COMMENTARY: Election Also A Referendum On Obama, Democrats

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Officially, there will be one referendum on the ballot for Cannon County voters to decide on when they vote in the Nov. 2 election.

The official referendum has to do with whether they want to allow the manufacture of liquor to take place in the county.

Unofficially there will be another referendum, one having to do with whether voters like the job President Barack Obama and the Democrats who control Congress are doing with respect to running the federal government.

This "unofficial" referendum will be on the ballot nationwide, and is likely to play a role in how voters choose candidates running for state and national offices.

Voters who approve of the direction Obama and the Democrats are taking the country will want to keep Congress in their control, and also support party candidates running for state offices such as governor, state senate and state house of representatives.

Conversely, voters who feel they are taking America down the wrong path will turn to non-Democratic Party candidates, whether they be Republicans, those backed by the Tea Party, or Independents.

While there are many different issues which are of interest to voters, ranging from war to global warming, the No. 1 concern at this time is undoubtedly the economy. Many people don't have jobs. Many looking for jobs can't find one. Many who have jobs are in fear of losing them.

Business owners are worried about higher taxes and health insurance costs. People who pay attention to the political process are troubled by the tremendous debt being amassed by the federal government, and what it will mean in both the short run and to future generations.

Mid-term elections are often not very kind to members of the party of the sitting president. 2010 is shaping up as one of despair for Democrats, but that could change between now and election day.

And even if the worst-case scenario were to happen for President Obama, it should be remembered that President Clinton saw a reversal of his political fortunes after Republicans wrestled control of the House of Representatives in 1994 away from the Democrats.

Where Are The Elephants?

Thursday night, I attended a meeting of the Cannon County Democratic Party at the courthouse.

They were meeting to plan their strategy for getting their candidates elected in the Nov. 2 State and National Election.

While the spirit of those in attendance was high, the number of people there was low.

Only six people showed up for the meeting. Whether that signals an uphill battle for the party won't be known until after the election.

However, at least the local Democrats are making a public effort to push their candidates.

From what I have witnessed so far, the same can't be said for Republicans.

While Democrats are planning rallies and bean suppers, the Republicans don't appear to be planning much of anything in terms of events designed to energize their constituents.

Perhaps that's because they feel the Democrats are doing a good enough job harming their own cause, but they should note there is something to be said for not counting your chickens before they are hatched.
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Members Opinions:
September 05, 2010 at 10:10pm
Even though I have been a life long Democrat I cannot say that I have always voted straight party ticket. I try not to waste my vote. When some one comes along and shows common sense and leadership abilities I try to listen, but so far in the last eight years there has been no such person. No one has shown me anything that I would stand up and shout about.I have only missed one time of not voting in a presidential election and that happened in war time when I was overseas, but now I don't know of anyone I could vote for with a good conscience. The trouble we have here in the USA is that we have two different parties with two decisively different ideas about running the country; that ia too bad. Both sides need to see what is best for all the USA. That would also be a hard thing for most of them to do because what I have seen on the news networks is a morally corrupt government.
September 07, 2010 at 12:59am
The sad thing about us all is when we start saying things like "I try to listen...I don't waste my vote...we have two different parties..I don't know who I could vote for with a clear conscience.." If you cannot vote for a canidate you believe in... Then DO NOT VOTE. Therfe are not only 2 parties.. There are many!

No vote is wasted. You vote for an independant and you CAST A VOTE for what you believe in!

To me the only wasted vote is the vote for the lessor EVIL. If you vote for the lessor evil you are STILL voting for evil. This is how we got our current President.

You Republicrats and Demopubs may still think you have a party, you do not..they are falling apart.

Party lines are gone, you both are the same.

We as a people do not like your party, either one.

We want honest politicians that actually stand on merit.

Vote your belief OR GET OUT OF THE WAY.

September 07, 2010 at 10:46am
As a lifelong Republican, I felt much the same way you did Bob as I voted for George Bush six years ago. I was not fired up on voting for him either time, but I cannot bring myself morally to vote for the Democratic party.

I wish there were a way to vote for someone who truly wants and will do what is best for our country. The problem lies within our own officials who make the rules for themselves. When you govern yourself, it is easy to bend the rules to fit your own agenda.

There is too much PAC money, lobbyists, monopolies of money, biaed news media coverage (on both sides), etc. that stand in the way of electing someone who would truly do the things we all say we want.

Cannon County has long been a Democratic stronghold in this state. Over the last few years there has been a small shift in the voting, but it has been small. I was proud that Cannon County voted Republican in the last three Presidential elections.

I know without a doubt that the Republican party has its faults. I know it has people who are corrupt, inept and downright useless. I believe that to be true for both parties. I don't think one has any more or any less than the other. They both have lost touch with reality and the beliefs of the majority of the common people of America. However, personally I cannot morally get past the Democratic ideals and beliefs. That is why I vote Republican.

Today's society allows the MINORITY to rule the MAJORITY.

No one wants to get involved anymore. No one wants to put forth any effort to energize or promote an actual idea that is beneficial to all of the people and that goes for both parties.

Kevin I can't tell you why there is no support on behalf of the Republican party in Cannon County. I have attended one meeting two years ago, but nothing since because there has been none that I know of.

Apathy is a strange bedfellow. I hope and pray that things change in November, but unlike most Republicans I am not a believer in just hoping that everyone will be anti-Obama or anti-Democrat come November.

I believe the best way to make the change is to educate, show the differences and promote the vote for the candidate that best represents the people's ideals.
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