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Here we are, folks. Groundhog Day, and the day I am chatting with you. This year's groundhog is named Punxsutawney Phil. (Say that 3 times!) On one news broadcast they said he saw his shadow, so winter weather until May and the other newscast said he saw no shadow, so early spring.

You know me, I say to heck with the predictions and take it as it comes! Blaming a groundhog for good or bad upcoming weather seems not only ludicrous but totally unfair to this little creature. I did come up with some interesting facts about our buddy Punxsutawney Phil that I want to share with you.

First of all, the groundhog is also known as the woodchuck, whistle-pig and land beaver. He is related to the squirrel and lives all over North America. Building burrows from eight to sixty-six feet. They construct numerous exits, levels and chambers within. Even separate rooms such as a bathroom, a hibernating burrow and then a summer home are dug out. That must be an amazing site, but not so amazing to the unfortunate farmers who can break their tractor's axle as they travel over these deep burrows. The love that the groundhogs share for the soybeans, corn and family garden threatens their likeability even more.

All in all, the real purpose why the groundhog pops out of the ground when he does is to merely check if weather is warm enough to begin the mating season in March. In the cold air if he happens to see his own shadow, he fears it is a predator and pops back into his home and remains there for at least another month. And, that's the facts, folks!

Uncle Festus makes it a point to always give me a Happy Groundhog Day greeting card every year. I don't know where he finds such a card, but it makes me laugh and puts the dippidy-do in my doo-da! I am surprised that Festus springs for the cost of the card, because he is normally so tight he could squeeze a nickel till Jefferson's nose bleeds!

Oh my gosh, we cannot forget the Super Bowl 49 results. What a game that was; terrific plays on both sides. I am a Sea Hawks fan; so am sad that they lost, but I am very proud how great they played and almost won that ring! Next year, boys. I mean to me football is as close to a Gladiator sport than anything. We have the arena, the warriors on both sides and helmets. The crowd is cheering for either side and watching Spartacus (quarterback) lead his team. The coaches rule over the slave gladiators and decide every play they make. The King is the owner of his team with thumb up or thumb down. Many are drinking the beloved "ale" and shouting their thoughts. Yep, sounds like the Roman arena to me.

If you were lucky enough to watch the Kitty Bowl before the game, you were lucky enough. Feline Football that featured their designated players: Fitzcatrick, Meeowingham, Purrman and McPawson to name a few. What a purrformance! It was pawsome! Fitzcatrick's team won by a whisker! The Puppy Bowl was on next. Jimmy Kibble was the announcer. Field goal champs of the day were: Fiona, Fluff, Bowser, Freckles and Chicklets. Their Parrot cheerleaders said that it was really something to tweet about!

Hey, there is so much news out there I wanted to cover but will have to wait till next week.

The Short Mountain Trading Post is still gearing up for this spring. Keep watching my column for updates. If you have any questions or comments please contact me at 615-464-7824. Any craftspeople or those wishing to be flea market participants let me know now, so you can reserve your space. Also, to those how are interested in getting rid of old furniture and items that you cannot use., please contact us. We have people who can clear it out for you, pick it up and haul it away. So many artists refurbish things and at many times find it hard to gather what they need to continue their work. Call me at number above if you can help them out. Thanks so much.
I am hoping all of you are staying well. My flu is clearing up, but three weeks of that stuff proves to be the biggest nasty I have encountered in quite awhile! I was out of it from antibiotics and Clyde didn't understand just what was happening to me. He wondered if I fell on my head or if I was hearing voices in the cornfield. (Sigh...) He tried to cheer me up by making me a pair of shoes out of bread. He called them Loafers!

I'll leave you on this note: the cost of gasoline is going down, the cost of food is going up, but it doesn't cost us anything to love each other. Chat with you next week, take care..
Hugs, Savannah

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