Keep it smooth as TN whiskey

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Hey Folks, who says: It's time we get a little tough, Guys !
Okay, who believes: It's better to walk alone than in a crowd going in the wrong direction...

Not Yet? Alright one more chance: Last week our editor Mike West stated : It's all the chaos I can't stand...calm down and get back to work !

Hmmm...still nothing? I'll give you a few more minutes to come up with your answer...while I go and make ice cubes out of left over wine... ahhh, wait a minute Aunt Martha and I NEVER have any left over wine.

Uncle Festus asks us: If you had to choose between drinking wine or being skinny...would you choose Red or White?

Wait a minute...what did I hear? Fantastic ! Most of you had the right answer!! And, don't you dare turn the page....this is important stuff...about our new president Donald Trump and our Future.

Remember a good part of Tennessee voted for Trump. Who says that we Rednecks aren't smart? Blame it on that Tennessee Whiskey !!

And that's Okay !

Let's give this guy a chance...he may not be Perfect, but that doesn't mean he's worthless and can't be trusted. He's at the Potter's Wheel now ! And, he may not have it all together...but who says you have to in order to do something great ! You better hope that Trump straightens out this nation.. It's already been said that Donald has done more in the first few weeks of office than Obama EVER DID IN EIGHT YEARS !!!

Um, what do I hear about folks getting sooo upset that Trump was elected that they developed HEALTH problems? TRUMP FLU I suppose....

Oh, Please Rock Me Dear Momma Like A Wagon Wheel....
Shame on you negative people....go pick on the Ground Hog who just gave us six more weeks of winter! And relax, that thing on Donald's head....HAS BEEN VACCINATED!

Another thing...Leave the First Lady alone. If she is happier living in Trump Tower than in the White House, So be it ! It may be the tradition but in her thinking: who the heck wants to live in a place where approximately 44 other presidents and their families have already lived and
remodeled each time? Plus Trump Tower has more room. She stands her ground. She may have even said: If you win the presidency, you are on your own. And I think she seconded that emotion after she had to walk in HEELS in the Inaugural Parade all the way up to the White House steps!

She is as strong-willed as he is....I like that!! No Wimpy first lady image for her!!

Do you actually realize just how bad our economy has gotten?

McDonald employees now ask their customers: can you afford fries with that? And that Beverly Hills women have to now use the SUN to get a tan? That Dr. Suess now has to eat green eggs and SPAM! Family fights in Chuckie Cheese over the pizza bill! Folks building their houses out of beer cans in Houston, Texas. Plus, Tiny Houses are now the rage in efforts to beat economic woes. On and on and on....

I am genuinely nauseous over these groups who travel about and protest against Trump being elected. Get Over It, Ladies !! We live in a world where you can BE ....BE PATIENT !! Trump gets tired of looking in those clown's eyes and only seeing the back of their heads.

Would they like to be the next group deported? Seems like it !

Could it be that we had more people cheering for their teams during the Super Bowl that either presidential candidates did at their rallies? What a game! Out of 51 Super Bowl years .... it was the first to ever have an OVERTIME! Both teams played a fantastic game.

Lady GAGA did a fine job of swinging from the top of the stadium and belting out all my favorite songs. (Of course, here we go again with tacky people commenting that her belly was out of shape and that she was lip-syncing and not really singing...). Good grief !!

The commercials were's a toss up. I still miss those gorgeous Clyde Dales...but Budwieser dropped out of the Super Bowl Ads. At the price of 5 million for just a 30 second ad....I don't blame them.

I must say somebody has money in order to buy Super Bowl tickets at $2700 per cheap seat and $5000 for average seat. That stadium was packed!! Can you imagine how many cases of Super Bowl FLU was called into workplaces the next day!!

I saw Vice President Pence was at the game. Trump was the smart one who stayed at home in his Tower and enjoyed viewing it there.

I hope you folks don't mind that I took a moment to cheer about the game...but JD and I are real football fans. Come to think about it...don't all the players seem like Gladiators being viewed inside the Greek Auditorium by thousands of villagers?

That's probably the way Trump and his cabinet feel by taking on a real challenge of straightening out our country. They have pledged to do so, and you better hope and pray they succeed ! We need to have a safe and prosperous nation and live in peace.

It's a lot of take believe in...I know that. Just give our new president a chance and stop wasting your time on nasty remarks and negative

We will Chat next week.....
Many of MY HUGS sent your way.......SAVANNAH

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