It takes a mean dog for a long chase

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IT TAKES A MEAN DOG FOR A LONG CHASE! Yes, I could be talking about my loyal dog, Max, who guards our house and cleverly waits in his dog condo for the troublemaker neighborhood dogs to pass by and then pops out at them barking and nipping their fannies all the way back to where they came from. But, this time I am referring to our political scene out there.

Remember when politics attracted the brightest and most intelligent? What the heck happened?! Sorry, but we are NOT making the best choices in life right now. We have handed over our future and mere existence to a person and a handful of numbskulls who are literally non caring to OUR needs and care less that we are trillions in debt that will take over a century to clear up. We, ourselves here today, will not see can only hope our future relatives will enjoy a cleaner existence in a cured nation!

So, is said that more Republicans vote then Democrats. I am not going to ask how many of you voted in this campaign, or if you even voted! And, I won't tell you what I did. But, one way or another: WHO is the best choice in this mad scramble?

Uncle Festus told me: A Canadian, a Cuban and a white supremacist walked into a bar. The bartender says, What will you have Senator Cruz? (Good one, Festus!)

Aunt Martha is so fed up with this political mess that she threw her hands up in the air and said: Put me in a microwave and let me go! I guess she would rather fry than lie than choose any one of these candidates. She was one person I know that did NOT vote this time. Cousin Clarence hates to stand in line plus he can't read the ballot or understand the voting procedure once he is in the I guess, that's one more who I know did not vote.

He thinks Trump looks like a bird and his theme song should be: On the Road Again.... As a matter of fact, he has a license plate that reads: Don't blame me...I voted for Willie Nelson!

OK....let's go on to the 3 1/2 hours long Academy Awards Ceremony. You did it, Leo....after six won your Oscar for The Revenant. He won best actor and best movie. I thought it was rather rude that the Bear co-star in this movie was not even mentioned! It does look like a good movie and I may break down and watch it. It is said that Leo did his own stunts and was extremely dedicated to making this the best movie ever. His last statement was: Let's not take this planet for granted! (Hey, maybe HE should run for president...).

The commentator, Chris Rock, broke up the monotony with the Girl Scout Cookie Campaign and those little gals made lots of money from those stuffy stars who bought a good bit of thin mints!! There were lots of fancy wardrobes and hair-dos on the red carpet. The age-old gown slit to the waist...still looks best on J-Lo.

So, the Oscars are over until next year. The American Idol is in it's last year and The Voice has just there is more competition to watch. I don't know why I am so hooked on Jeopardy....It only makes me feel stupid after a half hour of outrageous questions. The only saving grace is when I actually answer a question...especially the final question...and all three contestants have no clue. Ride On, Savannah!

By the way...How do you folks ROLL ? From the back or from the front? Of course, I am referring to which way you put your toilet paper on the spool. JD and I do not there is this constant changing of the toilet paper roll one potty visit after another. Neither one of us give this warped game of back or front continues in our household. What the heck...a bathroom chuckle never hurts anyone! It could be worse...Aunt Patsy still can't get Uncle Pete to put the toilet seat down and she is getting mighty tired of the unexpected chilly dunkings in the dark of the night...all alone...far out of town...(just for you JD)!

We are working on our spring opening of the Short Mountain Trading Post and are very excited to see all of you again. Opening date is still yet to be announced.

Hang in there....we shall return!

I think I am done with this week's just remember that the purpose of life is to live it....take one step at a is a song..sing it! And for goodness sake... people may not always agree with you, but you have a right to SPEAK YOUR MIND! Have a great week!

Hugs, Savannah

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