Civil, Family, Property Disputes Highlight Incident Reports

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Following are recent incidents as recorded by the Cannon County Sheriff's Department:

Civil Dispute

Deputy Anthony Young was dispatch to 200 Flint Hill Lane the morning of June 16. Upon arrival he spoke with Tommy McPeak of 555 New Salem Rd., Murfreesboro. McPeak said that Edward Osborne, of 200 Flint Hill, had parked a tractor in front of the gate on his property and would not let a tree trimming crew trim the trees under the power lines located there. McPeak said Osborne had curses him and threatened his crew.

Young then went to speak with Osborne, who told him the try he and McPeak were arguing about had already been trimmed. Osborne complained that the week prior the crew had trimmed tresses on his property and they had left debris in his creek. Fann advised Osborne that the trimmers had a right of way under the power lines. Osborne said he did not feel they had a right to be 50 feet onto his property and to destroy his field. He said he had contacted his lawyer and was prepared to go to court.

Young told McPeak what Osborn had stated, to which McPeak said he would remove the gate from the property and have the tractor towed. Fann advised him if that was his company's policy, to call a wrecker. McPeak then walked his crew onto Osborne's property and took a look at the tree being argued over. The tree had already been trimmed and then they walked to the creek ank and trimmed three more trees. He then went onto the road and cleaned up the debris left in the creek.

Verbal Domestic Dispute

Deputy Steve McMillen was dispatched to 4001 Big Hill Rd., Liiberty, on a verbal domestic dispute which had already occurred. He spoke with Glenda Hale, who is the mother of Michael Roller. Hale said that Roller had already left and that they had been arguing over Michael's son. She said she told him he needed to go to court over the child. She also said her son told her she was no good and she told him the same. Hale advised Roller had left her house and was going to Smithville. While taking the statement from Hale, she advised McMillen that Roller had an active warrant out on him.

Possible Harassment

Deputy Tommy Barker was dispatched to 64 Hutchins Lane, Woodbury, on June 18 in reference to a neighbor dispute. He spoke with Cynthia Gray, who stated that earlier in the day when she came home from getting groceries in town, Melissa Markum and her husband were standing in their back yard by the pool. Gray stated that her small dog was missing from the residence, and she started telling her boyfriend Rick about it. Gray said Markum tried to intervene in the conversation, but Gray tried to explain to Markum that she was not talking to her. Gray said Markum continued to harass her verbally, at which point she entered her house.

For her part, Markum told Barker that she heard Gray slam the car door and she looked over to her residence and noticed Gray standing in her yard yelling at her.

Both parties stated that the unfriendliness had been going on for about three months, which began when their children got into a fight which resulted in the police being dispatched.

Barker advised Gray that a report would be on file and that if she wanted to speak to a judicial commissioner she could. He also advised both parties not to communicate and to stay off each others property.


Deputy Matthew Parsley responded to 1028 Manustown Rd., Woodbury, on June 21 in regard to a disturbance. He spoke with Billy Joe Mooneyham, who stated Doyle Edwin Mooneyham was on his property threatening to kill him. Parsley then went to 957 Manustown Rd. to speak with Doyle Mooneyham, who stated that Billy Mooneyham came to his property threatening to kill him. Parsley told both parties to stay away from each other and to speak with a judicial commissioner if they wished to file charges.

Property Dispute

Deputy Eric Moss was dispatched to 855 Geedsville Rd., Bradyville, on June 21 in reference to a property dispute. He spoke with Mark Seybold, who stated he sold some property to Joyce and Shelton Metz. Seybold said when he sold the property he had it legally drawn up so that he could put a septic system in. Seybold said he had been trying to prepare the ground to put his septic tank in and Shane Metz has been threatening him and running him off of the property.

Moss then spoke with Mechelle Sullivan, 807 Geedsville Rd., Woodbury, who said that Seybold had removed stakes that were marking trees on her property and he had also pulled up some tress that she had planted. Sullivan said she asked Seybold to leave and he refused and had told her she could not make him and the cops could not make him either.

Moss informed both parties the matter was a civil case and asked them to separate until the matter could be resolved and they compiled.


Deputies Eric Moss and Randy Neal went to 918 McMinnville Hwy., Woodbury, on June 15 to serve warrants on John and Angela Trisler for violation of probation. John Trisler was served and booked without incident. Angela Trisler was served, but after being transported to the sheriff's department is was determined she needed to be taken to Stones River Hospital for evaluation. Dr. Michael A. Thomasw determined that she was not acceptable for admission to the jail due to possible infectious sores thought to be MRSA.

Amanda Trisler was released due to the possibility of the spread of MRSA, a type of staph infection, in the jail facility. While in custody, she informed Deputy Moss that Tyler Green told her that he was going to throw muriatic acid in Moss' face.

• Deputies Patrick Fann, Eric Moss and Tommy Barker went to 903-A Old McMinnville Hwy., Woodbury, on June 16 and took Christopher Paul Lafever into custody on a warrant for violation of probation. Lafever was taken to the county jail where he was processed.

Dogs At Large

• Deputy Eric Moss was dispatched to 66 Old Prospect Rd., Woodbury, on June 15 in regard to a report of dogs at large. He spoke with Jacob Fountain, who said his neighbor's dogs were constantly in his yard. He said at first it did not bother him that the dogs came around but then they came after his wife and daughter. Fountain said his neighbors had informed him they would not put up a fence.

Moss then went to 77 Cannon Way, Woodbury, and spoke with Michael Barbera, the owner of the dogs. Moss explained to Barbera that he needed to keep his dogs on his property. Barbera stated he would keep the dogs on a leash until he could get a fence built.

• Deputy Brandon Gullett was approached in town on June 16 by Kathy Jean Murphy of 1035 Hoover Mill Rd., Woodbury, who told him that her neighbor's dogs were killing her ducks. He followed her to the residence and spoke with her about a neighbor, Chris Davenport.

Gullett went to Davenport's residence at 995 Hoover Mill Rd., Woodbury, but no one was home. He went back to the residence early the next day but got no answer. While there Gullett was approached by a small brown dog. Murphy had stated it was a small brown dog and a black dog that had come into her yard killing her ducks. The investigation continues.

On June 20, Deputy Eric Moss was dispatched to the same address. Murphy told Moss that Davenport's dog had killed five of her ducks. She said she wanted Davenport to keep the dog on his property or she would take out a warrant for dogs at large.

Moss went to speak with Davenport and informed him of Murphy's statement. Davenport said he had tied his dog and he would keep it tied. Moss observed that the dog had in fact been tied.

• Deputy Eric Moss was dispatched to 190 Woodbury Rd., Auburntown, on June 18 in regard to a complaint of dogs at large. He was told by Ravi Goin that he was in bed and heard dogs barking. Goin said he looked out the window and could see a black dog antagonizing his dogs. He said he just wanted his neighbors to keep their dogs on their property.

Moss then went next door to 35 Cooper Avenue and spoke with Vickey Dvorak, who stared the dog got loose while she was getting groceries from her car into the house. She said she called her dog and it came right back. She said she would keep her dog on her property.

Vandalism Of Property

Steve Ray Edwards of 2181 Murfreesboro Rd., Woodbury, reported on June 18 that at about 8 p.m. the previous night a small blue truck drove by his residence, and that his daughter saw a person walking down the road and the truck stopped and picked the person up. The truck then went down the road by the mailbox and the persons inside where throwing trash out of the vehicle. After the truck went by they noticed the mailbox had been hit with something. Edwards stated he wanted to make a report of the incident.

Noise Complaint

Deputy Tommy Parker was dispatched to 2461 Eugene Reed Rd., Woodbury, on June 15 in reference to a noise complaint. He was told by Jerry Jones that at around 8 p.m. loud music could be heard blasting from several houses away from his residence. Jones said when he called dispatch the music was suddenly turned down. Deputy Barker drove the area but was unable to make contact with anyone that could have been involved in the incident.

Possible Prowler

Deputy Tommy Barker was dispatched to 45 Dewey Bryson Hollow Rd., Readville, on June 19 to take a report on a possible prowler. He walked the property when he arrived on the scene and did not find any signs that someone was there. He spoke with Cathy Smithson, who said when she went to bed around midnight the garage light was not on. Smithson said he was awoken by a noise at 1:45 a.m. She went to the kitchen and noticed the garage light was on. Barker advised Smithson he had checked the property and if she had any additional problems to call the sheriff's department.

Damage Of Property

Deputy Reed Bryson was dispatched to David's Auto Repair on McMinnville Hwy. on June 19 in regard to a bus that has a window busted out. He spoke with Tracy Bynum, 726 Todd Rd., Woodbury, who said that when the storms came through that morning she decided to move her (Rutherford County School) bus away from the trees at her residence. She said when she went to do so she found the third window from the door on the right had been busted. She took the bus to David's Auto Repair to have the window covered until she could get it fixed, and stated she needed a report for her insurance.


Deputy Randy Neal was dispatched to Center Hill Cemetery on June 19 to take a report of vandalism. He spoke with Linda Foster, who stated that someone had taken flowers off the grave of her mother and others at the cemetery. Foster said she wanted a report done so it would be documented that someone is stealing flowers at the cemetery.


Deputy Eric Moss was dispatched to 1588 Jim Cummings Hwy. on June 18 to take a report of a fire. He was told by Gary Hibdon that he thought one of his portable batteries shorted out and had started the fire. The fire department already had the fire out and they were clearing the smoke from the building.

• A report of a possible house fire on June 16 at 2189 Eugene Reed Rd., Woodbury, was answered by Deputy Patrick Fann. Firefighters were on scene when Fann arrived. Fann did not observe any smoke or flames but did see several people sitting on the front porch.

Fann spoke with resident Jardayn Moulder, who said she was sitting in her living room when she started to smell something like wires burning, so she called the fire department. Fann smoke with one of the firefighters, who said the source of the smell appeared to be the motor in the ceiling fan in the living room.

• Deputy Eric Moss was dispatched to 867 Pelham Rd., Woodbury, on June 19 after there was a report of a structure fire. He was informed by Joe Pelham that he was in his back yard and when he walked around in the front of the house he saw smoke and then called 911. The fire department said the fire appeared to have started due to electrical problems.

• Deputy Tommy Barker was dispatched to 703 Bradyville Rd., Woodbury, the night of June 20 in reference to a structure fire. He spoke with Dale and Melissa Fulghun, who stated they were going to bed when the smoke alarm went off. Mr. Fulghun got out of bed, walked out of his bedroom and noticed smoke and fire coming from down the hall near the guest bedroom. Fulghun grabbed his garden hose put was unable to put the fire out before he was overcome with smoke. The Fulghuns exited the residence and waited for emergency crews to arrive.

Mr. Fulghun was transported to Stones River Hospital to be treated for lacerations to his hands and multiple burns.

Driving While License Revoked

Deputy Tommy Barker was traveling north on Jim Cummings Hwy. a little after 8:30 p.m. on June 19, and as he approached the intersection of Iconium Rd. and Jim Cummings Hwy. he noticed a Titan box truck pass him without any lights visible and it was already dark.

Barker turned his patrol car around to catch up with the truck to see of the driver was having mechanical issues with the lights. While following the truck he noticed it was driving about one to two feet off the bumper of another motorist in front of it. He then engaged his emergency lights and the driver pulled over at the intersection of Petty Gap Rd. and Jim Cummings Hwy.

When Barker approached the vehicle the driver, William Alan Rosenbaum, 2234 Petty Gap Rd., Woodbury, handed Barker his license and the deputy notice there were two holes punched in the bottom. Barker ran the license number through dispatch and was advised that the status was revoked with excessive history.

Barker asked Rosenbaum to step out of the vehicle and go to the back of is truck. Rosenbaum advised Barker that he was recently received release citations on two separate occasions for Driving While Revoked. Barker then placed Rosenbaum under arrest for driving while his license was revoked and he was also charged with following too close.

Possible Gas Leak

Deputy Eric Moss was dispatched to 114 Hopewell Rd., Bradyville, on June 21 in regard to a possible gas leak. Anna Pittman started she smelled something and thought it was a gas leak. Moss reported he noticed a strong odor in the air resembling that of rotten eggs and a sign nearby marking a gas pipeline. Moss had dispatch notify Middle Tennessee Natural Gas and the Cannon County Emergency Management Agency. Residents in the immediate area were evacuated to Bradyville Church until the gas company could determine there was not a leak.
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