Deer Carcasses Dumped In Home Under Restoration

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CCSO Incident Reports for 1.20.2009

01.09.2010 — Deputy Steve McMillan took a report at the CCSO from Mr. Floyd Dixon who stated that while traveling north on Burt Burgen Rd. he lost control of his Ford pickup due to snow and ice on the road, causing him to slide backwards into the vehicle of Paul Curless which was left abandoned due to an earlier incident. Mr. Dixon then left the scene and came to the CCSO to report the incident. Upon investigation the damage to his vehicle was greater than $400. On 01.13.2010 Dep. McMillan took a report from Paul Curless who stated that on 01.08.2010 he lost control of his Ford Pickup while traveling north on Burt Burgen Rd. Due to the icy roads Mr. Curless was forced to leave his vehicle until a wrecker could recover it. During this time the vehicle was struck by Mr. Dixon's vehicle. Both parties came to the CCSO to file reports.

01.12.2010 — Daniel Preston served Mary Carmack with a violation of probation in the booking room of the CCSO without incident.

01.12.2010 — Deputy Tommy Barker responded to an auto theft at 610 Youngblood Road where Luke Shellhouse reported that his 2004 Mercury Mountaineer SUV had been parked in the driveway around 4 or 5 p.m. on 01.11.2010 but that the vehicle was missing the following morning when he went to start it at around 6:40 a.m.. Mr. Shellhouse was in possession of the only known set of keys. On 01.14.2010 Deputy Anthony Young and Lt. Brad Hall responded to a burned vehicle at the 600 block of Wilson Hollow Rd. where a Mercury Mountaineer had been completely burned and left on an old logging road. The vehicle was towed by Pelham's to their lot. A VIN was located and found to match the one Mr. Shellhouse reported missing a few days earlier.

01.12.2010 — Deputy Tommy Barker was dispatched to 3673 Porterfield Rd. in regards to a break in that had already occurred. There Jennifer Stevens reported that she had left the house at around 6:30 or 7:00 a.m. and returned at 5:30 p.m. Upon return she noticed the living room lights were on and the utility door was wide open and that door is always shut. Her son Jesse had left for work around 10 a.m. Ms. Stevens reported that two handguns were stolen but could only produce a serial for one. Deputy Bryson took photos of the busted door frame and attempted to lift prints from a cable box. A hammer was also taken as evidence that looked to have been used to gain entry to the house. Detective Charlie Wilder later contacted Ms. Stevens about the incident and she reported finding a piece of jewelry in her daughter's room that did not belong to anyone in the family. The following day, Wilder went to Ms. Stevens home to investigate further and found that the strange jewelry was a gold necklace with a silver heart-shaped medallion, centered with a pink stone. The piece was in a box with the word "Roman" printed on top. Ms. Stevens said the jewelry did not belong in her home and felt it was dropped or left by the intruders. She also reported that her bedroom clock was flashing 1:59 and she thought this was when its power had been disturbed. On 01.14.2010 Det. Wilder called Lt. Dinardo of the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office and asked if his department had encountered any similar offenses or if the found piece of jewelry might belong to them. Dinardo said he would get with his detectives and be in contact again. Items missing include a Toshiba L300 laptop (serial T-L3001004A), various jewelry, Playstation systems games and accessories, a SONY digital camera, various computer software, two handguns, ammunition, and other items.

01.13.2010 — Deputy Steve McMillen was dispatched to Dutton's Storage for an incident report. There Vickie Patterson reported that someone had driven into one of her storage buildings. It appeared someone had attempted to drive between the first and second storage building, in the result of striking the second building. While surveying the damages it appeared that snow and ice had been a factor.

01.13.2010 — Deputy Steve McMillen took a report at the CCSO from Mr. James Richardson who stated that he and Thurston Crane had an altercation at 553 Smith Road. James stated that Thurston had woken up and was upset that James's daughter was screaming about a toy Thurston's daughter had. Thurston told his daughter to give the toy back to James's daughter. The two men argued for about 20 minutes and then Mr. Richardson left to file a report at the CCSO.

01.13.2010 — Deputy Randy Neal spoke with Hugh Cobb on the phone about his neighbor's dog -- a German Shepherd who had been acting aggressively toward Mr. Cobb and his animals. Mr. Cobb declined an investigation but just wanted the report on file in case of a future incident.

01.13.2010 — Deputy Anthony Young took a report at the CCSO from Samantha Hollandsworth about her neighbor's dog. Ms. Hollandsworth was advised to talk to a commissioner about seeking a criminal summons for dog at large.

01.14.2010 — Deputy Brandon Mimms was dispatched to 125 Orville Duke Road for a fight. There Jennifer Dillard reported that Christopher Reed had gotten into a fight with her uncle, John Dillard. Jennifer took Mimms to her uncle's house next door where he confirmed Jennifer's report. The two men had been playing cards and drinking all night, picking on each other and cutting up. At some point Christopher Reed attacked John Dillard. Barbara Dillard, David Reed, and Wendell Reed all said that Christopher started the fight over a card game. It took all four others to finally pull Mr. Reed off of Mr. Dillard and Mr. Reed was told to leave the property twice but he kept coming back. None of the residents wanted to press charges, just for Mr. Reed not to return to the property. While Dep. Mimms was collecting statements Christopher was outside hiding behind a tree. Jennifer reported this to Dep. Mimms and he went outside where Mr. Reed began to walk away. Mimms told Reed to lay down and put his hands on his back, which Mr. Reed complied with and he was detained for questioning. Deputy Gullett arrived as Christopher was being handcuffed as well as Melissa Taggart who said she needed to talk to the officers. Christopher was incommunicable due to intoxication. Dep. Gullett took Christopher to the CCSO to be booked for public intoxication and Dep. Mimms went to 577 Houston Parker Road to speak with Ms. Taggart. Ms. Taggart reported that she had gone to pick up Christopher but he was gone. She found him at a neighbors house and tried to get him in the car before he got in trouble but he ran off. She continued looking but did not find him until he had been arrested.

01.14.2010 — Deputy Brandon Gullett was dispatched to 2227 Bush Road for a possible prowler. There Mrs. Starla Newport reported being awakened by a noise outside and seeing a white male subject walk across her yard and jump the fence across the road from her residence. There were no footprints in the snow around the vehicles. A report was filed and an extra patrol was issued for two weeks at the residence.

01.14.2010 — Deputy Randy Neal was dispatched to 331 Johnson Springs Ln for vandalism. Upon arrival Charles Johnson reported that it looked as if his mailbox had been blown up. Dep. Neal did find black burn marks on the box. This was the third time Mr. Johnson's mailbox was destroyed and he did not know who might be doing it.

01.15.2010 — Deputy Tommy Barker responded to a break-in that had already occurred at 329 Cavender Road. There Betty Melton stated she had left the residence at about 7:30 A.M. and returned at 5:00 P.M. and noticed the door was broken. Barker took a report of the stolen items and stayed with Mrs. Melton until the door could be repaired and closed securely. Extra patrols were set up for the residence. Most of the missing property is jewelry.

01.15.2010 — Deputy Barker spoke with Brittany Curtis in regards to money she'd sent to purchase a 2007 Nissan Altima found on craigslist. After exchanging emails arrangements were made for payment to be sent to Florida to have the car shipped from Arizona. Ms. Curtis sent the payment in form of MoneyGram from Walmart in Murfreesboro and that evening the seller sent a shipping confirmation number. There was no record of that shipping number online and when Ms. Curtis called the company they said the number was not in their normal format. Moneygram said Ms. Curtis could recover her payment if the check hadn't been picked up yet but it already had been picked up by a Makkon Galn. Ms. Cutis was advised that she could take the seller to civil court if she could find out who it was. Deputy Reed Bryson ran the VIN for the Altima and it came belonging to a Esthela De Salas in Pieoria, Arizona with tag D50-E78.

01.15.2010 — Deputy Parsley spoke with Curtis Paull at the CCSO in reference to a stolen tag from his 1993 Chevy K15 Pickup Truck. Mr. Paull said his vehicle was stolen in Murfreesboro on Oct. 24 2009 and later recovered in Franklin. Upon recovery Mr. Paull noticed that his tag was missing (337 WHZ).

01.16.2010 — Deputy Parsley was dispatched to Hollandsworth Road in response to a stolen tractor. Upon arrival Charles Thompson who said that between Jan. 15 and 16 his Case Tractor had been stolen. he also noticed a logging chain and a compressor missing from his property. The tractor says "Hydraulic Drive" on one side and "Shacklett Equipment Ohio" on the back. Mr. Thompson values the loss at $1565.

01.16.2010 — Deputy Barker along with Deputy Parsley and Deputy Reed Bryson responded to a civil dispute at Higgins Flea Market. There Ashley Tinker stated that she had gone to confront Sandra Klopp about turning Ruth Dye into DHS for the amount of cats she had at her residence and the exchange of the booth Ruth had at the market. Klopp asked Tinker to leave her booth and both parties went to the parking lot where a verbal dispute occurred. Upon Barker's arrival the dispute had been broken up by Dep. Mimms and both parties were advised this was a civil issue. Owner Tommy Higgins told Tinker with Dep. Parsley present that she had two weeks to remove her property and that she was not allowed on the premises. Sandra also stated that she had spoken with Mrs. Higgins about combining her booth with Ms. Dye's. Tinker was then asked to leave while officers remained to avoid further altercation.

01.16.2010 — Deputies Moss and Patrick Fann responded to a verbal domestic at 8640 Ivy Bluff Road. There Mr. Herbert Cobb stated that he and his girlfriend, Kristy Nickens, went to the store and came home to fix dinner. Shortly after, Nickens' brother, Blake Nickens, showed up with another man identified only as Matthew. Mr. Cobb said they arrived on a 225 Yamaha motorcycle which they had stolen from Rutherford Co. The two men joined the couple for dinner and asked if Mr. Cobb was interested in the motorcycle. Cobb declined and asked them to leave because he didn't want stolen property at his home. Mr. Cobb stepped outside to urinate and saw Ms. Nickens through a window filing through the dresser where he keeps his children's ADD medicine. Mr. Cobb then went inside and Ms. Nickens would not open the door. She finally did and when he confronted her about the pills they began to argue, Ms. Nickens pointed a .22 rifle at Cobb and threatened to shoot, but Cobb took the gun away from her. She also picked up a knife that Mr. Cobb got away from her. As Cobb called 911, Ms. Nickens left hurriedly without her son or her packed clothes stating that she was wanted in Rutherford Co.

01.16.2010 — Deputy Barker was dispatched to 125 Orville Duke Road in reference to a property recovery. There Debra Kronnick stated she wanted to pick up a 1992 Harley Davidson Mototcycle that her and her husband Sean Kronnick had bought in 2007. The title was in her name but the bike was at Sean's. Since the motorcycle was purchased while the two were married, the matter would have to be settled in court. Sean Kronnick said he did not want Debra on his property for any reason and both parties were advised to settle the dispute in court.

01.17.2010 — Deputy Reed Bryson was dispatched to 922 Parker Hill Road in reference to a house fire. Upon arrival the home was fully engulfed. Homeowner Todd H. Taggart stated that he came in from feeding the nimals and was making a sandwich when a loud pop drew him outside, he found the upstairs in flames and tried to put it out with a garden hose. Mooretown, Midtown, and Bradyville responded and put out the fire. The home was completely lost. Mr Taggart reported that he did have insurance and there seemed to be no suspicious cause of the fire.

01.17.2010 — Deputy Barker was dispatched to 1064 Doolittle Road for a vandalism complaint. There property owners Jackie and Faye Gunter reported that they had recently acquired the property and were restoring it for resell. They arrived at the property around 1640 and noticed that the door was open. Someone had dumped a 55 gallon trash can and two deer carcasses to the right of the entry door. They also found the kitchen cabinets had been ripped off the walls and were gone. The kitchen, door, and door frame were all badly damaged. The Gunters said that Sterling and Vicki Bush were the prior owners of the home until November. Extra patrols were set up but on 01.18.2010 Deputy Randy Neal took a report from Mr. Gunter that someone had dropped another deer carcass on the lawn the previous night.

01.17.2010 — Robbie Tate served a warrant on Crystal S. McMahon for Capias x2, Failure to appear at the CCSO without incident.

01.18.2010 — Deputy Randy Neal was dispatched to 1945 Tassey Road for vandalism to a yard. Upon arrival Rufus Horton reported that someone had torn up his yard in some kind of vehicle. He had been gone the previous night from about 6 P.M. to 10 P.M. but didn't notice the yard until about 9:15 this morning. The neighbors were asked if they had seen anything but they had not.

01.18.2010 — Deputy Brandon Gullett contacted Mrs. Kristy Michelle Nickens who needed to recover her property from an ex-boyfriend's house. They agreed to meet at Midway Church but after 15 minutes there was no sign of her. Dispatch called and said the complaintent was waiting at Ivy Bluff Church. There George Mears said Kristy asked him to get her things. Mears advised Gullett that Nickens was wanted in several counties and that she was at 792 Todd Rd. Gullet left to make contact and Brandon Mimms arrived just before him. Resident Eve Grizzle told the officers to leave and not return to her property.
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