Cannon County Sheriff, Woodbury Police Reports

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Following are the weekly crime and incident reports as recorded by the Cannon County Sheriff's Department and the Woodbury Police Department.

Woodbury Police Incident Reports for 11.25.2009

11.13.2009 — Alan C. Dickson was charged with Driving Under the Influence after Asst. Chief Young noticed a strong odor of alcohol on his person and Mr. Dickson failed to perform a field sobriety test.

11.14.2009 — The owner of Osborne's Bi-Rite brought video of his employee Samuel Christian Michael Strang allegedly stealing items from the store to the WPD. After reviewing the tapes, a warrant was issued and served on Mr. Strang at his 203 W Adams St. home.

11.15.2009 — Timothy Jake Milligan was in the hospital with a non-life-threatening stab wound. Officers had him transported after treatment to the WPD for questioning. Milligan claimed that Jeremy Tenpenny had stabbed him during an argument and he had also been attacked by other people in the house--which the interviewing officer confirmed by numerous scratches and marks about Milligan's person. Milligan did not wish to press charges but just wanted to "move out of Woodbury and get away from the whole bunch." Jeremy and Christine Tenpenny were brought in for questioning and they claimed that Milligan had fallen onto a ceramic angel which had cut his side. Officers could not ascertain how Milligan was injured and no charges have yet been filed.

11.16.2009 — Britney C. Waltington was charged with driving on a revoked license and evading arrest.

11.17.2009 — A man who presented a license with the name Brandon Watson and attempted to use a debit card named to Amanda Smith to the clerk at the First Stop Market. When the clerk was checking the IDs, the man grabbed the merchandise (USA Gold cigaretes and a Red Bull drink) and fled the store to his vehicle and headed down John Bragg toward Murfreesboro. Suspect is in mid-twenties, has shortish brown hair, and possible tattoo on his neck.

11.17.2009 — Aubrey G. Sanders was charged with violation of financial responsibility and driving on a suspended license.

11.18.2009 — Gary Eubank was pulled over for expired tags and the patrolling Sergeant found that the subject's license was also suspended for failure to satisfy citations. Mr. Eubank was arrested for driving on a suspended license and issued a citation for violation of registration law.

11.19.2009 — A young man came into Marlin Motors to test drive a Dodge Pickup truck, leaving a 1992 Nissan Pathfinder he arrived in. After being gone an hour or so, the owner of the store called the WPD. The Pathfinder had been stolen from Angela Scott's home and the Dodge Pickup was broadcast as a be on the lookout to all surrounding counties. With the assistance of the CCSO, Ms. Scott recovered her Pathfinder.

11.19.2009 — Daniel Blake Marlow was charged with driving on a suspended license, 2nd offense after being pulled over for warrants he had in Rutherford Co.

11.23.2009 — Jonathan Kestner reported that his girlfriend Kalena had taken some of his things from his home at 124 Meadowbrook Dr. when she came to pick up her stuff. Items included some movies and a digital camera.

11.23.2009 — Mark Hochstetler reported that someone had attempted to hot wire and steal his 2000 Kubota Tractor. The ignition switch was gone and the wires had been stripped bare. Mr. Hochstetler noticed the damage on Nov. 20.

Cannon County Sheriff Incident Reports for 11.25.2009

11.15.2009 — Deputies Greg Fauls and Aaron Hillis attempted to serve an arrest warrant on Thomas K. McCullough. Dep. Fauls went to the home on 410 Burt Rd. and Dep. Hillis went to 465 Burt Rd, the mother's home. 410 was empty but McCullough was found sleeping on the couch at 465. Deputies went to the front and back doors of the trailer and woke the subject who darted out the back door and through a neighboring yard. Deputies Fauls and Hillis searched the area for an hour but could not find the subject.

11.16.2009 — Mark Thomas served a warrant on Robert Dale Brown for violation of probation without incident in the CCSO booking room.

11.19.2009 — Deputy Anthony Young was contacted by the Woodbury Police Department to go to 185 Petty Gap Road to look for a stolen pickup. Upon arrival Angela Scott reported that her 1993 Nissan Pathfinder had been stolen while she slept and she did not know who might have done it. The Deputy received a call from WPD Officer Kevin Mooneyham who had recovered the vehicle at Marlin Motors. Ms. Scott was informed of her vehicle's location so she could recover it.

11.20.2009 — Deputy Reed Bryson was dispatched to 2044 Dement Hollow Road in reference to stolen gas. Someone had taken gas from his 2001 Dodge Ram and shoddily repaired the gastank hole with Mr. Bryson's JB Weld, which was causing gas to leak onto the exhaust and burn up when the vehicle was operated.

11.20.2009 — Deputies Aaron Hillis and Greg Fauls served an arrest warrant on Deborah Green at her home on 91 Lorance Road without incident.

11.20.2009 — Deputy Aaron Hillis served an arrest warrant on Kayla Chumley at 113 Stage Rd. without incident.

11.20.2009 — A break-in occured at 440 Talbert Road. Cynthia Boals arrived home and noticed the door was open so she went to her car, locked herself in, and called 911. Officers arrived and cleared the home. They determined that the door had been kicked in. Ms Boals had been away at work from 6:40 A.M. to 11:40 P.M. The home had an ADT sign in the front yard but no security service, so the suspect might have had some knowledge of the home. Items stolen include a Taurus .38 revolver #94086, a Gateway laptop, a set of Craftsman drive sockets, and a Konica Minolta digital camera.

11.20.2009 — Deputy Reed Bryson was dispatched to 3715 Hill Creek Road for a break-in in progress. There he met with Lt. Hall and Det. Walker and they cleared the house but found no suspects. Most of the furniture had been thrown around, all the drawers, etc. had been dumped out, glass and walls were broken. Cathy and Amanda Barrett reported leaving for about an hour to go to a store, upon return they found the house in disarray and heard a noise coming from the side of the house so they went to a neighbors house on Jessup Ln. where they called 911. Cathey Cecil Todd, homeowner, arrived and walked through with officers to determine if anything had been stolen and Mr. Todd noticed that all of his collected change was sitting in an unfamiliar blue bag -- probably abandoned when the startled burgler exited the house as the girls arrived home.

11.21.2009 — Deputy Reed Bryson was dispatched to 266 G. L. Peeler lane in response to a Mr. Peeler's complaint that a red Chevy S-10 with a silver mark on the side had been driving on the property near a family member's home. Neighbors to the property reported seeing the truck around the area all day.

11.21.2009 — Deputy Reed Bryson was dispatched to 1078 Gassaway Main Street for a theft. Brandon Croasman reported that after an argument the previous night a man only identified as Nathan had thrown his keys across the road onto a hillside. Nathan offered to return to the property from Manchester to help Mr. Croasman find his keys but Mr. Croasman said he would find them himself with a family member's metal detector and for Nathan not to return to the property. The deputy advised Mr. Croasman that he could seek charges if Nathan returned as he had been told not to do so in the officer's presence.

11.22.2009 — Deputy Reed Bryson was dispatched to Nokes Nursery for a break-in. Gerry Nokes reported that someone had broken into the building where they store trees for the winter. Nothing was found to be missing.

11.23.2009 — Deputy Anthony Young was dispatched to 529 Finnie Simmons Road where an alarm system had signaled a break in. Upon arrival the deputy found the door slightly ajar and had not been shut properly. Stephen Warren, property owner, arrived and the two men agreed that the dog had probably opened the door. Nothing was missing from the home.

11.23.2009 — Deputy Anthony Young was dispatched to the CCSO. There Brent Matthews reported that someone had stolen a central heat and air unit from his residence at 823 Pleasent Ridge Road. The unit is valued at $2500.

11.24.2009 — Deputy Greg Fauls was called to the Sheriff's Office to witness Michael W. Ragan cutting away at the wall in his cell. Upon arrival, Mr. Ragan had already been moved to booking. Deputy Fauls wrote up the warrant for destruction of property.
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