Motlow Honor Roll/Dean’s List Exceed 800 Students; Seven From Cannon

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More than 800 students were named to the fall semester dean’s list and honor roll combined, according to college officials. To achieve the academic honors, students must be enrolled full-time (12 or more credit hours) in college level classes. Dean’s list recognizes grade point averages between 3.5-4.0; honor roll is achieved by earning a 3.0-3.4 semester grade point average.

Students who earned the academic honors are listed by county.

Bedford County:

Dean’s List – Mary Bivvins, Shelbyville; Courtnei Blackburn, Shelbyville; Rachel Brown, Shelbyville; William Carter, Wartrace; Timothy Graham, Shelbyville; Derek Green, Wartrace; Angela Haile, Murfreesboro; Leandra Harper, Chapel Hill; Matthew Hicks, Shelbyville; Sarah Johns, Shelbyville; Rachel McCaleb, Shelbyville; Keri Melson, Shelbyville; Clifford Nelson, Shelbyville; Kenneth Odom, Shelbyville; Sarah Pendleton, Shelbyville; Laura Pope, Shelbyville; Adam Pylant, Unionville; Danielle Sheffield, Unionville; Tiki Storey, Shelbyville; Brenden Taylor, Shelbyville; Michael Thompson, Shelbyville; Susannah Thompson, Shelbyville; Sarah Toombs, Shelbyville; and Shanna Wiseman, Shelbyville. 
Honor Roll -- Lori Bishop, Shelbyville; Carrie Boyce, Shelbyville; Esteban Carrera, Shelbyville; Keren Carrera, Shelbyville; Jeremiah Chapman, Shelbyville; Shana Cleek, Shelbyville; Graciela Curtis, Shelbyville; Loyd Curtis, Shelbyville; Adel Davenport, Normandy; Jamie Doak, Shelbyville; Nathan Donaldson, Chapel Hill; Jennifer Elliott, Shelbyville; Camelia Godinez, Shelbyville; Robert Harris, Shelbyville; Zackery Hill, Shelbyville; Lucas Johnson, Bell Buckle; Ronald Neeley, Shelbyville; Tammy Parker, Shelbyville; Shelby Reeves, Shelbyville; Kriston Seiber, Lynchburg; Meghan Solomon, Shelbyville; Jennie Swaim, Shelbyville; Katie Thomas, Shelbyville; William Walker, Shelbyville; Brooke Way, Shelbyville; Jamie Welsh, Shelbyville; Kelly Wilson, Shelbyville; and Joshua Winton, Shelbyville.

Cannon County:

Dean’s List -- Kasey Bogard, Bradyville; Jonathan Cooke, McMinnville; Dakota Gray, Woodbury; Rebekah Mooneyham, Woodbury; Ashley Rich, Readyville; Betty Sanders, Woodbury; and Evangeline Tidwell, Woodbury.

Honor Roll – Brandi Higgins, Woodbury, and McKenzie Solomon, Woodbury.

Cheatham County:

Dean’s List – Joshua Guye, Pleasant View.
Honor Roll – Jace Hunter, Pleasant View.

Coffee County:

Dean’s List – Florence Baker, Tullahoma; Joerma Baker, Tullahoma; Rachel Beard, Tullahoma; Kevin Boland, Tullahoma; Stephanie Bottum, Hillsboro; Jarrett Branch, Manchester; Gregory Brandon, Manchester; Justin Brewer, Tullahoma; Phillip Brown, Beechgrove; Chelsea Burton, Manchester; Falon Catalano, Manchester; Monica Cauble, Manchester; Lindsey Cline, Manchester; Ryan Coffey, Tullahoma; Crystal Corley, Tullahoma; Courtney Cutshaw, Manchester; Whitney Cutshaw, Manchester; Julia Daugherty, Tullahoma; Jonathan Delfraino, Tullahoma; Kenneth Ducker; Manchester; Jennifer Dytmire, Hillsboro; Sarah Elam, Manchester; Diana Emadian, Normandy; Anthony Ervin, Tullahoma; Reva Evanski, Manchester; Lacey Forsyth, Tullahoma; Nasha Foster, Manchester; Sharon Fowler, Manchester; Lori Gesell, Manchester; Brooke Glasser, Manchester; Bonita Gutierrez, Manchester; Jennifer Hatfield, Tullahoma; Phillip Heikkinen, Tullahoma; John Hill, Hillsboro; Natalie Hill, Belvidere; Patrice Holman, Tullahoma; Lynne Huddleston, Manchester; Sonia Hughes, Manchester; Cody Jacobs, Tullahoma; Jason Jarratt, Tullahoma; Laura Johnson, Manchester; Megan Jones, Tullahoma; Tyler Jones, Tullahoma; Emery Kehoe, Manchester; Lauren Kirby, Tullahoma; Kerry Long, Manchester; Lisa Marcrom, Manchester; Michelle Materi, Manchester; Magen Mathias, Manchester; Justin May, Morrison; Andrea McElroy, Manchester; Kayla Medley, Morrison; Rachel Miles, Tullahoma; Wendi Miller, Tullahoma; Jonathan Mills, Tullahoma; Ryan Moers, Tullahoma; Kathryn Overman, Manchester; Kristina Painter, Tullahoma; Justin Parker, Watertown; Gloria Pham, Tullahoma; Kayla Phillips, Manchester; Jonathan Poe, Manchester; Britta Roberts, Tullahoma; Katelyn Roosa, Manchester; Frances Samples, Tullahoma; Samantha Savage, Manchester; Tiffany Spry, Manchester; Jennifer Swann, Winchester; Kacy Taylor; Hillsboro; Katie Taylor, Tullahoma; Ciara Todaro, Manchester; Jessica Uselton, Manchester;Chase Waites, Tullahoma; Jamie Watters, Manchester; Holly West, Manchester; and James Wrinn, Tullahoma.

Honor Roll -- Aaron Aguilera, Manchester; Matthew Anderson, Tullahoma; Rebecca Anderson, Tullahoma; Elizabeth Bagley, Hillsboro; Carlene Bain, Estill Springs; Whitney Brazier, Tullahoma; Joshua Brown, Tullahoma; Alisha Bryan, Tullahoma; Stevie Bryan, Morrison; William Bryan, Manchester; Melissa Bryce, Manchester; Brooke Burgess, Manchester; Shelby Davis, Manchester; Heather Dillinger, Manchester; Kristen Eagan, Tullahoma; Christine Ezell, Manchester; Kathryn Gilliam, Tullahoma; Kayla Gipson, Manchester; Cody Hagan, Hillsboro; Amanda Harlow, Manchester; Holly Hatcher, Manchester; Regina Hickerson, Wartrace; Jasmine Hill, Tullahoma; Jessica Holder, Manchester; Jacob Ivins, Tullahoma; Jake Jacobs, Murfreesboro; Jason Jones, Hillsboro; Oxana Kimbrell, Manchester; Edward Lovely, Manchester;Jose Marquez, Tullahoma; Amanda McCain, Tullahoma; John McKee, Manchester; Jennifer Morris-Tuten, Tullahoma; Bria Oakley, Tullahoma; Tayna Parton, Manchester; Dylan Quandt, Manchester; Courtney Sain, Manchester; Keri Sanders, Tullahoma; Colleen Sappington, Normandy; Jayme Scott, Manchester; Caylee Shelton, Manchester; Ethan Smith, Manchester; Katherine Smith, Tullahoma; Dustin Snell, Manchester; Jacqueline Sullenger, Tullahoma; Ethan Van Zandbergen, Manchester; Amanda Vaughn, Tullahoma; Courtney Warren, Tullahoma; Tabatha Warren; Tullahoma; Jamie Webb, Tullahoma, and Tabitha Willingham, Tullahoma.

Davidson County:

Dean’s List -- Houda Al-Amery, Antioch; Sara Carter, Nashville; Bradley Fielder, Antioch; Chelsie Leverette, Wartrace; Shandie Potts, Antioch; Ayla Rinkenberger, Wartrace; Klye Todd, Nashville; David Vincent, Nashville; and Chelsea Worley, Antioch.

Honor Roll -- Eric Davis, Nashville; Tara Ferguson, Hermitage; Alexandra Huey, Nashville; Blake Lathan, Nashville; Emma Lee, Nashville; Corey Quick, Antioch; Melissa Wood, Murfreesboro; and Sylwia Zielinska, Antioch.

DeKalb County:

Dean’s List – Emilee Anderson, Smithville; Toni Brandt, Dowelltown; Casey Curtis, Smithville; Sarah Hunter, Smithville; Justin Lattimore, Smithville; Johnathon Puckett, Smithville; and Kamus Sexton, Smithville.

Honor Roll – Heather Cantrell, Dowelltown; Jessica Dyer, Smithville; Angela Martin, Smithville; Amanda Reed, Smithville; Elicia Taylor, Smithville; and Tiffany Winchester, Smithville.

Franklin County:

Dean’s List – Karla Aguilar, Winchester; Lauren Anderson, Estill Springs; Holly Baggett, Belvidere; Adria Bakke, Estill Springs; Amanda Bassett, Winchester; William Bates, Tullahoma; Darren Baxter, Winchester; Elizabeth Beard, Winchester; Lindsay Blazier, Winchester; Kali Bolle, Tullahoma; Jana Brazier, Winchester; Ryan Brewer, Tullahoma; Cortney Carson, Winchester; Brittany Clark, Winchester; Dustin Crabtree, Estill Springs; Heather Curtis, Decherd; Jessica Curtis, Cowan; Mable Curtis, Belvidere; Cynthia Damron, Huntland; Elizabeth Daubs, Winchester; Megan Dotson, Estill Springs; Charity Evans, Winchester; Justin Everett, Tullahoma; Carol Feller, Winchester; Elizabeth Fulmer, Huntland; Abby Gonzales, Tullahoma; Paul Guerin, Winchester; Cheryl Harris, Elora; Julie Hereford, Estill Springs; Shelby Higginbotham, Estill Springs; Alicia Hill, Huntland; Kaley Judge, Winchester; Phillip Key, Decherd; Carie Kilgore, Estill Springs; Ashley Knoer, Huntland; Julia Layne, Winchester; Mary Ann Lebel, Winchester; Brian Lewis, Estill Springs; Claressa May, Winchester; Kathy May, Decherd; Cory McGalliard, Winchester; Megan Morris, Sewanee; Brittany Partin, Decherd; Amber Phillips, Tullahoma; Justin Robinson, Tullahoma; Tiffani Robinson, Winchester; John Scarborough, Winchester; Stephen Simmons, Belvidere; Elizabeth Stacy, Winchester; Mary Stroop, Tullahoma; Robert Taylor, Tullahoma; Brandy Tipps, Winchester; Patrick Trueheart, Estill Springs; Laura Truslow, Winchester; Miranda Tucker, Estill Springs; and Carolyn Webb, Estill Springs.

Honor Roll -- Nicole Aanstad, Cowan; Lennon Ashley, Winchester; Laura Blair, Tullahoma; Casey Bolin, Winchester; Kyle Burt, Winchester; James Caldwell, Sewanee; Kirsten Campbell, Winchester; Tiffany Chartier, Estill Springs; Richard Chilton, Tullahoma; Ashley Crabtree, Winchester; Courtney Crabtree, Decherd; Kevin Culpepper, Estill Springs; Brent Davis, Estill Springs; Amber Edwards, Cowan; Clinton Epley, Tullahoma; Lauren Estes, Tullahoma; Caroline Farrington, Tullahoma; Bretton Fergerson, Winchester; Jami Floyd, Huntland; Colleen Freed, Tullahoma; Clay Gill, Elora; Danielle Glasner, Estill Springs; Marie Guilliams, Tullahoma; Connie Gulley, Winchester; Emily Gunter, Huntland; Felicia Hendon, Winchester; Cody Hoosier, Winchester; Donald Keebaugh, Tullahoma; Jordon Kozlowski, Tullahoma; Benjamin Lane, Winchester; Kelsea Lewis, Estill Springs; Jon Mallory, Sewanee; Chasity Mason; Tullahoma; Lacrecia McPheron, Estill Springs; Maya Montgomery, Winchester; Kimberly Morris, Estill Springs; Aubrey Morrison, Tullahoma; Sara Osborne, Cowan; Dakka Partin, Winchester; Spencer Partin, Estill Springs; Dianna Prince, Estill Springs; Ryan Schiffner, Winchester; Andrew Scott, Tullahoma; Caley Seals, Estill Springs; Kimberly Shirley, Tullahoma; Natalie Shirley, Tullahoma; Kayla Short; Huntland; Kaylee Tipps, Winchester; Cody Trail, Estill Springs; Brittany Vaughan, Estill Springs; James Walker, Winchester; Kasey Walker, Decherd; Shelby Wilkinson, Belvidere; Dillard Woodall, Winchester; and Coby Wright, Estill Springs.

Giles County:

Dean’s List – Sara Dotson, Goodspring and Jessica Woods, Ardmore.

Honor Roll -- Rachel Sweitzer, Ardmore.

Grundy County:

Dean’s List -- April Barrett, Altamont; Tammy Barrett, Altamont; Christopher Blomquist, Coalmont; Tonya Garner, Pelham; Misty Mainord, Gruetli Laager; Amariah Santucci, Altamont; Joanna Santucci, Altamont; Jessica Sartain, Monteagle; Elizabeth Sizemore, Altamont; Jonathan Vincent; Unionville; April Williamson, Coalmont; Cassie Wilson, Pelham; and Kayla Woodlee, Palmer.

Honor Roll -- Sarah Caldwell, Coalmont; Tabitha Cox, McMinnville; Brittany McDaniel, Beersheba; and Monty Rymer, Altamont.

Hardeman County:
Honor Roll -- Brittney Willis, Bolivar.

Jackson County:

Dean’s List – Jennifer Maynard, Cookeville.

Knox County:

Dean’s List – James Walls, Knoxville.

Honor Roll -- Brendon Peters, Knoxville.

Lincoln County:

Dean’s List -- Heather Ables, Fayetteville; Lydia Adams, Flintville; Andrew Arnold, Flintville; Chelsie Bates, Fayetteville; Danielle Benson, Fayetteville; Rachel Benson, Fayetteville; Scott Benson, Fayetteville; Joseph Blendermann, Fayetteville; Amy Brazier, Flintville; Alexandra Brislin, Fayetteville; Kathryn Campbell, Kelso; David Clinard, Taft; Jennifer Collins, Fayetteville; Steven Eakes, Fayetteville; David Fannin, Fayetteville; Adam Faulkner, Fayetteville; Ashley Freeman; Flintville; William Hatcher, Fayetteville; Perry Humphrey, Elora; Aleshia Jean, Fayetteville; Casey Knight, Taft; Katherin Land, Fayetteville; Ashley Lapenta, Tullahoma; Brandon Netherland, Fayetteville; Jerianne Paul, Flintville; Christopher Peters, Kelso; Kerry Pruett, Elora; Lance Simmons, Fayetteville; Brooke Smith, Fayetteville; Clinton Snoddy, Kelso; Gregory Stewart, Fayetteville; Emily Stinnett, Elora; Cecilia Tate, Fayetteville; Jessica Waid, Petersburg; Timothy Wells, Fayetteville; Samuel Wiggin, Fayetteville; Roy Wiles, Fayetteville; Catherine Wilson, Fayetteville; and Michele Wright, Fayetteville.

Honor Roll – Dana Ables, Fayetteville; Casandra Arnold, Fayetteville; Callie Arrington, Fayetteville; Lawrence Bagley, Fayetteville; Sarah Barnes, Fayetteville; Kaitlin Blackwood, Fayetteville; Fallon Boyce, Fayetteville; Beverly Carpenter, Dellrose; Amanda Carter, Fayetteville; Rebecca Collins, Fayetteville; Heather Counts, Flintville; Joseph Dorning, Fayetteville; Kayla Dunivan, Petersburg; Erika Durham, Fayetteville; Kendall Gifford, Flintville; James Gill, Fayetteville; Daniel Green, Fayetteville; Katherine Hall, Fayetteville; Sarah Hamilton, Fayetteville; Travis Hill, Fayetteville; Joshua Hobbs, Flintville; Tiffani Hopkins, Fayetteville; Adrianne Horvath, Fayetteville; Samuel Houck, Taft; Candice Jacobs, Fayetteville; Ethan Johnson, Flintville; James Johnson, Fayetteville; Allison Killian, Fayetteville; Jennifer Mayes, Fayetteville; Jacob Miller, Fayetteville; Jamie Neely, Fayetteville; Kiaya Nielsen, Petersburg; Mollee Patrick, Fayetteville; Matthew Paul, Flintville; Brandi Phillips, Fayetteville; Nancy Phillips, Ardmore; Tommy Pirtle, Fayetteville; Lindsey Pitts, Mulberry; Jesse Rozar, Fayetteville; Laura Rozar, Taft; Ashley Santillan, Fayetteville; Katelyn Smith, Fayetteville; Allyson Tate, Fayetteville; Norris Vaughn, Mulberry; Jason Walters, Fayetteville; and Lisa Williams, Fayetteville.

Marion County

Dean’s List -- Victoria Floyd, Whitwell.

Honor Roll -- Samuel Griswold, Tracy City.

Marshall County
Dean’s List – Thea Ledbetter, Chapel Hill and Reva Lemley, Cornersville.

Honor Roll -- Charles Pigg, Lewisburg.

Maury County:

Dean’s List – Allison Knight, Columbia.

Montgomery County:

Honor Roll -- Curtis Bland, Joseph Ivy, and Zamarius McLendon, all of Clarksville.

Moore County:

Dean’s List -- Eli Awalt, Lynchburg; Jessica Daily, Tullahoma; Brittney Ervin, Lynchburg; Brandi Hughes, Lynchburg; Kurt Krause, Tullahoma; Angelica Lightfoot, Lynchburg; Christian McKinney, Shelbyville; Hannah Morgan, Lynchburg; Randa Prater, Lynchburg; and Erika Weaver, Lynchburg.

Honor Roll -- Jesse Bracewell, Tullahoma; Cierra Bradford, Lynchburg; Bobbie Campbell, Lynchburg; Amie Carson, Lynchburg; Jessica Fanning, Winchester; Kristi Hammers, Lynchburg; Andrew May, Tullahoma; Kylee Millard, Winchester; Brittany Nicholson, Lynchburg; Laura Nicholson, Wartrace; Heather Price, Lynchburg; and Charity Vassar, Tullahoma.

Rutherford County:

Dean’s List – Allan Aguilar, Smyrna; Sabrina Anderson, Smyrna; Kaela Armbrister, Christiana; Jamie Bailey, Murfreesboro; Anthony Bates, Murfreesboro; Justin Beeler, Smyrna; Michael Bolden, Murfreesboro; Susan Booker, Murfreesboro; Phillip Booth, Murfreesboro; Samantha Boston, Murfreesboro; Brian Brown, Murfreesboro; Charles Bryant, Murfreesboro; Sarah Bryant, Murfreesboro; Jordon Burgess, Murfreesboro; Tabitha Burns, Murfreesboro; Brittany Bynum, Murfreesboro; Aaron Canfield, Murfreesboro; Robert Clendenin, Readyville; Lisa Click, Lascassas; Heather Cowley, Murfreesboro; Jason Downey, Smyrna; Passion Echols, Murfreesboro; Lauren Eddings, Murfreesboro; Alyssa Erny, Smyrna; Lequisha Fields, LaVergne, Autum Ford, Smyrna; November Ford, Smyrna; Timoteo Garcia, Rockvale; Emmie Given, Murfreesboro; Krystal Graves, Murfreesboro; Andrea Green, Murfreesboro; Teresa Greer, Murfreesboro; Emily Grissom, Murfreesboro; Jared Gunther, Murfreesboro; Alfonso Gustave, Murfreesboro; Jeffrey Halbach, Murfreesboro; Terri Hale, Murfreesboro; Tyler Hand, Smyrna; Kayla Harris, Murfreesboro; Sara Hart, Smyrna; Alan Hendon, Murfreesboro; Stephen Henley, Hillsboro; Obed Hernandez, Smyrna; Emily Hill, Smyrna; Stephanie Holden, Smyrna; Gary Holt, LaVergne; Seth Hood, Smyrna; Hunter Hopkins, Murfreesboro; Melissa Houser, Murfreesboro; Alan Hudson, Smyrna; Michaela Hudson, Smyrna; Samantha Huffstetler, Rockvale; Lindsey Hutchins, Murfreesboro; Leigh Huynh, Smyrna; Scott Jankura, LaVergne; Krystal Jones, Tullahoma; Amy Kaiser, Smyrna; Sandra King; Smyrna; Jessica Knapp, Murfreesboro; April Lane, LaVergne; Riley Lawlor, Smyrna; Christy Limbaugh, Decherd; Gregory Limbaugh, Murfreesboro; Brandy Livingston, Smyrna; Marisa MacDermott, Smyrna; Cody Mathis, Smyrna; Megan McClarty, Smyrna; Michael McDonald, Murfreesboro; Dallas McLemore, Smyrna; Kayla Meadors, Murfreesboro; Ricardo Melian, Murfreesboro; Marcia Moyer, Murfreesboro; Mary Mullins, Christiana; Jessica Nesbitt, Smyrna; Mary Newbern, Smyrna; Tori Newton, Murfreesboro; Rebecca Norfleet, Christiana; Safina Okeyo, Murfreesboro; Lauren Oldham, Smyrna; Mary Panter, Winchester; Andrew Pearson, Murfreesboro; Timothy Pearson, Murfreesboro; Camie Perkins, Rockvale; Dale Peters, Murfreesboro; Trungtin Pham, Smyrna; Kasandra Powell, McMinnville; Kayla Pugh, Christiana; Brian Raftery, Murfreesboro; Heather Rice, Murfreesboro; Daniel Rogers, LaVergne; William Rohling, Murfreesboro; Lisa Scott, Smyrna; Haleigh Seifert, LaVergne; Victoria Selensky; Peter Skoropat, Murfreesboro; Heather Smaron, Murfreesboro; Dyana Smith, LaVergne; Rikkela Smith, Murfreesboro; Danielle Snider, Murfreesboro; Kirstie Steele, Smyrna; Kattie Stevens, Murfreesboro; Andrew Stophel, Smyrna; Karissa Streichert, Murfreesboro; David Sturm, Murfreesboro; Brianna Sutton, Rockvale; Kristi Taylor; Smyrna; Miles Taylor, Murfreesboro; Cortney Thielen, Smyrna; Daniel Tibitoski, Murfreesboro; David Touhill, Murfreesboro; Joseph Traughber, Murfreesboro; Tyler Trovillo, Murfreesboro; Nicholas Venable, Smyrna; Kathleen Walker, Smyrna; Vicki Weatherford, Rockvale; Patricia Welch, LaVergne; Jonathan Werth, Smyrna; Jeremy Whalen, Smyrna; Destiny Whinnery, Smyrna; Kara White, Murfreesboro; Latisha Wilson, LaVergne; Sara Wylie, Murfreesboro; and Luke Yates, Smyrna.

Honor Roll -- Timothy Anderson, Murfreesboro; Rebeca Archambeault, Smyrna; Christopher Barriere, Murfreesboro; Madeline Belcher, Murfreesboro; Kelsey Callahan, Rockvale; Beth Daniel, Murfreesboro; Matthew Davis, Murfreesboro; Trenton Deese, Smyrna; Amanda Dintelman, LaVergne; Athena Eastridge, LaVergne; Rhonda Egerton, Smyrna; Shannon Fann, Arrington; Lindsay Floyd, Readyville; Douglas Ford, Murfreesboro; Crystal Fults, Smyrna; Shannon Harmon, Murfreesboro; William Hayes, LaVergne; Christina Hopkins, Murfreesboro; Duane Jedlicki, Murfreesboro; Christopher Johnson, Murfreesboro; Jasmine Johnson, Murfreesboro; Benjamin Jones, Murfreesboro; Victoria Jones, Murfreesboro; Christopher Kingsley, Murfreesboro; Megan Lacas, Murfreesboro; Hillary Leftrick, Shelbyville; Ann Lillig, Smyrna; Manila Louanglath, Smyrna; Nathan Luttrell; Murfreesboro; Samantha Maness, Murfreesboro; Lucy Mayfield, Murfreesboro; Cassandra McCoy, Murfreesboro; Jonathan McGowen, Murfreesboro; Robert Melhorn, Lascassas; Amenyo Mensah, LaVergne; Amy Millwood, Murfreesboro; Tiffany Mitchell, Rockvale; Ashley Morell, LaVergne; Jennifer Morris, Murfreesboro; Cale Newberry, Readyville; Rachel Oravetz, Murfreesboro; Funmilayo Oreoba, Smyrna; Christina Parker, Smyrna; Sarah Parker, Murfreesboro; Allison Pence, Murfreesboro; Katherine Pendergrast, Rockvale; Patricia Redding, Smyrna; Jeremy Richardson, LaVergen; Jennifer Rish, Murfreesboro; Clorice Roberson, Murfreesboro; Amanda Roman, Smyrna; Jeremy Russell, Smyrna; Jennifer Senesavath, Murfreesboro; Ritchie Simmons, LaVergne; Harpreet Singh, Murfreesboro; Amber Smith, Murfreesboro; Andrew Smith, Murfreesboro; Brittany Smith, Murfreesboro; Taryne Stinson, Murfreesboro; Kayla Stromgren, Murfreesboro; Alana Tabit, Wartrace; Ashley Thomas, Smyrna; Randall Tillery, LaVergne; Wendy Todd, Smyrna; Kennetha Wade, Lascassas; Bradley Wall, Murfreesboro; Jaclyn Warren, Murfreesboro; Benjamin Watson, Murfreesboro; Lynze Weaver, Murfreesboro; Kaitlyn West, Smyrna; Trisha West, Murfreesboro; David White, Murfreesboro; Scott Wood, Murfreesboro; and Jessica Woodard, Murfreesboro.

Shelby County:

Honor Roll -- Daniel Callahan, Germantown; and Patrick Roberson, Memphis.

Sumner County:

Dean’s List -- Vincent Chompooming, Gallatin.

Van Buren County:

Dean’s List – Lucas McCoy, Spencer; Elora Measles, Spencer; Sharon Solomon, Rock Island; Crystal Steakley-Crain, Spencer; and Anthony Williamson, Spencer.

Honor Roll – Jessica Grissom, Spencer.

Warren County:

Dean’s List -- Erika Betschart, McMinnville; Matthew Clark, McMinnville; Jeannie Coppinger, McMinnville; Lillian Dinwiddie, Morrison; Jessica Elkins, McMinnville; Linda Evans, McMinnville; Krysta Foster, McMinnville; Kaitlin George; McMinnville; Melvia Groce, McMinnville; Kristen Hankal, Rock Island; Ashely Hobbs, Morrison; Crystal Hodges, McMinnville; Maria Holland, McMinnville; Shelby Holland, Smithville; Amy Hutchins, McMinnville; Erica Jones, McMinnville; John Kluender, McMinnville; Bryan Knowles, McMinnville; Kristin Luna, McMinnville; Nikki Marion, Shelbyville; Dustin Martin, Rock Island; Greta McCormick, Rock Island; Jace McCoy, McMinnville; Kyle McCurry, McMinnville; April Miller, Morrison; Leah Pennington, Rock Island; Sarah Pitts, McMinnville; Lauren Prater, McMinnville; Angela Rolman, Tullahoma; Stephanie Russell, McMinnville; Zachary Seamons, Rock Island; Breanna Taylor, McMinnville; Joshua Thaxton, McMinnville; Dakota Tinney, McMinnville; Patricia Torres, McMinnville; Ashely Welcome, McMinnville; Caleb West, McMinnville; Jessica Wilcher, Rock Island; Darrell Winfree, McMinnville; and Rachel Woodlee, McMinnville.

Honor Roll -- Jessica Adcock, McMinnville; John Barnes, McMinnville; Brittany Beaty, McMinnville; Jeana Boyd, McMinnville; Kara Carmack, McMinnville; Daisy Casas, Morrison; Nikki Cole, McMinnville; Mileah Crawford, Smithville; Holly Denton, McMinnville; Ashley Farless, McMinnville; Benjamin Foust, Smithville; Micaela Grieves, McMinnville; Lauren Grissom, McMinnville; Whitney Hale, McMinnville; Whitney Hale, Rock Island; Sarah Haley, McMinnville; Caitlyn Hall, McMinnville; Laura Herman, McMinnville; Tabitha Jefferson, McMinnville; Jason Johnson, McMinnville; Rachel Joines, McMinnville; Coty Keel, McMinnville; Courtney Kiefer, McMinnville; Tambitha Kight, McMinnville; Dava Kilgore, McMinnville; Jeremy Knight, McMinnville; Tisha Malone, McMinnville; Timothy Mathisen, Eagleville; Sasha McCormick, McMinnville; Adrian Mendoza, McMinnville; Cruz Ontiveros, Morrison; Keesha Ortez, McMinnville; Shayla Redmon, McMinnville; Holly Ressel, McMinnville; Ileana Santos, McMinnville; Ashley Singleton, Smyrna; Ashley Thompson, McMinnville; Mercedez Tinney, McMinnville; Jessica Ware, McMinnville; Hillary Wellington, McMinnville; Kayla Whitefield, Morrison; Christopher Whitman, McMinnville; Kacy Wilson, McMinnville; Rachel Wollenweber, Rock Island; Sarah Young, McMinnville; and Terry Young, Rock Island.

White County:

Dean’s List – Dalton Bain, Sparta; Ashley Brock, Walling; Brandy Cates, Quebeck; Amber Guy, Sparta; April Hallums, Sparta; Amanda Menser, Sparta; Kayla Montgomery, Sparta; Milton Rankin, Signal Mountain; Cynthia Stoglin, Sparta; and Amber Wilson, Sparta.

Honor Roll -- Samantha Bales, Quebeck; Matthew Burns, Sparta; Kyle Goff, Quebeck; Shannon Hammons, Doyle; Toni Jagnandan, Sparta; and Amanda Randolph, Sparta.

Williamson County:

Dean’s List -- Emily Crowl, Franklin.

Honor Roll – Charlene Baltzer, Nolensville; Christopher Black, Nolensville; and Kimberly Jenkins, Brentwood.

Wilson County:

Dean’s List -- Tiffani Robinson, Winchester.

Honor Roll -- Reid Harrington, Lebanon; Kelsey Perigo, Mount Juliet; James Ross, Mount Juliet; Jessica Stewart, Mount Juliet, and Celeste Van Pelt, Lebanon.
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