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What are the ZOOMIES you may ask?
Well, ask Aunt Martha who has them. This is Weight Loss Awareness Month. Losing weight has been well known to give us big spurts of energy. No more sluggishness. Do you ever observe your pets...especially cats, who all of a sudden go flying across the room? There ya' go - a definite case of the ZOOMIES.
For once, this is one positive thing that we CAN catch and be OK. By losing weight and controlling it and eating a sensible diet along with proper exercise, you will be amazed how much energy and good feeling you will throughout your life.
You are not as grumpy because you feel more sluggishness and dragging yourself around plus your insides are healthier. You have cleansed yourself and it's not hard to do. Just cut back on junk food eat smaller portions....start your day with a glass of water with a slice of lemon in it. Then, you can have your coffee and breakfast.
It's all a matter of common sense and seriously wanting to live a healthy long life. If you still have children living at home...they watch what you do and follow your bad eating habits, you're watching TV instead of getting some exercise. Encourage sports, dance, theatre or playing an instrument; not so much computer games and snacking along with it. If you truly want to be a member of the ZOOMIE CLUB, sign up now!
President Obama was just announcing his stand on the Gun Control Issue. He stated that: Every gun related incident can be avoidable. SAY WHAT?
Does he actually really know just how MANY gun related incidents exist? Have happened already? And will happen again? And WHY? There are only so many Band-Aids available.
Why is the government in such denial of what is REALLY the issue? I mean, there are the Terrorists for one who live here and some who have been even born here that hook up with a handy gun distributor who is a member of this terror group. Thus, that is one source of gun related incidences.
These are automatic military weapons that can gun down many people with one pull of the trigger. These assault weapons are a BIG problem are these the guns Obama thinks he can control? Or is he going to keep picking on us who own weapons for our own protection and for hunting?
If we go purchase a gun, we have always needed to provide information for a background check. Such as in gun shows and licensed sporting-good stores. Now, folks can buy guns over the internet with NO background check. We've created a system where criminals can buy guns. There are mentally ill people who can buy guns over the internet with NO background check. There have been many unfortunate events where children, teachers, co-workers and relatives have been killed by a person with mental problems and who then kills themselves.
Obama mentioned that we can find these mentally disturbed people and stop them before it happens. SAY WHAT? Hey, we have people who probably live right next door to us with mental problems....and may fly off the handle anytime of the day. DOES HE HAVE THEIR ADDRESS? I mean, aren't we all sick of these constant back and forth excuses for gun violence?
Their idea of gun control is to take ALL guns away, close down gun shows and eliminate the constitutional amendment that all men may bear arms. And what about the amendment that grants us freedom of speech?
All that is happening is that the Democrats are blaming the Republicans for not voting for the gun control laws that they are trying to pass. What is happening to our country? Both parties should work together on ALL issues. They are totally losing it and we the citizens of the United States are suffering for it. This small group of idiots in no way have our country's interests in mind. It's ALL about THEM.
Just give me another term and pay me. We are the only nation of all advanced nations where gun related incidences happens more frequently than anywhere else in the world. Obama stated that. How embarrassing that he would admit to knowing that...yet have no answer to how we can FIX it! We are in a real mess, Folks....and this is just ONE of the many issues that no one in the White House has been able to FIX. You need to be aware and think about it!
I heard that Uncle Festus caused quite a stir the other day. He was with several of his friends at the local pub. On the bar counter a cell phone rings. Festus picked it up and the speaker was on. He said hello and a woman answered. Hi Honey, are you over at the pub? I found a leather coat at the mall for $2,000. Can I buy it? Festus answered: Sure dear, if you really have to have it. Then she said: I stopped at the Lexus dealership and saw one that I really loved for $90,000. Can I get it? Festus answered: Sure dear, if it has all the bells and whistles...go ahead and get it. She said: Great! one more thing...I found a house for only $980,000 that I must have. Festus answered: Sure dear, go ahead and make an offer of $900,000. If they don't take it, buy it anyway.
She squealed: Oh, I love you sooo much! Bye for now. Well, all Festus' friends were staring at him with their mouths wide open not believing that Festus granted her all her expensive wishes. Suddenly, Festus turns and says: Anyone know whose phone this is?
Well, anyway......The Short Mountain Trading Post is closed for the season....and will reopen mid-March. JD and I still are available to anyone who wishes to reserve a time to visit The Post on a nice winter day. Just call me at 615-464-7824. To spend ALL day at the barn is too cold but for a reserved visit it can be arranged. We are still taking used furniture for the artists to please call the above number if you have some to deliver to the barn.
It is deeply appreciated. The Feed America First Project is still in full swing in Woodbury every Saturday from 7 to 9 by the Baseball Field. You are invited to attend and receive help filling your cupboards during rough times you may be having. Tell other needy families who may not have read my column about this wonderful assistance.
So promise me that all of you folks will wake up each and every morning and say: I am grateful to be alive! Remember it is mind over matter. Join the ZOOMIES and get healthy! Think about the serious Gun Control Issue. Voice your opinion. It is important!
Going to sign off for now, but we will chat again next week. Take care of yourselves and your family, help your friends, be happy you have a job, drive carefully and remember to BUCKLE UP.
Hugs, Savannah
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