Tornado with a twist

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Pecos Bill rode one. Dorothy and Toto took a wild ride to Oz on one. Both survived and bravely made it back home. ARE WE SO LUCKY?

They experienced a tornado with a GOOD twist. But, are we always so FORTUNATE? Keep in mind that while you can't change the direction of the can adjust your sails. To quote Mark Twain: Everybody is talking about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.

Well there you go....they say that probably the last completely accurate forecast was when God told Noah there was a 100% chance of rain!

I do have a brief political comment before we continue on with a MORE important conversation. Did the American public ACTUALLY nominate Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for the only two FINAL choices for our run or is it RUIN our country??

The more I watch their debates and bantering with each other... I am scared to death on whether either one of them can really be a true representative of the United States and successfully rebuild our Nation without robbing Peter to pay Paul. They are out chasing rainbows...not preparing for that Tornado with a Twist!!

There IS a difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning. We've been warned for the last eight years throughout Obama's presidency. The Government fixing healthcare is like after a tornado rebuilding a town. All well and good that he attempted a healthcare fix...but why are our education funds getting cut even further....the threat of social security ending....our medical field growing all time high of unemployment....No steadfast STORM SHELTER there!!

I swear our politicians are smoking pot....repeating the same paragraph over and over. I believe that on the final day that Obama leaves office....someone should hand him two tiny cymbals, a clown suit and a wind-up key to match his monkey ears and set him loose....!!

With this election there is definitely a STORM COMING.....offering NO SHELTER whatsoever.....!!

Well, okay....let's get back to our original discussion of TORNADOES WITH A TWIST in our everyday life.

How about ROMANCE....true love is quoted to be: When you blow in like a tornado in someone's life and regardless that you are moody, a real mess and hard to handle....they still want you in their life. No real TWIST here....just LOVE.

Now, there is your JOB. You feel secure...even though you live paycheck to paycheck...when suddenly..BLAMMMMM...the TORNADO hits and
your job is handed to the other guy including that promotion you looked so forward to...Not only did you not get that promotion, but you lost your job. A BAD TWIST. Did you possibly save for this rainy day (days) ? No? Instead, you took life for granted....TORNADO free.

Bad Health can hit you like a TORNADO. One day all is day a storm of tests, medications, operations, bills....a very mean unexpected TWIST, isn't it....not one of us is exempt from the demolition life's storms can bring.

The tornadoes of automobiles breaking down, appliances on the fritz, roof leaking, kids needing tuition for college, the dog gets sick....bad TWISTS in our lives that we have to find a way to FIX.

Losing a Family Member or Best Friend can hit us like a TORNADO. It's a sad TWIST that brings sorrow, loneliness and regret. Unknown to us...without warning...that long overdue phone call or visit caught up to us...too late...Keep this in mind...never put off telling your loved ones that you love them, miss them, appreciate them and care about them. If they live nearby....dole out those hugs and have them over for dinner....MORE OFTEN.

A GOOD TWIST is watching the TORNADO of fantastic dedicated athletes compete in the OLYMPICS. Once again, a nice break from the ridiculous politics slammed down our throats !!

Ever watch a movie...and comes the unexpected twist....leaving you dazed and saying: Wait a minute...what just happened??

How about the person on the highway who gets mad at you and speeds by you like a TORNADO only to still end up at the same red light with you. that TWIST can make you smile for awhile.

Ever win the Lottery? Only to find out that half a million people had the same numbers !! I once won a $50 scratch off...only to get a flat tire the same day. Bye bye $50....! Bad TWIST there !!

A TORNADO can be like some point you know you're going to have a TREE in your house !!

Uncle Festus says: A TORNADO and a redneck divorce have something in common : In the end, someone is going to lose a house trailor!

Cousin Clarence says: I don't break for tornadoes, but I yield for flying cows ! His tornado evacuation plan is: 1, Grab beer 2. Run like hell.

Uncle Pete has a weather forecasting stone that swings on a rope...when the stone is's a TORNADO.

Aunt Polly read somewhere that the storm chasers favorite beer is : UPDRAFT. (Never heard of that brand, Polly.)

The deadliest F5...was the Tri-State Tornado on March 18, 1925. At 60 to 75 miles per hour in a 219 mile long track across Missouri, Illinois and Indiana, it killed 695 people. In Kansas, a house was whisked away and a silver-haired lady was found still sitting dazed in a bath tub. She was found talking to herself: It was the most amazing thing...I was visiting my daughter here, taking a bath...and all I did was pull the plug and doggone-it if the whole house went down the drain!! (Talk about a bad TWIST....!)

The most costly was the Tornado of Bridge Creek Oklahoma on May 3, 1999. Over $1 Billion in damages.

Once again, with this Election....there's a STORM COMING. To put it simply...the storms of today are going to continue to be the storms of tomorrow.

The warning sirens are going off...can you hear them? Be your own storm chaser ... twist our nation's destiny into the shelter we all deserve and have yet to find. Stay safe...make the right prepared for those TORNADOES...!!

Gotta go for now and we will CHAT next week. Keep the TORNADO WITH A TWIST in your mind and heart....I'm not too far off with that one!!

Be safe, love your family, help your friends, drive carefully and DO save for that rainy day.


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