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Many people look forward to the New Year for a new start on old habits. So many of us start out strong on all our hopes to change things around and get our life and health in gear...but as time goes on...we do revert back to our old ways. Ya' gotta be strong and Get Er Done, Folks. It's all up to you. The intention is good...but the stick-to-it deal just doesn't always work out....(no pun intended).
Let's take a look at some of my relative's resolutions for the year. Well, let's start with Aunt Martha: Number 1: I will try to drive past a gym at least once a week. Number 2: I will find out why my clothes keep shrinking. Number 3: I will lose enough weight that when I brush my teeth, my gut won't jiggle. She did try jogging on New Year's eve but the ice kept falling out of her glass.
Cousin Clarence vows to: Number 1: Get dressed before noon. Number 2: I will establish a National Hangover Day. Number 3: I will operate a bar called Resolutions and have exercise equipment the first month and then turn it into a bar for the remaining months.
Aunt Patsy vows to: Number 1: Wear all the shoes I have bought. Number 2: I will have a fat bank account and a thin body and let's hope I don't mix it up.
Uncle Pete vows to: That when every telemarketer calls me, I hand the phone to my four-year-old and tell him it's Santa. Number 2: Agree to have a Colonoscopy.
The Dog (Max) vows: Number 1: Bite the freak that gives me shots every year. Number 2: I will not chase the stick until I actually see it leave his hand.
The Cats (multiple) vows to: Grow an extra thumb, so I can break into the pantry and decide for myself just how much food is enough!
Dear Uncle Festus vows to: Number 1: I will save on my water bill by doing less laundry and wear more deodorant. Number 2: I will promise to not tell the same story at every family get together from now on. Number 3: I will not come home drunk and think my car alarm will open my front door. Number 4: I promise to not shoot anymore green men on the mountain this year.
JD vows to: I will find a way to slow down my busy wife.
Savannah vows to: Avoid JD's efforts to slow me down.
Well, seriously, everyone obviously has stated their resolutions...whether or not these relatives of mine uphold their vows is one thing. How about you folks? Truly, I hope your resolutions are a little bit more constructive than what you just stick to are only trying to improve your lifestyle and save your life.
Just be aware of what is best for you regarding your health, finances and family safety. OK?
Well, there has been a dip in the temps and weather is definitely going into the winter status. That means... .take care that your little furry friends stay warm and have plenty on food and water. Pay the electric bill. Have enough food in the pantry and fridge for emergencies...your family will thank you. Watch out for those neighbors, especially those who are alone and keep a stiff upper lip ALL year long.
Life is a challenge...but it doesn't have to be a chore...just a precaution.
I meant to thank my friends from Nashville for the fantastic rooster they gave me for Christmas. It was totally constructed of wood and metal and I love it. I added it to my huge collection on the above shelving in my kitchen. Between the cats and the roosters...I am an avid collector!
As far as the Trading Post...we are currently closed until mid-March. Now, if you have a group of folks who want to visit the Barn before we open again...that is totally fine...just make a reservation with me at: #615-464-7824. No Problem.
Until then, I am looking forward to next week's CHAT and hope all goes well with ALL of you for our new year of 2016. Remember to BE HAPPY, LOVE YOUR FAMILY, HELP YOUR NEIGHBORS, BE HAPPY YOU HAVE A JOB, TAKE CARE OF YOUR PETS, SMILE, GIVE OUT HUGS AND FOR PETE'S SAKE: LAUGH!
Lots of Hugs......Savannah
P.S. I meant to also thank all the special folks
who work the Feed America First every Saturday with JD for the lovely cookies, candy
and grape champagne !! The Jamaican coffee
from Bobby and Sue Hale is delicious !! Many
thanks for all your dedicated hard work and
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