G-Man Taken Into Custody

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The Cannon County Sheriff's Department arrested a man Thursday (July 15) who is alleged to have threatened a man who was doing repair work on his motorcycle.

Deputy Anthony Young was dispatched to 190 Woodbury Rd., Auburntown on July 10. Upon arrival he spoke with Ravi Goin, who stated that a man known to him as "G-Man" had been to his residence with a baseball bat and had threatened him.

Goin also stated the person had gone through his garage and truck looking for something, without permission. Goin said the man had a baseball bat in his hands while walking around the property and at one point he beat on the side of Goin's house with the bat.

Goin said he went to Frank Patrick's house at 168 Woodbury Rd. and called 911. He described the man with the bat as wearing a light-colored cap, shirt and shorts. Goins said that while we has at Patrick's home the man was yelling at his girlfriend Tracy Crawley on the front porch of their residence.

Young then spoke with Crawley, who said Goin had the man's motorcycle at his shop to repair it. She said she too only knew the man as "G-Man" and that he first went to to their garage and took a lock off the door and went inside. She said he then beat on the door of the residence and was yelling something she could not understand.

Crawley relayed that the conversion with the man continued and the entire time he was there she felt threatened and was afraid he was going to hurt her or her boyfriend.

Young went to the garage, got the license number off the motorcycle, and learned from dispatch that it was registered to David Tombs, 3908 Sycamore Creek, Woodbury.

While Young was running the tag on the motorcycle, he heard Deputy Steve McMillen run a tag on a pickup truck, a red Nissan, which also came back to Tombs. He radioed McMillen to ask him to put a hold on the truck but the vehicle had already left.

McMillen went to the library and took a statement from Patty Chappell, who works there. Chappel said the man driving the truck had come to the library to use the computer there to check his e-mail. She stated the man had told her he had been a Ravi Goin's residence about his motorcycle and was having a bad morning. She said he did not know the man's name but that he spoke with a British accent.

Young also took a statement from Frank Patrick, who basically confirmed the accounts given by Goin and Crawley of the incident.

Young returned to the sheriff's department and attempted to make contact with Combs by phone, but received no answer.

Young took out warrants on Tombs for aggravated assault and for burglary. He was arrested after nearly a week of searching.

Civil Dispute

Ronald D. Arledge called the sheriff's department on July 12 and told Deputy Reed Bryson his truck has been taken from his residence. Arledge told Bryson that he had been arrested for domestic assault earlier in the week and was unable to go to his home at 7446 Jim Cummings Hwy., Bradyville.

Arledge also stated that on the day of the report he saw his 1985 Nissan truck in town, he had not given anyone permission to use the truck, and thought it might have been stolen. He also said the truck had been taken to Pelham's Auto Salvage for sold for scrap.

Pelham's advised Aldredge that they had paid a Michael Davis for the truck. Bryson went to the residence and spoke with Bobbie Jean Arledge, who said she had sold the truck to Davis. They showed him a bill of sale for the truck.

Bryson made a copy of the bill of sale, showed it to Ronald Arledge, and advised him the situation was a civil matter between him and his wife.

On July 7, Deputy Randy Neal was dispatched to Highway 53 Market to meet a subject about a property recovery. He spoke with Justin Kirkpatrick, who stated he wanted a deputy to go with him to 7446 Jim Cummings Hwy. to get a company truck for his father-in-law. Kirkpatrick said his father-in-law had been arrested on July 4 for domestic assault. Neal went with Kirkpatrick to the address and got the truck. While there, Bonnie Jean Arledge advised she did not want Kirkpatrick back on the property. He said he would not return.

Unwanted Guest

Deputy Randy Neal was dispatched to 148 Hollandsworth Road, Readyville, on July 12 in reference to an unwanted guest. He spoke with Edith Taylor, who stated that a person by the name of Lisa Herndon (no known address) was walking up and down the road in front of her property, stopped, and stated that Taylor was on her property and needed to get off.

Taylor advised Deputy Neal that she had lived at the address for nine years. She said her husband, Jerry, owned the property before that and that she and Jerry had married in 2007.

Neal then spoke with Herndon, who claimed she owned the property and had paperwork to show that she did. Neal advised Herndon to get her paperwork in order and take the Taylors to court if she did own the property; otherwise she would be arrested for trespassing.

Barn Fire

Deputy Brandon Mims responded to1063 Judge Purser Hill Rd. on July 12 for a structure fire. Upon arrival he was advised by firefighters that a barn was on fire. The Short Mountain fire chief said the fire appeared to have been started by a lightning strike. The owners (James and Wilma Sue Barrett) told the firefighters to let the barn finish burning. The firefighters fought the fire for about an hour before the owners told them to stop.

Civil Dispute

Deputy Anthony Young went to 6391 Hollow Springs Rd., Woodbury, on July 11 where live-in landlord John Jones and tenant Tony McPeake were having a dispute. Jones wanted Young to throw McPeake out.

Young explained to Jones that he could not, and told him he would have to get an eviction order if he wanted McPeake to leave.

Jones said he was very angry and thought he and McPeake would have a conflict if McPeake did not leave. Young convinced McPeake to go to a neighbor's house until Jones could calm down. Jones stated he would seek an eviction notice on McPeake.


Oakley Blanton, 2509 Short Mountain Rd., Woodbury, reported the theft of eight car batteries and three radiators from his property on July 9. Deputy Matthew Parsley took the report. Blanton valued the items at $402. He said he thought the items were taken while he was at work.

On July 12, Investigator Vance Walker checked with both Pelham's Auto Salvage and Ivy Bluff Auto Salvage to see if anyone had taken the missing items to those businesses, but did not receive information to indicate that they had been.

Dog Bite

Miranda Skye Jones, 5965 Bradyville Pike, Bradyville, was walking to her grandmother's house on the evening of July 10 when a dog ran out and bit her on the shin. Deputy Brandon Mims, who responded to the call, did observe a small contusion on Jones' skin and some puncture wounds.

Jones said the dog had short black hair and stood about knee high to her. She said the owners lived two doors down from her grandmother's house on the corner of Bradyville, Dug Hollow and Dickens Hill roads. Jones was transported by ambulance to Stones River Hospital for treatment.

Mims went to 6039 Bradyville Rd., Bradyville, to speak with the owner of the dog, Regina Kay Fann and Alselmo "Samual" Perez. Perez said the dog had gotten off its chain when it bit Jones. Mims learned that the dog had not had been vaccinated for rabies. The dog was taken to the Cannon County Animal Clinic for 10-day quarantine and the hospital was notified it had not had rabies shots.

Vehicle Theft

Deputy Anthony Young was dispatched to 2924 Red Hill Road on July 6 in reference to a report of a vehicle theft. He spoke with Kenneth Buchanan, who said he had been at the lake since the day before and returned at 10 a.m. on the morning of the report. He said when he returned he discovered his four-wheeler, a Polaris 800 EFI valued at $9000, had been stolen.

Young spoke with Buchanan's neighbor, Larry Hutchins, who said that someone had come through his yard on a four-wheeler at around 1:54 a.m. He said he tried to call Buchanan but did not receive an answer, and thought it was Buchanan riding the four-wheeler and went back to bed. He said he did not get a description of the person riding the vehicle.

A copy of the report was faxed to the 911 Call Center for the vehicle information to be entered into NCIC as stolen.

Burglary/Breaking And Entering

Joseph Russell Romines, 1516 Simpson Rd., Bradyville, reported the theft of a chainsaw from his garage on July 5. Deputy Brandon Mims took the report. The saw was valued at $450.

Dogs At Large

Becky Blanton, 630 Red Hill Rd., Woodbury, told Deputy Eric Moss she would keep her dogs on her property after Moss responded to a complaint from Tina Johnston, 18 Jamie Cr., Woodbury, on July 12.

Possible Animal Neglect

Geoffrey Joseph McDonnell, 2039 Short Mountain Hwy., Woodbury, contacted the sheriff's department on July 12 about possible animal neglect. McDonnell has rented the pasture beside his residence to a couple on June 26 who were using it let three horses run in the field. McDonnell told Deputy Tommy Barker that the couple still owed him $50 and that the horses were out of grain feed.

Barker observed the horses and they appeared to be heathy. McDonnell said he had been in contact with one of the owners and she had agreed to bring feed and the rest of the money. Barker told McDonnell to contact him if the owners did not follow through on their promise to pay him and care for the horses.

Capias/Warrants Served

• Chad Eric Young, 2917 Warren Rd., McMinnville, was served an arrest warrant for aggravated assault by deputies Eric Moss and Patrick Fann on July 7. The warrant was issued by Warren County. Young was transported to King's Market and turned over the Warren County deputies.

• Paul Reed served a capias on William Howard Drake, 718 Hatch Rd., Rock Island, on July 10.

• Paul Reed served a warrant for violation of probation on Sherman Tyler Rumsey, 1506 Foxdale Dr., Murfreesboro, on July 6.

• Paul Reed served a warrant for violation of probation on Vickie Dornes Marsh, 2195 Pea Ridge Rd., Liberty, on June 21.

• Paul Reed served a capias on Brittany Lynn Ross, 347 Kelsie Drive, Woodbury, on June 21.

• Mark Thomas served a warrant for violation of probation on Paul Frank Rumsey, 4830 John Braff Hwy., Woodbury, on June 29.
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