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Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all you folks out there!

Yep, it's here .... Already! For some reason this year of 2014 certainly went by quickly including the bumps in the road along with it! All of you have certainly contributed to the success of our Short Mountain Trading Post and to my weekly newspaper column. Thanks so much and certainly looking forward to seeing all of you this upcoming year of 2015!

I hope your are all enjoying your Christmas with family and friends or just relaxing all by yourself. JD and I decided to do that this year. Along with our four cats and one dog (our children) it is a good day. Our family is spread out all over the United States and this year getting everyone together was rough! So, there you have it! The true meaning of Christmas is united in many things: the birth of Jesus is number one, but the fellowship and love that we share with our fellow man is definitely in second place.

We were fortunate this year to be able to gift many folks with warm coats, sweaters, boots and shoes. My goodness, everyone was so thankful and happy and it certainly made all of us at the Post happy to be part of keeping our community warm.

Also the Feed America organization has helped fill refrigerators and cupboards with baked goods, fresh veggies and fruit, yogurt and extra treats that so many needed this season. Thanks to all those who made these gifts possible.
I just asked for snow this year. Not a crippling blizzard, just a wintry blessing will do. If any of you ever take time to read the adorable Christmas letters that the school children write to Santa, you will know what I mean when I say how smart and clever these little ones are! Mostly, they ask for family members to get presents and things they need. Even down to a new house, food and a job for their daddies. Please make Grandma well and tell Grandpa in heaven that we miss him at our Christmas table. Such big hearts in such tiny bodies.

Let's remember to keep their spirits always alive and their lives as happy and loving as we possibly can! Sometimes we forget that little people do observe and understand what is going on around them. Consider them in all you do and say because they do see and hear all!

Well, it wouldn't be a complete article, if I didn't share with you something totally stupid that happened to Festus and Clyde this past week. They went to Ohio to visit our family there and decided to go sleding down this huge hill on our cousin's farm. They bundled up in their orange camouflage snowsuits and took off down this suicide hill (so they call it). Well, Festus forgot that on the whole right side of this hill property there is a barbed wire fence. Yep, you guessed it. That fence snagged him as he went speeding down the hill and ripped off the entire right side of his bright orange overalls. The video they sent me was hysterical. I mean, can you imagine seeing a half-naked man: one side bare skin and the other still bright orange on a sled in the snow going down a hill screaming for dear life. Not a pretty sight, but definitely entertaining! Clyde laughed so hard that Festus chased him all over the farm in such a fury, screaming: What's so funny? That suit cost me a small fortune! Well, from what I understand, after a warm shower and plenty of moonshine, he finally settled down and vowed to keep this personal event in the top most interesting things that has ever happened to him in his life! (I guess so.....)

Other than that, I can't say that my snow adventures have been any better: most of all my skiing abilities which are non existent. All I ever was to learn successfully was how to snowplow with my skis and scream: Watch out I am out of control and heading right for you! I never knocked anyone down or ran into any trees, but did twist my ankle and my skiing talents were over! I did get to meet a couple cute rescue fellas with an ambulance sled and a very friendly St. Bernard who shared his brandy with me!

Back to the Trading Post, we are happy to announce that we have some new vendors this coming year along with the yes possibility of being open right after Christmas Day for those who wish to share our Barn experience with visiting family and friends. If it is at least 55 degrees and a clear day, we will be open Fridays and Saturdays. To make sure, you are welcomed to call me at 615-464-7824 and double check our open status! Hey, once again Happy Happy Holidays and by golly, you just know that the 2015 year ahead of us will be a great one! Chat with you next week and many hugs!

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