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Hey, Hey, Hey... Now, that is what I've been talking about!!! Wow-wee what a great week-end!! And it wasn't just the temperature that was hot, hot, hot! We were really busy at the Short Mountain Trading Post ... Especially Saturday. Everybody of all ages had many return visitors and lot of out of towners. They loved the barn tour and all it's delicious contents. No one went away empty handed. How great is that?

Good deals everywhere. All vendors were having their sales which are quiet enticing. Our friend, Sarah, came in with her two brothers who just moved here from California. They are putting together one terrific singing group. They are very good. They specialize in Bluegrass and modern tunes at the Trading Post later on this summer. They are decorating their new home and found some fantastic items to really make it pop. Then Sarah's Grandma and friend came in and bought some unique mirrors and lamps and furniture for her guests house.

We had a super nice couple who arrived on a spiffy motorcycle and they bought a gigantic eagle statue and antique baby carriage. They will pick up this Friday. A motorcycle can only manage so much.

We had a really sweet gal with two of her pals from Arkansas. She said "Are you Savannah? And I said yes. She said "Well, I just love your column and my sister gave me a subscription to the Cannon Courier and I can't wait to read what you have to say next! You are a Riot!!" My good goodness, that was a gift in itself.. Really made me happy to hear.

We also had the distillery dog, Luna, chase the barn cats all the way up into the loft, total chaos for a moment or two. Luna was rounded up by a very sweet gal who had walked the trail from the Distillery to the barn and Luna escorted her and her little son. That child had the rosiest cheeks and was sweating up a storm.. but what a trooper. He got free candy from Savannah and pranced around.

If we didn't have a certain item, folks asked if we could it and we said: no doubt, we can. So, we took their phone numbers in the hope we can complete the requested mission.

Our June Bug event was successful the week before, Folks walked away with some really neat items and a full tummy with Chef JD's hot-dogs being digested. Our next family event is scheduled for the first Saturday in August. We are skipping having a July event due to the fourth and the Jamboree wearing everybody out. Also we are having a huge Christmas event in October so anyone interested in selling their overflow of Christmas decorations or nice Christmas crafts that they create, start getting ready for this event. Free booth space. Call me Savannah at 615-464-7824, to reserve your free spot.
Do you happen to know the definition of faith: When all the villagers father and pray for rain - but only one boy came with an umbrella. Picture that! Hope is when every night we go to bed without any assurance or being alive that next morning but still we set the alarms to wake up! And when the world is in such an unpredictable situation and questionable existence we still get married and bring children into the world. My what a crazy yet special event life is. It's okay, I love all of you and your strength, friendship, humor, generosity and faith. This is why I am at the Trading Post, to share all of this with all of you and pay it forward.

Aunt Martha just had a birthday and I gave her a new T-Shirt that said "I am not 60 years old, I am sweet 16 with 44 years Experience". Boy, did she love that. Of course Uncle Festus didn't think it was funny because he is always fussing at her being older than he as well as overweight. Martha doesn't know what is worse with Fetus: The wine or the whine.

Cousin Clarence just bought a puppy. It is a real cu-tie... but raging with energy. Last night, it sneaked over to Festus' porch and ran off with his dog's big bed cushion and most of the word frame. Next morning, Festus said, "Max, get in your bed", he glanced down and realized that Max wasn't in his bed because all that was left was a stick of wood.

Clarence's dog, Chaos, had totally torn that pet bed to bits. Guess what Clarence found on his porch? A huge dog bed pillow with little Chaos sound asleep. Mighty little guy, isn't he!! Just the expressions on both of the guys' faces made it all worthwhile. Well, Father's Day is here and I am wishing all you fellows a relaxing day, just doings the things you love best.

I hope you all luck out better than I did on Mother's day when I got to mow the yard, do all the laundry, wash the dog, make all the beds and then cook dinner. Ok JD, I got some things for you to do on your Fathers Day... Uh, let me run and get my list. What comes around, goes around I always say. (Naw, we can't be that mean to each other.)

Well gotta run for now. I hope all of you are enjoying your summer. Regardless of those hot days, it is a beautiful season. C'mon out and see us at the Trading Post, Tour the Distillery, and enjoy a grand meal at the StillHouse Restaurant!!

Take care of yourselves, friends and family. Smile, laugh, don't stress out. We are only given one life to live, let's do it the best way we can. Chat with all of you next week.

Hugs, Savannah

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