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How many of us felt that way on Thanksgiving Day? Hmmm.... Ya' know how hardwe ladies all work on Turkey Day preparation...multiple dishes of delicious food...turkey in the oven....perfect table setting....(including who to put next to each other and NOT...) and so on and so on. Anyway....along with the Football game on t.v. and children chasing each other all over the place...and the dogs and cats constantly being shooooed off the counters and festive table...I think most of us survived....until Christmas dinner next month, that is!

Festus offered to cook the turkey again this year....but after last year's event when he blew up the gas turkey fryer and caught his house on fire...Martha begged me to not take him up on his offer. She says : if there's a wrong way, he will find it! Cousin Clarence showed up late as usual...he is always full of excuses...and if you love to have a battle of wits with someone...Clarence always appears unarmed. My Cousin Daisy who is a nurse at the local hospital, always wisecracks about Festus and Clarence and tells me: we can't fix stupid, but we can SEDATE it! My Uncle Stanley showed up with a t-shirt that merely said: 01-20-17.

Cousin Clyde asked him what it stood for and Stanley said : It's Obama's Last Day In Office....! Naturally, that involved a major BEER Toast from the festive gang !

My sister Jessie and her hubby Jake and their six children all flocked around the kitchen sniffing everything as if they all had hollow legs and two stomachs. Yes, I never count on left-overs when that group shows up. Cousin Paulie from Nashville arrived in his brand new red corvette toting a case of wine. He is always late but always says: I consider on time to be when I get there. I always let it go...he can be a bit if he gets here's one less pain I have to deal with while everyone is WATCHING ME DO EVERYTHING!

Aunt Candy and Uncle Clem who live in Asheville, North Carolina called me yesterday and said that Clem had a court date coming up. I asked what happened.

Candy said that the sheriff pulled up next to Clem who was unloading garbage out of his pick-up into a ditch on the highway. When the sheriff asked Clem just what he was doing...Clem said: Well now Officer...I just read the sign: FINE for Dumping Garbage. (Like I said, most of my family is one fry short of a Happy Meal.)

The other day Uncle Festus got pulled over and the Trooper said: Got any I.D.? And Festus said: 'Bout What?

My neighbor, Cleveland also had a run in with the Highway Patrol while he was in Fort Lauderdale. From what I understand, He had a tail light out and the officer just wanted to warn him. Well, Clevelandtook off down the road like he was on fire. When he finally stopped, the policeman said: Why were you running from me? Clevelandsaid: Well, three years ago my wife ran off with a Florida State Trooper and I thought you were bringing her back !!!
Oh well....let's go on to the local news.

My good buddy, Sue with the Cannon County Community for Animals came out to visit me at the Short Mountain Trading Post the other day. Evidently, the organization is successfully collecting pet food and supplies...but have yet found a building for the actual shelter. If you folks have any help in that department please give me a call at: #615-464-7824. They have a fund started up for a just all takes time...unfortunately, there are so many little animals out there that need shelter and homes. They need folks who can temporarily Foster these pets until they find homes for them. For those who have several pets, they encourage everyone to spay or neuter them. If the fee for this procedure does not fit into your budget...there are numbers I have that you can call to get partial assistance financially in order to have it done. Donations of the following items are needed: puppy, kitten, dog and cat food. Food bowls, cages, kitty litter, kennels, flea products - shampoo and bath towels.

With soooo many animals that need help....the foster homes need help as well...and these listed items are really needed in order to make it all affordable for those who not only volunteer their time and love, but their money as well. There is also an email that you can contact if you have further questions along with donated items or fostering interest: CCC4animals

Not only is the purpose of this organization to shelter animals but to teach
folks how important it is to control the out of control birth rate of our furry friends. Please make a difference and help these folks out. They are very dedicated and are doing a great thing for all these animals and for our community.

The Feed America First Organization is still going strong handing out food and warm clothing on Saturdays in Woodbury by the Ball Field from 7 to 9 all year long.
The Lions Club recently had their Coat Drive and supplied so many folks with special winter accessories. Thanks to All of You for such a wonderful event !!
The Short Mountain Trading Post is open on Thursday through Saturday from 11 to 4 PM. There is some great shopping to be done at terrific holiday prices, so c'mon in and see us !! We constantly have new merchandise and our 30% off our booths and Savannah's Loft is still going strong !! Secret Santa shopping available.
The Holidays are in full gear at this point ....just take it easy .... don't stress out.... gifts are nice, but not always the most necessary thing to make it a beautiful
season to be shared by family and friends in a most meaningful, yet simple way. If I do receive gifts....I always appreciate those made by hand and from the heart.
I am one who still believes in the old-fashioned; sending Christmas cards in the mail. A hand written note is a treasure to me.
Well, Folks...I am signing off for with you next week and take it easy on stressing during the holidays. Hugs,

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