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That certainly was the forecast during most of last week. Not just here, but ALL OVER the eastern states as well. We got several inches of the white stuff but can you imagine several feet! That is overkill. Snow days gone wild - lots of sledding, snowboarding and even folks on a water ski being towed by a four-wheeler. A great time for snow gear and toys sales that is, if you can get to the store.

Of course, Uncle Festus reported that the Liquor Stores were doing a great business. Folks were halfway to work....then received a phone call to stay at a stop at the liquor store on the way back home seemed appropriate.

Just like the ad on TV where the lady hears over the store's loud speaker that schools will be closed for another 3 days - and she grabs a bottle of wine right before check out. Sometimes camomille tea just doesn't get it!

It was said that this snowfall was a historic one for our area. I'd say it was a gooder!

Today is Tuesday January 26 and the rain is melting all the snow. My Snow Lady and the rest of all the clever snowmen creations are now only a dark spot on the grass and driveways. She wore a brightly flowered bikini, mittens and wool hat. All that is left is a pile of clothing flat on the ground. can only hope that she is now in Florida enjoying a warm day at the beach.

Aunt Martha told me that she made a big snowball and put it in her freezer. During the process she added a few pieces of gravel. All set to use on Festus when he least expects it! One more comment on her attempted diet and WHAM, he's gonna get it!

The latest on Martha, she has started taking nitroglycerin tablets. I asked her, Why? She told me that they are supposed to make her look like dynamite. (Really..? )

By the way, I wanted to put a quick shout-out to the folks who were equipped with sturdy 4-wheel-drive vehicles and were kind enough to help stranded folks who slid off the road into ditches and also went out of their way to check on neighbors who were homebound and needed things and couldn't get out.

JD and the Feed America First gang had to cancel their food and clothing distribution the week end of the big snowfall. They are back in business now. Make sure you come and take part of this wonderful assistance program if you are in need of help with extra food and warm clothing. They are there every Saturday by the ball field in Woodbury from 7:30 to 9:00. For further information you may call me at: #615-464-7824.

I have been through a few interesting events lately. First, I had some sort of digestive colon/stomach problem. Lucky me a colonoscopy was ordered.

Well, I lived through that. But wait, it so happened that I had an exceptionally longggg colon, so I then had to go through a barium procedure where they put a florescent dye inside me in order to see on the x-ray if the rest of my colon was clear. I was so full of barium that I glowed in the dark!

After all that I just had a MRI on my right foot where I tore the Achilles tendon this past year when I fell off a ladder. At first, the doctor tried to see if the orthopedic boot would help but no go. There may be an operation on the horizon to fix the tendon but then I will be so much better and no more limping around with slow-mo up and down the Loft steps! I will keep you updated on what happens next!

Well, Uncle Pete got stuck going to Aunt Patsy's high school reunion. Pete was totally bored until the band picked up and this guy got on the dance floor break dancing, moon walking and doing back flips. Patsy said: See that guy....35 years ago that guy proposed to me and I turned him down.

Pete piped up and said: Looks like he's celebrating! (uh..oh)

I'm hoping all of you are taking your vitamins and minerals especially during these winter months when the weather is so unpredictable. If you feel the chills coming on or you just had someone sneeze on you and not cover their mouth take a vitamin C capsule and an Echinacea/golden seal root capsule right away and everyday. A daily probiotic is also important to keep your digestive and immune systems healthy. Make sure they are in capsule form not tablet or caplet. If you have trouble swallowing pills go with the gummies or liquid form of supplements. Avoid those nasty colds and flu....take a minute for yourself and protect your health.

Well, the Short Mountain Trading Post is still closed until Mid-March. That is what we are shooting for. Just to chilly to be open. But, boy oh we have some great new items to show you....things that you will love to take home with you and add to your collectibles. New artists and vendors will also be joining us...and a huge Spring Fling Family Flea Market is already being planned!

For now, I want all of you to continue to take care of each other, drive carefully, buckle up, smile and no stressing over things that will eventually find a way of working out. There is always a rainbow under that cloud....believe in yourself...we're all in the same boat.... so hang in there !! Chat with you next week. HUGS, SAVANNAH

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