True mark of a champion

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Always remember your dream. Don't ever stop believing in yourself. In tough times, don't get discouraged . Quit worrying about things that are only temporary. It's not the way it always is going to be. We all have goals and dream of something special that just ourselves want to do.

Open our own business, write a book, travel, build our own home, save every animal on the planet, grow the most beautiful garden ever, open a restaurant, get that college degree... Put yourself in first place and don't let anything or anyone steal your joy! Sometimes, people that are closest to you can be the biggest distraction and throw dirt on your goals. The true mark of a champion is that if someone does throw dirt on your dreams, you can dig yourself out. Always have that shovel ready.

Hey, you may have been knocked down. You may have had to give yourself a second chance and restore those years that have been lost or stolen....divorce, illness, addictions, wayward ways...Go back and try again. You may have been knocked down, but GET BACK UP!

Use those backward steps...everything you have been through..and focus on yourself. Don't worry what other people are doing or think...keep going and don't let any negativity distract you from your dream.

Of course, you must deal with your daily commitments in life....but don't dash that chance to live that dream...don't die with your dreams still undone.

Just a warning, life is for others...but take that special secret time to make your life complete and live that dream.

Believe in yourself and make all those good things happen!

First Lady Nancy Reagan has passed away. She lived a very full life and definitely fulfilled so many of her dreams. She married a gentleman whom she looked up to and loved with all her heart. She raised her children. She traveled. She was sincere in her role as a model wife to our president.

Ronald Reagan lived his dream as an actor and then as the leader of his country. Nancy always was neat, dressed immaculately and always remained a lady. She and Ronald loved their ranch. Ronald was known to say: Our Ranch may not be heaven, but it has the same zip code.

There ya' go Folks....of all the things the Reagans did in their life...the accomplishment of that ranch was truly their fulfilled biggest dream of all

Uncle Festus has a little bit of a twist in his dream world. He wishes for the first day of deer season be declared a national holiday. (Actually, if everyday was deer season, he would then be truly livin' the dream!)

Aunt Martha is so buried in her housework that her wish is to someday find those socks that got lost somewhere in the dryer. At this point, she has come to the conclusion that the dryer lint is the cremated remains of all those missing socks.

I am hoping that my five year old niece will someday get over her obsession with road kill. Presently, she only believes that a possum is a flat animal that sleeps in the middle of the road! Hey guys, Why did the chicken cross the road? To show the stupid possum that is CAN be done!

Aunt Patsy told me the other day that: Line Dancing was started by women waiting to use the public bathroom. (That just might be true...)

Cousin Clarence came up to me the other day and said: Did ya' JEET yet, Savannah? Finally, I realized that he was asking me: DID YA' EAT yet?

If there is anyone on this earth that can Southern speak better than Clarence, I want to meet them. He definitely has created his own mode of speaking.

Uncle Pete is all stirred up on this election situation and how they run our country. He said: Our economy is so bad...I hope they never find life on any other planet...because sure enough, our government will start sending THEM money!

Well, aside from the debate on: How SMALL are Trumps hands and what the heck is that on Cruz's lip...the Fun Wagon keeps on rollin'!

My prediction that it will be Trump against Hillary appears to be coming true. Scary. Either should be a most entertaining next four years. Not that a whole lot will get done to benefit our nation...but the political soap opera will be on rewind.

Keep tuned on our announced spring opening day date. Any of you out there interested in being part of our Opening Day Family Flea Market and Free lunch Event....please call me at: #615-464-7824. Get all your crafts and garage and housewares you want to garage sale and do it FREE at the Short Mountain Trading Post. Get on the list now and reserve your spot!

Watch out for the Zika Virus this spring. Mosquitos carry it...we will talk more on this next week.

Gotta Run for now, but you start working on that dream in your spare will happen. You are special. You can do it!

Hugs Savannah

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