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Hello everyone in the Tundra of Tennessee!! Yep, we sure did get the cold weather and good grief, such ice!! Please be careful out there and don't slip on the ice patches on your porch steps. My hubby, JD, was kind enough to warn me of a huge patch at the bottom of our cabin steps along the side of the house.

I reassured him that I would not even venture in that area at this time. I already hit that ice patch when we first moved here and I tell you what, I hit that ice and rode on the heels of my boots down the cement stairs and before I could hit the cement landing facing me I leaped into the air and landed in a snow drift on my right. Snow up to my knees!! But no broken bones. Choosing a snowdrift over landing on cement was a no brainer for me at the time. I just wish someone had a camera to film that epic leap of faith!!!

I am writing this Chat on Presidents' Day. I guess we have to honor those chosen men who actually did govern our nation fairly and to not think about those presidents who then thought and who presently think of only their own gain. No further comment.

Believe it or not, I was put on hold in writing this Chat until three days later. Guess what!! Our power went out; lines full of ice and some down. So, no power, no heat, no way to cook food, no hot water, no computer, sounds like a horror movie to me!! Finally, they came down to our haven area and fixed the problem.

Our teeth were chattering. Thank goodness for caring neighbors. Hot coffee and offers to the moon to try and help each other. When times get tough, we just get tougher as they say. Can you imagine being a pioneer in the days when it was always like this!! All year long no matter what season, our ancestors trudged through their existence without the conveniences of electricity, instant hot water, communication, travel, medical assistance... you name it...and yet they made it. Their life span was not what ours is today, but their stamina and ingenuity was in overdrive. So, when all of us chance to experience being without, remember these folks who knew no different but survived!

I took a quick survey through the neighborhood on most memorable moments during our power outage. Here are a few: cleaning the catbox by flashlight, walking around absentmindedly turning on light switches and it's still dark, standing along the road waving down any passing vehicle hoping it's the power company repair man, appreciating my 'battery' operated toothbrush, trying to order pizza delivery on a dead cell phone, taking wrong prescriptions because the flashlight was going out, running out of toilet paper, and Kleenex, and paper towels all at once, car doors iced shut, hearing chunks of ice and frozen branches hitting the roof and praying a mighty tree doesn't follow, missing American Idol on t.v., McDonald's closing, Festus blowing up his generator, no hot coffee in the morning, lost connection with Facebook friends, make- up application impossible and forbid someone will see you without it, running out of board games and the dog ate my deck of cards, no extra batteries, out of martini mix and the list goes on.

But, on the other hand, think optimistically and realize how beautiful the scenery is like a winter wonderland with glistening glitter surrounding us. Fresh crispy air, take a deep breath, and just listen. Peace. Shhhh, a little bird is timidly tiptoeing on the snow searching for seeds. Look at those tiny little footprints. Ever notice that before?

lear your mind just for that moment. Do it! Your fuzzy stressed- brain will appreciate the break. Realize that there truly is something good in everything. A gift right before us that we never took time to notice. How about that!
And that's just what you can do when you visit the Trading Post out in the country and surrounded by beautiful scenery and grazing animals. Your mind will travel back in time as you tour the Loft filled with treasures of the past and present. Fascinating crafts and collectibles line the midway downstairs in multiple stalls of the Barn. Friendly folks are there to greet and meet.

Soon we will be back on schedule and open our regular days: Thursday thru Saturday 10 to 5. The chilly weather has delayed us for a bit, but that doesn't mean that we are not still creating more items for you as we wait for spring.

Anyone interested in joining us here at the Trading Post with crafts or collectibles, please give me a call at: 615-464-7824 or email me at: Would love to have you join us. No charge for booth space. Also get ready for our Family Flea Markets throughout the Spring and Summer and call or email to reserve you free spot for those events. Start putting things together that you no longer need. If you have old furniture that you need moved, please contact us and the artists will have a great time refurbishing it. You get rid of it and they gain items to create.

Gonna go for now and truly hope we have no more power outages. Please be careful on the icy roads. Bring your animals inside. Offer help to neighbors. Stay warm. Appreciate what you have and welcome each day we are blessed with. Laugh Often. And remember the old adage: Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
Chat with you again soon.

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