Ex-Wife Summoned To Return Trucks

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On Aug. 4, Deputy Eric Moss took a report from Abel Margarito at the Cannon County Sheriff's Department. Margarito stated that his ex-wife, Sandra Margarito, took his 2003 Nissan Frontier from his home. Margarito said that approximately two weeks prior his ex-wife also took his 2009 Chevrolet Silverado. The Silverado was valued at $35,000 and the Frontier at $10,000.

Mr. Margarito said he and his wife were divorced but that she still has keys to his house and she still stayed there from time to time and the keys to both of his trucks were in his home. Mr. Margarito said he told Ms. Margarito that she could not take the vehicles.

Mr. Margarito also told Moss that he and Ms. Margarito have a lock box at Regions Bank in both their names and Ms. Margarito had taken $25,000 in cash and his citizenship papers.

He also said his ex-wife had pulled a gun on him two weeks prior and that he would be happy if Moss could talk to her and get her to return the two trucks to him.

Moss tried to contact Ms. Margarito by phone but was unable to reach her. He then informed Mr. Margarito that he could speak with a Judicial Commissioner and he said he would like to do that.

Moss contact Judicial Commissioner Nathan Jennings, and a Criminal Summons was issued on Sandra Margarito for Theft of Property.

Mr. Margarito said he would attempt to get a good address for Ms. Margarito and notify the sheriff's department if he did find one. Moss faxed a copy of the report to Cannon County 911 Center to be entered into NCIC.

Other recent sheriff's department incident reports include:

• Deputy Reed Bryson was dispatched to 63 Pleasant View Rd., Woodbury, on Aug. 5 in reference to a vehicle crash. He found a red 1993 Dodge truck sitting in the ditchline against a utility pole. It appeared the driver of the vehicle had tried to turn around in the driveway of 63 Pleasant View but went into the ditch instead.

Bryson spoke with James Ferrell, who stated that he was sitting outside and the truck came up the road slowly in front of his home. A woman then jumped out of the truck and it began to roll backwards. Ferrell said the vehicle then began to turn around in his driveway and went into the ditch.

Ferrell said the woman went over to the truck and began trying to push it out but became sick and vomited. Ferrell said a silver car then pulled up and the woman screamed at the driver of that car and took off running down the road. He did not hear what the lady said.

Then, Ferrell said, a male subject got out of the truck and into the silver car. They pulled up the driveway and stated they would be back for the truck and left.

Bryson did a check of the VIN of the truck and found it belonged to a subject in McMinnville and the registration had expired in 2008. Bryson called to have the truck towed and in the process of the truck being loaded onto the wrecker Bryson found a small red baggy of powdery substance where the driver's door is located.

• Deputy Matthew Parsley responded to 116 L Overall Rd. in Auburntown on Aug. 10 in regard to a burglary that occurred earlier. Parsley spoke with Gary McReynolds, who stated that his children arrived home around 3:30 to find that the back door had been opened and no signs of forced entry were apparent.

McReynolds said that two phones, two iPods and a docking station, several bows, several fishing rods, and two tackle boxes had been taken from the residence. McReynolds also said a television had been taken from a camper outside. Loss was valued at $2,810.

Parsley then went to 350 RL Overall and spoke with Diane Stone. She said that on Aug. 3 around 10 or 11 a.m. she had observed a suspicious vehicle in the area. Stone said the vehicle was white with a black piece on the back and silver strips on the side. Stone said two people were inside and one of the makes was heavyset. She said she was unable to get all the tag information but thought it started with 377.

Parlsey also spoke with Nathan Hollandsworth at 145 RL Overall, who said that between 10 a.m. and noon that day he had witnessed a white truck pull into the McReynolds residence and go behind the white camper. Todd Hollandsworth who was there said that he knew someone who was going to look at the tapes from city hall to see if they could see anything suspicious around those times.

• Deputy Brandon Mims was dispatched to 957 Manustown Rd., Woodbury, on Aug. 3 for a domestic call. Upon arrival Jeffrey Thomas, Doyle Mooneyham and Lee Ann Farless were sitting on the front porch.

Mooneyham and Thomas told Mims that Farless had gotten in the (Chevy) Blazer and did a donut in the yard. Mooneyham said it started out as fun and games and then Farless would not stop. Mooneyham said Thomas called because he wanted Farless out of his truck. Mooneyham said he did not want to press charges on Farless for doing donuts in the yard. Mims told Farless to stay in the truck and away from Thomas' truck.

• Deputy Reed Bryson was dispatched to 244 E. Main St. in Auburntown on Aug. 4 in reference to a possible stolen vehicle. He spoke with Myron Grigsby, who stated he had noticed his car missing.

Grigsby said he came home from work at midnight. When his wife got up around 3 a.m. the vehicle, a Nissan Sentra valued at $2,300, was still at their home. When they got up a 7 p.m., the vehicle was missing.

Unfortunately for the Rigsbys, the car was missing but it had not been stolen. It had been repossessed by the finance company. Deputy Bryson called Myron Rigsby later in the day and advised him of the situation.

• Tim McIntosh, 3880 Short Mountain Rd., Woodbury, reported that the heating and air unit at the house is building had been stolen on Aug. 4. The unit is valued at $4,500.

• Albert Summers served Michael Montell Leath, 422 Forst St., Murfreesboro, with a violation of probation warrant on Aug. 4.

• Deputy Eric Moss was dispatched to 166 Petty Gap Rd. on Aug. 4 in regard to a property recovery. Dillon Reger recovered his property from the residence of Mercedes Lulow.

• Alisa J. Thomas, 2315 Geedeville Rd., Bradyville reported a possible break-in on Aug. 5. Deputy Reed Bryson investigated. No items were determined missing but a shop door was broken. Damage was estimated at $200.

• Deborah Tillman, 134 Simpson Lane, Bradyville, reported a possible prowler after she heard a loud noise sounding like someone hitting the side of her home on Aug. 6. Deputy Steve McMillen responded and did not find anybody on the property.

• Robert Mark Anderson, 5203 Short Mountain Rd., Woodbury, reported the theft of a Rock Hopper bicycle on Aug. 6 from his front porch. Anderson told Deputy Brandon Gullet the bicycle was on the porch the evening of Aug. 5 and missing the next morning. The bicycle, gray in color and valued at $400, has the word "Specialized" written on the middle upper bar.

• Deputy Steve McMillen was dispatched to 7446 Jim Cummings Hwy. on Aug. 6 for a vehicle repossession. On arrival he spoke with Roger Hindman, 4154 Jim Cummings Hwy., who stated he was there to take back a Toyota truck that he had sold to John Edward Montrose, 5095 Hollow Springs Rd., Bradyville, who had stopped making payments. Hindman showed McMillen proof of ownership and at that time he was given permission by Montrose to the the vehicle, valued at $,3,500, back.

• Deputy Brandon Mims took a report from Betty Sue Melton, 329 Cavender Rd., Woodbury, on Aug. 2 for dogs at large. She told Mims there were four dogs under her porch that she did not know anything about. She said they would not let her in the house. Mims looked under the porch and saw four dogs yellow in color. He used a water to try to get the dogs out. They came out growling and charging at Mims. He sprayed the dogs and they ran off the property. Mims advised Melton of her rights.

• W.R. Nichols, 1946 Short Mountain Rd., Woodbury, reported an abandoned Honda three-wheeler on his property on Aug. 7. He told Deputy Steve McMillen a man around the age of 25 left it two weeks prior to the report and had not come back to claim it. Nichols said the man told him he lived behind Center Hill Baptist Church and that the three-wheeler had quit running. A VIN checked did not show the vehicle as being reported stolen. McMillen told Nichols he would check to see how many days he had before claiming the property.

• Deputy Matthew Parsley responded 874 Smithson Hollow Rd., Woodbury, on Aug. 6 at 10 p.m. in reference to a suspicious person and shots fired. He spoke with Marie Bruce, who said she was inside her residence when she heard a noise and saw a black shadowy figure outside. Bruce stated she got her pistol and fired two shots into the air. She said the figure then took off through the woods. Upon inspection of the tool shed it was discovered that the hinge had been taken loose. Bruce also stated her weedeater, valued at $60, had been taken. Parsley drove around the area but did not locate any suspicious persons.

• John C. Smith, 3584 Jim Cummings Hwy., Woodbury, lodged a complaint of harassment against Tommy L. Lackey, 6315 Old Kentucky Hwy., Sparta, on Aug. 7. Smith told Deputy Brandon Mims that Lackey had called him several names and threatened him over the phone. Smith said Lackey told him he was going to kill him and that no one could stop him.

• Deputy Anthony Young was dispatched to 911 Auburntown Rd., Woodbury, on Aug. 7 in reference to a property dispute. He spoke with Paul Walker who said that Mary Carmack, 509 Bryant Lane, Woodbury, had come to his residence and removed some property from a storage shed next to his house. Walker said he had rented a house to Bill Carmack, Mary's husband, while she was incarcerated at the Cannon County Jail. Walker said he had asked Billy Carmack to come and get the property, but that he would not do so. Walker stated he did not have a problem with Mary Carmack getting the property. He stated she took toys and children's clothes. He said he wanted a report done for future reference.

• Deputy Steve McMillen took a report of horses at large from Rita A. Clouse, 5515 Country Drive #52, Nashville, on Aug. 8 at the Cannon County Jail. Clouse told McMillen that she had property which adjoins that of Darlene Totty, 3057 Locke Creek Rd., Woodbury. Clouse said Totty has two horses that stay on her property and that she has sent Totty a letter asking they be removed. Clouse said she is in the process of putting a fence up and that the horses have not been removed and are a nuisance. McMillen advised Clouse she could file a civil summons against Totty for horses at large.

• Deputy Patrick Fann along with Captain (Charlie) Wilder, Lt. (Brad) Hall, Deputy (Matt) Parsley and Deputy (Eric) Moss went to 149 Lorance Rd., Woodbury, on Aug. 9 at 10:43 p.m. to take David William McPeak, 336 Bates Hill Rd., McMinnville, into custody on a capias warrant for failure to appear July 13 on charges of aggravated assault. McPeak was transported to the Cannon County Jail for processing.

• Todd Andrew Baxter, 3378 Jimtown Rd., Woodbury, filed a report at the Cannon County Sheriff's Department on Aug. 10 that two of his horses had gotten out of his fence. Baxter told Deputy Eric Moss that his sorrel mare and bay stud have been out for approximately three weeks and he has not been able to find them. Moss told Baxter the sheriff's department would contact him if any horses matching the description were reported.

• Deputy Randy Neal spoke with Joseph and Teresa Tate, 1860 Readyville St., Readyville, at the CCSD on Aug. 10. They said they had made an agreement with Mark Barrett, 545 Morgan Ave., Woodbury, to cut some logs for them on a property on Hummingbird Lane.

The Tates said Barrett was to cut 120 logs. They said they paid Barrett $1,000 on Sept. 23, 2009 and another $400 on Sept. 30, 2009. Joseph Tate said Barrett has not come back to finish the job and will not return calls. Neal was shown a copy of the two checks used to pay Barrett. Joseph Tate said the total agreement for the work was $2,400.

Neal later spoke with Barrett about the case. Barrett stated he was not to get the logs at the top of the hill on the property. He said h was only to cut the logs and the Tates would get them out of the woods. He said he cut more than 120 logs. He said he got 30 or so out of his way so he could cut more. and that is when the Tates asked him to get all the logs out for them. Barrett said he would for more money and that he had done what he agreed to do.

• Deputy Eric Moss was dispatched to 3242 Burt Burgen Rd. on Aug. 10 to take a complaint on trash that had been left behind my neighbors. Moss informed Carmine Rogers it was a civil matter.

• Deputy Patrick Fann was dispatched to the area of Banks Road and Ivy Bluff Road at 8:43 p.m. on Aug. 9 in reference to a vehicle crash. Fann located the crash at about the 9500 block of Ivy Bluff Rd. A 1990's model Nissan Maxima was sitting in the right hand lane facing the wrong way. There was no driver present at the scene.

Fann reported that from the looks of the skid and yaw marks it looked as though the vehicle attempted to go around the curve to the right but was going too fast and when the driver tried to correct the vehicle they overcorrected and it caused the vehicle to flip The vehicle came to rest on its wheels with the rear end against a tree.

Fann was unable to locate the driver. The tag number 849-VRP returned to Karen Stacey of Milton. Fann found a purse in the road and there was a driver's license inside with the name Janet Ann Hearn of 6256 West Trimble Rd., Milton.

On his way to work on Aug. 10, Fann was notified by dispatch that Hearn had called and said she was driving the vehicle when it crashed.

Fann called Hearn and she agreed to come to the sheriff's department on Aug. 13 to make a statement.
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