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Hi folks!! I am writing this column on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. It a pretty day with lots of sunshine and warm temperature. A nice break from the chilly weather we have been having. Sounds as tho we are in for more cooler winter weather again, but that's par for the course this time of year.

Have any of you seen the actor Rob Lowe's ad for cable t.v. where he is depicted as all these people like the skinny arm Rob Lowe, the creepy Rob Lowe, etc.? Well, your Savannah here is the sickly- with- flu Savannah. Yep, it finally got me!! I had the shot just like every year. I have not been sick for ages, but as most of you know by now...This flu is the ugly. My voicebox is not working, sore throat, cannot talk on phone or run the business very well. Of course, my husband hasn't minded the silence part but he isn't feeling all that great either. Have you ever looked up what actually causes the flu and why is it designated more so in the winter time. I searched the internet for an answer and they basically only told me what I already knew plus round in circles we go because I don't think they even know. And then, this year to make a vaccine good for only one third prevention from all the strains of the flu out there. Hello? I've always gotten the flu shot and never caught the flu; this year they failed me. Ok, back to what I found out about the flu: Influenza is a virus that's spread from person to person. It originates, actually, among birds and other animals such as pigs. New viral stains come to this country and the Europe from Southeast Asia. Why there? They relate it to different farming practices in Asia versus our methods of raising our poultry on large farms. Their poultry is raised as part of the household, thus these people are more susceptible to picking up the viral infections from the birds and transferring it to other people who travel to other countries like the United States.

They are saying that WILD birds carry the viruses. They don't get infected, but are very contagious to domestic birds, such as chickens, ducks and turkeys. People who come in contact with the infected domestic birds thru the feces or handling the raw product will thus pass the virus on to other people and there we go. It becomes an epidemic of not just one strain but many and travels rapidly through the population. Unfortunately, every year a new virus appears and then new vaccines have to be created. Now, folks, this explanation has remained the same forever. Whether it is the real thing, who knows, deep down I believe there is a lot more to it. All I can say is just be the fortunate ones who dodge the flu bullet this year because ya' just don't wanna get this nasty stuff!! To those who have already had this or are suffering at this moment with it, we will just wave our Kleenex tissues at each other and sob!!!

Now, if you really want to see a mess, you should see Festus with this flu! I know his immunity wore down due to his second dog destroying all the insulation of his brand new second trailer. He chased that dog all over town and just exhausted himself. He ended up giving the dog to a neighbor who Festus does not care for. He did a quick drive by the following day and yeppers, his neighbor's insulation was all over the place creating a marshmellow land once again. I caught Festus chuckling to himself Bad Festus!!!!

Clyde's daughter in law is pregnant with her sixth child. Clyde is all excited about having another grandbaby, but Sarah Jane dreads the thought of another little one running around her already busy out of control household. Clyde said, Oh, Sarah Jane, it's easy, you've already had five childbirths. She turned on him and said, Oh, yeah, fine with you men folk, but have you ever tried to blow a watermelon out your nostril!! Whew, that is mightly graphic there, Sarah Jane.

We had a nice weekend at the Short Mountain Trading Post. More visitors than we thought came in and enjoyed themselves. We are rearranging and adding new merchants. Each year it is different facelift out here. Those who are craftspeople or antique folks who wish to set up a booth at no cost, give me, Savannah, a call to reserve your space at 615-464-7824. Those more into the flea market me and we will set you up with a free table space in our monthly family flea market events. Our winter hours at this time are Friday and Saturday from 11 to 3 only on sunny days above 50 degrees. You may wish to call me at the number above before heading out to make sure we are open.

Well, I gotta go lie down and try to recover from this flu bug. You all take best of care and have a wonderful week. See you soon at the Post.
Hugs, Savannah

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