Today's Chat: Sugar coat those pearly gates

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Now I know you've heard of sugar and spice and everything nice. And certainly: that kindness doesn't cost a what do you say we try sprinkling a little bit of that sweetness around !

It's said that: It's not HOW MUCH you do...but how much LOVE you put in the doing !! As people grow older they lose their sense of dignity and feel they have no purpose in life.

Too many of us as we age think they have to live by the calendar. Days go by...birthdays come and go..more doctor appointments and LESS lunches with friends. It's part of life. People ask me: If you had to live it all over again.. what would you change? Or at what age in your life would wish to relive ?

I would change NOTHING and I don't have time to go back because I am HAPPY right the age I am. I don't believe in looking in the rear-view mirror. I have learned from the past in a good way and now look forward to each new day of my future.

I hear: Well, I'm turning 70...I can't believe it ! I only have a few more years..I'll never live to be 100 and I don't want to live alone if my husband
(or wife) dies before me. UNDERSTANDABLE. Yes, our body ages, our speech slows down..but NO MATTER how old we get, we never lose our beauty. We merely move it from our face to our heart. And that's where the SUGAR comes in. You get out of life what you put into it. My advice is to pay it forward...give to others. Such as the gift of laughter...Laughter has always been my best medicine. If it doesn't work..I just increase the dose !! Cheer folks up !

Poor Uncle Festus recently went to his doctor regarding the pain in his hip. After his examination, the doctor told him: we're keeping the HIP the rest of the body we're getting rid of. (Whoa !)

Aunt Martha said that Festus' news was worse than what happened at Great Aunt Clara's 100th birthday party when the cake caught on fire and the clown died.

My mother is 92 years old and now in a retirement home in Georgia. She was very active in her younger years. She loved to garden, played golf, was active in her church and loved ballroom dancing. Sadly, Dad died at 54 years she has had only herself to think about. As time went on, she became more and more sarcastic, bitter, selfish, rude, demanding and down right MEAN ! She carried that attitude into the retirement home. She treated everyone terrible...she IS the TROLL on their SCROLL !! Regardless of it all, her inmates wanted her to be their friend. Her rare moments of jokes and laughter made her an attraction.

The other day she asked me: Why do you think God still keeps me here on earth? I replied: Because you haven't completed what he needs you to do. She said: What is that ? Well Mom, there are so many sad, lonely weak people living around you. They need a friend. You are the strongest one here. You have so much to offer, but you refuse to share any of that with them. Instead you sit in your room, complain about everything and now you are losing your ability to speak clearly. I reminded her how she used to spread the word of God in Florida..door to door...on the beach...over the phone. She was so dedicated and loved being surrounded by people. What happened to that person, Mom? God is waiting to see you be that person again. He needs your heart to open think of others and not so much yourself, to be kind, not listen to give smiles and hugs. She promised to do that..we shall see...but I did answer her question on why God chooses to keep her on earth so she can sugarcoat those Pearly Gates and receive a huge GROUP HUG upon her arrival.

I, Savannah, have briefly seen Heaven. Upon arrival to the hospital's kidneys had shut down and one organ at a time followed suit. I went Code Blue. I found myself in a very bright area and in the middle of it all I saw a lovely pure white canopy peaceful and serene. I remember saying: Is that for me ?... Suddenly, there was a big FLASH...I was back in the ICU with nurses saying: Wake up dear..can you hear me..are you there?

Because of that unbelievable experience I have been blessed with a new perspective of life..a good one. Everything is more beautiful to me...
more meaningful...(trust me, I'm still not perfect...) but, this miracle has given me the ability to tell others about it...especially the ones who FEAR death. With this...I hope my mother will offer my story to those at the retirement could be her opening line....

I needed to share my story with all of you. It's's OK.

So Folks, please take time to make a difference. How many people did you make happy today? How many lives did you touch?

We must remember that helping a person will not necessarily change the world, but it WILL CHANGE the world for that person.

I dedicate this article to my husband JD who stands by me no matter what. To my sister for ALL she does every challenging day for our mother and
our family. To the dedicated doctor who saved my life and most of all to God who has given me a second chance and renewed my life.



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