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Following is a summary of current and recent polls on CannonCourier.com:

• Around 60 percent of voters want local elementary schools consolidated to save money or prevent an increase in property taxes.

• About 65 percent favor a cut in county government services and/or employees/employee work hours over raising property taxes to fund the 2012-2013 fiscal year budget.

• 66 percent oppose an increase in the local option sales tax.

• Close to 85 percent favor term limits for local elected officials.

• Slightly over 85 percent think Cannon County Government should have a centralized office of accounting, government and purchasing.

• Over 55 percent don't think Cannon County's schools are doing a good enough job preparing students for their post-education lives and careers.

• About 63 percent think extending the four-lane highway through Woodbury would help the town and Cannon County in the future.

• 60 percent of responders have not attended a local government meeting in the last two years, including 32 percent who say they have never been to one.

• Package liquor sales in Woodbury is OK by 62.7 percent of voters.

• Sunday beers sales in Cannon County is favored by a slim margin over those opposed to it.

• Drug testing before people are approved for welfare assistance is backed by 92.5 percent of voters.

• Gay marriage is opposed by 90.3 percent.

• Cannon County's proverbial glass is "half empty" according to 65 percent of the people who voted.

(Suggestions for future CannonCourier.com polls are welcomed. Please e-mail your potential poll question to news@cannoncourier.com)

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Members Opinions:
May 30, 2012 at 8:48am
The main problem is the majority of the people who respond to the polls don't vote in the elections which can make the changes.

It does no good if 90% of the people agree on something and only 15% of them actually show up on election day and vote.
May 30, 2012 at 8:58am
I find it very amusing that 60% have not attended a meeting in the last 2 years & 32% have NEVER been to a meeting. While these surveys are in no way claiming to be "scientific" , the data is obviously skewed & can not be relied on. It is very easier for this # of people to respond to these surveys when they don't have all the information needed to make an educated decision. However, I think it is great that the Courier does this.
May 31, 2012 at 4:40am
An interesting result was the 29% that indicated they were citizens of Tennessee first and the United States second.


Suggest a reading of Daniel Webster's Second Reply to Hayne, delivered on the floor of the Senate chamber Jan 26, 1830.

Probably best not to comment on the 90% opposed to gay marriage or the 92% favoring drug testing for welfare assistance.

But I would have indicated yes on welfare testing, if the drug testing would have been for anyone receiving government handouts--farm subsidies, grants, etc.

Half-empty number must reflect the feeling that Romney won't win the fall election.

May 31, 2012 at 5:54am
The people will never go along with the closing or downsizing of their school. I went to three of the middle school meetings last spring and 90 to 95% of the folks were saying no. If the Board is going to do it someday they will just have to bite the bullet and vote to close one or comeup with a middle school of some design.
May 31, 2012 at 6:32am
MMW I am glad to see you quoting and suggesting a read of a stout Republican / Conservative in Webster.

I would suggest another good read about the pitfalls of big government by Ronald Reagan to Congress in 1981.

"High taxes and excess spending growth created our present economic mess. More of the same will not cure the hardship, anxiety, and discouragement it has imposed on the American people.

Let us cut through the fog for a moment. The answer to a government that's too big is to stop feeding its growth. Government spending has been growing faster than the economy itself. The massive national debt which we accumulated is the result of the government's high spending diet. Well, it's time to change the diet, and to change it in the right way.”

Do you wonder why that 22 years old speech sounds so eerily familiar today? Possibly because of the Obamanomics idea of we have checks so therefore we have money?

Don’t worry about Romney. All the latest polls have him ahead or in a dead heat tie and he hasn’t even officially been nominated yet, so I would say things look pretty good for him to send Obama packing.

Shockingly, we both agree with the drug testing. I am all for it on any level of government funding, subsidies, support or employment. If you don’t pass it then you don’t get it. Seems pretty fair to me.

Redmolly you are correct. No one wants to give up sentiment and tradition to do what is not only right for the education of our children, but what is also right for the financial well-being of our county and its citizens. The school board will never make that choice because they want to get re-elected.
May 31, 2012 at 7:48am
Corey, I agree, and that's why they must be held accountable to do what is in the best interest of both the education of the children (in this matter) but also the financial well-being of the county.
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