Today's Chat: Got a purr-petrator?

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Depending how old you are...a CAT with glasses could resemble John Lennon...or Harry Potter.

All those cute kitty cat pictures just melt my heart! For me, CATS are like potato can't have just one. I have OCD: Obsessive CAT Disorder.

They are addictive. Aunt Jane recently got rid of her husband, Uncle Lou, because the cats were allergic. Such a CAT-tastrophe ! (I guess his dander was

worse than theirs...).

Cousin Clarence 's cat named Einstein...loves to sit by his computer and watch the mouse. His favorite button is PAWS. He doesn't like on-line shopping. He prefers a Cat-alogue.

Uncle Festus thinks CATS are very intelligent.

He once sat next to one at the movie theater. He asked: Are you a CAT? .....Yes....Well, what are you doing at this movie?...Well, I really liked the book.

My niece Cindy calls her cat: CLAWS. It terrifies the mailman. Even though Cindy's pet can be terrifying...most CATS are a comforting companion that can ease their owner's anxiety or depression. Their slow BLINK

is their kitty kiss to show affection.

A cat lover is called an Ailurophilian. JD and I go by the Irish Proverb: Beware of people who hate cats. They may come back as mice in the next life where cats hate them...!

We have four cats and one highly frustrated dog....he questions the odds of 4 to one...but they all get along regardless.

CATS can sleep anywhere...any table, chair, top of piano or dresser, window sill, open drawer, cardboard box and of course on MY favorite sofa spot.

Obviously, they will never suffer from insomnia. CATS sleep approximately 70% of the day...15% grooming..and the rest spent eating, playing and visiting.

Three-quarters is SNOOZING ...where they are still alert to awaken at a moment's notice. Their ears twitch and rotate toward noises with their eyes open a teeny bit. Even when sitting upright, cats can slip into a dozing mode. That's how our huge cat Rocky a person sitting up against the fluffy sofa pillows. But, it never fails..when I get up from MY sofa spot...He claims that warm spot and I am out of luck when I return. Also crunchy paper is a favorite along with Aunt Joy's bubble wrap.

CATS are awesome. They communicate in many ways. It can be vocally meowing, patting you with their paw and even by the motion of their tail.

A high tail with a head bump is: Happy to See You! The Tail Hug equals Love. The exclamation point means: I'm startled. When scolded: A single flip ! (Like: OKAY...who's HAIRBALL is THIS !!) Single flips all over the place. When their tail flips back and forth..they are playful, but when you see tail twitching...release the cat...too much hugging and holding....too much stimulation thank-you....!!

Excessive meowing may mean distress or illness.

Princess is our CHATTING CAT...who literally chirps at potential prey...such as a squirrel, chipmunk, bird or bug.

A cat's PURR is self-healing and expresses contentment. Laying on their backs shows TRUST. If they suddenly start running around the house,

it's out of either sheer boredom or just a burst of energy for needed exercise. A healthy supply of catnip tends to calm them down. Above all, please Keep their litter box clean ! (Did you know that cat urine glows under a black light?)

The male cat is called a Tom, while the female is a queen or molly. A group of cats is called a Clowder.

Why did the Cat cross the road? ...It was the Chicken's day off.

The sound of the can-opener opening a can of tuna...seems to draw quite a bit of attention. Cats have 30 teeth but their jaw does NOT move sideways.

So, it cannot chew large chunks of food. Please chop their dinners up in small pieces. Do not feed them onions, garlic, green tomatoes, raw potatoes,

chocolate, grapes or raisins. Gizmo, our youngest cat, loves Mice Krispies for her breakfast. Also, be careful what houseplants you have setting around...

some of them are poisonous to cats.

Gizmo also finds the swirling toilet water in the toilet amazing and loves to play hide and seek under the bedspread while I make the bed every morning.

Rocky enjoys the last few drops of my coffee by sitting next to the cup, dipping his paw in and licking it. All I have to say is: Rocky, your coffee is ready.. and here he comes.

Our outdoor kitty, Baby, drinks her water the same way and successfully chases away the neighbor's dog from her food dish on a daily basis. After that, she climbs onto the porch rocker and takes a break from all the excitement.

They all love their daily grooming as they each take turns jumping up on the bathroom counter. What a cushy life !

Did you know that the rigged pattern on their nose is their fingerprint?

CATS have 230 bones (24 more than humans) and 53 vertebrae. Having no collarbone, they can fit through any opening the size of their head.

As I always say....please care for your pets...along with your family and friends.

Have a wonderful week and may every day be as joyful as the next.



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