. Most people I guess won't acknowledge this as I do. A country that honors God will be honored by Him. Also, to honor the people of Israel, (God's chosen people) we should be doing as well. We ended that relationship with God a long time ago when we took Him out of our school systems and took down His Ten Commandments, basically showing God we don't need you in our lives as we can get by just fine without your hand upon us. Foolish people will be foolish things as I see it. As my daddy would have probably said my, my look at how well we're doing now with trouble, despair, and desperation all around us. I personally don't think we're a third as smart as we thought we were in denying God to be in charge do you? A lot of people have lost their marbles on this one. After all, God almighty created everything before us with such perfection. Man had a choice but chose to take the low road not the high one and has failed us so miserably. Used to think there were really some brilliant minds at work at Harvard, Yale or Princeton. I stopped that sort of foolish thinking quite a while back. People I have figured out that are the smartest are the ones that have some 'common sense' and not a college degree. For those that don't believe in God all I can say is I certainly feel sorry for you, because one day that being Judgment Day, you won't be able to deny Him anymore. You'll only stand in awe of Him and realize how mislead, misinformed and misguided you spent your life doing your own thing and that life eternal with Jesus you will have missed out on completely. Seems like this country is teetering on its last leg and about to go down, if we do not humble ourselves and pray unto God to help save our nation. If enough people cared, this could happen before it's too late.

Was thinking about the election on tap for tomorrow for us to cast our ballot for the candidate of our choice. The only way the campaign for president could have been any funnier or more outrageous would have been for the 'little green men' to have shown up at one of those debates and stole the show. Really I guess they had better things to do than be at that 3-ring circus - commentator included. The little aliens would have probably made more sense than the 2 at the podiums for sure.

Two stories I heard on TV today about snakes. The first one about a man down in Columbia that got bitten by the 'severed head' (that's one for the books as I had no idea that could happen" of a rattlesnake in a park area where he and his wife and kids were walking through. Luckily, he got help pretty quickly and will be okay. Second story about an airplane carrying passengers to Mexico City had to make an emergency landing because of a large green snake dangling from the luggage area. The snake I guess sort of figured he would drop in even though he wasn't invited. Sure not the friendly skies of United was it? A snake on a plane never gonna happen for me as I do not fly - it's the snake on the ground I worry about. My motto is the only good snake is a dad snake.

Be praying for these people: the family of Jeffrey Lynn Bogle, the family of Paul Lester Seal, Edith Miller, Carlon Melton and Denise Stanton. .

If you have any news for the column, just give me a call at 615-563-4429. Have a great day!

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock, and if shall be opened until you. Matthew 7:7

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