Are we living the dream?

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Well, at Walgreen's----it's at the corner of Healthy and Happy. It's under the Golden Arches for McDonald's. Even for Dorothy and Toto ---- it's down the
yellow brick road. And, the list goes on....

I don't know if we can actually PINPOINT what each and every one of us consider Livin' their Dream .... or where or when or with who ... but, overall we each have different goals, interests and comfort zones .... focusing on our own individual dreams and expectations of life. Due to the fact that there will always exist differences of incomes, professions, obligations, size of families and all dictates just HOW MUCH time and money we have to spend on our DREAM and how we live it. That DREAM FOREVER PRESENT.

Just remember: Whether you have the largest or the smallest house on the's NOT the size of the house, but the PEOPLE who live there !! So... get over one is any better than anyone else ! Oh, you don't KNOW that new person down the street? You say, they don't have a familiar name in the community ? Ooops, is it true that they are NOT AT LEAST RELATED to someone in your Clique ? Oh dear, then that person needs to be ignored.....I DON'T THINK SO. For all you know....they may have a bigger dream than ANY of you .... be careful...they may turn out to be your NEW boss, police chief or mayor....focus on YOUR DREAM and season it with kindness, love and generosity for all who cross your path on the way to your goal.

We live in the LAND OF OPPORTUNITY. At this point....yes, it is hard to concentrate on that fact. With jobs disappearing, income threatened, home foreclosures, questionable healthcare, increase in grocery and gas prices, sky high home and auto repairs, outrageous college tuitions....and the list goes on. And, do we REALLY have a choice of who is our president and who are the members of our governing body? NOPE....we are merely provided with a very limited and bias list of candidates to vote for. SCARY....LIVIN' THE DREAM?...THE AMERICAN DREAM?.... More like a NIGHMARE at this point !! Do we ignore it and only HOPE that it gets better ? By the way, did you happen to notice how many people were on their CELL PHONES during the 9-11 Memorial Ceremony PRAYER ?

Ever ride the subway where no one even LOOKS at each other? At least we NOD here in Tennessee. Could LIVIN' THE DREAM be closer to our fingertips than we think? Does it always have to just be SOOO MATERIALISTIC? A big boat, new car, larger house, fantastic wardrobe, manicured lawn, vacations galore, out to dinner every night, oh about owning your own ISLAND ?.... IS THAT ALL THERE IS TO YOUR DREAM !!!? None of that is going to do you any good when our nation no longer exists. And,'s coming down to that...if only you would get your cell phone out of your ear, nose out of face book and exchange electronics for awareness, common sense and heartfelt existance !! Then proceed with CAUTION. It may not be too late to discover that LIVIN' THE DREAM costs very little money-wise when you combine it with your love for God's green of nature...your arm around someone's shoulder ....respect for the elderly...honor for the military and for all those who have given their lives so we can have OUR DREAM...sharing our laughter and humor, turn off t.v. and read a good book, play a board game with your teenager...teach them chess....go hiking...paint...draw...HUG. What a NICE COMFORTING DREAM....and here we have had it all along.

My son, Billy, who lives in Oregon....recently sent me a fantastic video reflecting on a DAY In His Life....kayaking down the river with good friends amidst gorgeous scenery....sunshine...sparkling water...simple...happy dream. He told me: Mom, you just can't BUY this stuff anywhere !! It was one of the most uplifting video that I have ever received and I am SO proud of him. His love for pure nature is extremely refreshing. Billy is certainly LIVIN' THE DREAM !! Love you, Son !

Aunt Martha told me that: Health is what my friends are always drinking to...before they FALL DOWN. Her dream was a lifetime membership to the local wine tasting club. (Is it too late to sign up?) All my cats here at the house are certainly LIVIN' THE DREAM as they get their daily dose of milk : SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED. The dog is just as spoiled with A-1 butcher bones and treats.

Uncle Festus keeps his dream alive...he just hits the snooze button. His real DREAM was to be good in sports...but when he found out he could BUY trophies, now he is good at everything ! (And remains LAZY.) He does have a patent on breast implants with squeaky toys inside them. (Warning: don't yell FETCH while wearing them.) Cousin Clarence wanted a big screen t.v. for his LIVIN' THE, Aunt Martha just moved his chair closer to the one they already have. Clarence reminded her that almost all serial killers are men. That's because women like to kill one man slowly over many many years !...

Aunt Polly thought that when she married Uncle Pete that was her DREAM come true. But, ten years later she discovered that she was married to a sofa that farts! The other morning Pete told her that he dreamed he was eating a giant marsh mellow...when he woke up, his pillow was missing.

Aunt Martha and Uncle Festus decided to have DATE NIGHT once a week. She takes Monday and he chose Thursdays. (Don't give up on your DREAMS guys....keep
sleeping !) Festus' boss told him to dress for the job you want, not the job you have....dressing like BATMAN got him fired !! So, he slept with his head under his pillow in despair...when he finally woke up he discovered that the fairies had taken ALL his teeth ! Now, all he can do is move to India or Pakistan and become a cab driver.

Cousin Clara told her doctor that she dreams in COLOR not the normal black and white...he told her it was just a PIGMENT of her imagination.....

It's said that Martha's rooster dreams of the day when chickens can cross the road without being questioned about their motives.

The state of Hawaii DREAM is to no longer have the highest gasoline prices....while Obama said: see, I told you it wasn't only in OUR country. It's said that he finally figured out why he looks so bad in pictures : It's his FACE !! Just keep waving those American flags made in China....!

George Carlin says: It's called the American Dream...because you have to be ASLEEP to believe it....! And, hey ladies, don't blame the holidays for your weight gain.. YOU WERE FAT IN AUGUST !! (George !! I'd agree with you, but then we both would be wrong !!)

I SAY: Your dream doesn't have an expiration date....take a deep dream is too big and no dreamer too small !! Gonna run for now and will CHAT with you next week. Have a great on that DREAM...(in a GOOD way)!

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