GOP: Gordon Puts Pelosi & Obama Before Tennesseans On Health Reform

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NASHVILLE – Tennessee Republican Party Chris Chairman Devaney issued the following statement after retiring Tennessee Democrat Congressman Bart Gordon announced he is going to support the Obama/Pelosi/Reid government takeover of health care:

“Retiring from Congress doesn’t give Rep. Gordon an excuse to abandon his constituents,” said Devaney. “Recent polling here in our state suggests that the majority of Tennesseans want Congress to start over on health care. Tennessee voters don’t want a government takeover of health care that is going to raise premiums, slash Medicare benefits, and provide for taxpayer-funded abortions.

"I believe that Rep. Gordon’s decision to retire was the right one, but I hope he is aware his support of health care is going to be harmful to any Democrat who might be thinking of running in the Sixth Congressional District.”

A Spring 2010 poll released by Middle Tennessee State University reported the following findings:

• Health reform: Most Tennesseans want a do-over

• When asked what Congress should do next on health reform, a majority of Tennesseans, 53 percent, say Congress should start on a new bill. Twenty-two percent say Congress should pass a bill similar those the House and Senate have passed. Only sixteen percent say Congress should stop working on health reform altogether…

• Most of Tennessee’s independents, 63 percent, say Congress should start work on a new health reform bill, followed by 19 percent who say something like the current bills should be passed, and 18 percent who say Congress should just stop working on health reform.
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Members Opinions:
March 19, 2010 at 7:09am
Gordon said it right "The health care bill being considered by Congress now accomplishes three things: one, it reduces health care costs for families and small businesses; two, it improves access to affordable care, regardless of pre-existing conditions; three, it lowers our budget deficit. That’s why I am supporting it."
The Republicans have stooped about as low as a party can while attempting to obstruct all of the Democrat's proposals including this one on healthcare reform.
Reminds one of the fanatical attempt to defeat any civil rights programs that were moving thru the system a few decades ago.
It is sickening to look back at their support of Bush in a war that had nothing to do with our security but cost the lives of over 4300 men and women in our military and added a trillon dollars to our national debt and yet they now fight to deny healthcare to needy Americans.

March 19, 2010 at 8:45am
Jack, I don't think you will be similin' in a few years when this Health Care Bill takes affect and the budget deficit and health care spending really skyrocket.

This bill increases total health care spending in the US. The government subsidies have to be paid for by increased tax collections. This bill doesn't reduce health costs for families or businesses because they have to pay for it in additional taxes. The government is taking money out of your back pocket and putting some of it back in your shirt pocket.

This bill increases health care costs through new taxes on health care services and products and through new government mandates. If access to health care is increased, it will be at a higher cost.

The assumption that it will lower the budget deficit is based on a lot of rosy assumptions, the biggest being that Medicare payment rates to doctors will be reduced by $500 billion. It will never happen. If Bart really believes that those rates will be cut, why has he been consistently voting to delay the 20% cut in Medicare payments that have been the law for years? Here is the proof:

“December 18, 2009 — Following the lead of the House earlier this week, the Senate approved a defense spending bill in the early hours of Friday morning (December 18) that, as part of an add-on measure, would push the effective date for a scheduled Medicare pay cut of 21.2% for physicians from January 1 to February 28.”

“While perusing the morning news, I discovered that once again the Senate has made a last-minute decision to delay the Medicare pay cuts — this time until October 1, 2010.”

“They added that "the cost of repealing a formula whose faults have been known since its inception has continued to grow, from $49 billion in 2005 to over $200 billion today."

As far as war spending goes, you are aware that Obama's War and Military budget is larger than any of the GWB spending? Last month, February 2010, Obama spent $222 billion more than the government collected in taxes, that is just one month!

“Economists surveyed by Thomson Reuters expect the deficit for February will hit $222 billion, up by $28.1 billion from the imbalance in February 2009. The Treasury Department is scheduled to release the February budget figures at 2 p.m. EST Wednesday.”

This time next year after his retirement Bart Gordon will have a lucrative job as a 'health care consultant' or a cushy political appointment from the Obama Administration and will know why he voted for this horrible bill.

March 20, 2010 at 4:42pm
vote him out.
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