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I think my KARMA just ran over your DOGMA !!

MEDITATION should be part of your EVERYDAY LIFE. REAL Life can interfere with creating time for YOURSELF. Reduce stress . Think of your brain as a computer simultaneously keeping many windows and programs going. MEDITATION helps to close out the unnecessary windows so you can focus on what's essential. That way you can enjoy life more and perform at a higher level.

Do you actually realize HOW MUCH TRASH we carry around in our brain bucket ?

Let's feel good about emptying all that trash and concentrate on only those things that we benefit from the most. Hey Folks, there is A LOT of burn out up there....that's why we are so stressed and occupied with issues that just DO NOT MATTER. OK?

Aside from regular exercise, eating healthy and getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night, You NEED TO KEEP YOUR BRAIN AND MIND CLEAR OF GARBAGE ! How do we do that, you say? M..E..D..I..T..A..T..E!

No investment...just a few minutes each morning to start out with. No fancy workout clothes needed...just a bit of FREE TIME to feel better, be better and become happier !! Yep...IT requires time and commitment .... but do you want to be SUPERCHARGED OR NOT?

It's a FREE TICKET to be happier, calmer, less anxious and more energized...more alert and far more productive....NO PRESCRIPTIONS, NO PILLS, NO DRUGS
to gain your own THROW OUT THE TRASH.

Too Busy to meditate? Oh, Honey...If Savannah has time to meditate for 15 minutes a do you !! The expensive Starbucks and the horrid habit forming energy drink that gives you WINGS...will never help you gain what you need to start your day...THROW THE TRASH OUT....and Meditate.

Once you make it a daily gets easier and you will see the more FOGGY brain. Once you calm your nerves, it's easier to make smarter EVERYTHING YOU DO. A real game changer.

What the Heck do I do to get this all started, you ask? First: sit or lie comfortably. Second: close your eyes. Third: don't try to CONTROL your breath...simply breathe naturally. Fourth: focus on how your body moves with each inhalation and exhalation...Fifth: Concentrate...focus on a single point...don't let your mind wander....(calming music without words, focus on a single item, light a candle..focus on your breathing..) Sixth: Start with 5 minutes to up to longer time. SMILE when you finish...train your mind...focus...empty the more high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and pain.

If you enjoy walking...meditate while you walk. Just once, I would like to read a medication label that says: WARNING: may cause permanent weight loss, remove wrinkles and increases energy. Yes?

Uncle Festus has taken up meditation. He tells me that it even makes my dog's tongue relax. He asks Aunt Martha: Could you give me the SILENT treatment until about 8:30 this morning...then he gets his meditation in for the day.

Uncle Pete tells me that since he has started his sessions each's like an oxygen mask drops out of the sky.

Aunt Patsy says: C'mon INNER PEACE I promise not to MAKE LISTS while seeking peace. ( We have a joke about lists...we spend time making a grocery list and end up leaving it at home...the Honey-Do list is for Pete ...but also needs to be eliminated while she meditates.)

Aunt Martha still needs a little work on her sincerity regarding meditation. She told me: I've learned to relax to handle stress...Just Kidding, I'm on my third glass of wine !! Naughty are definitely going against the grain here, Girl !! She would love to take Yoga class, but doesn't trust her bodily functions.

MEDITATE on following your dreams or you''ll spend the rest of your life working for someone who did. Is it time to post the: BANG YOUR HEAD HERE sign.

Hey, JD always thought AIR was FREE until he bought a bag of chips. JD is working on this medication idea...for now, he merely can DRAW how he feels.

Meditation would have been safer for my grandmother instead of walking 5 miles a day at the age of 60. She's 97 years old now and we don't know WHERE the heck she is! Poor Grandma, she tried to lose weight, but she got so fat that when she wore her YELLOW dress...people yelled...TAXI !!!

Cousin Clarence believes that hard work never killed anybody...but why take the chance ? When he recently got his WISDOM teeth removed, he asked if they could now remove the STUPID teeth. (Time to meditate, Clarence...UMMMMMM.)

Noah was known to meditate in a big way. He planned wasn't raining when he built the ark. Today, if you think about it, remember the ARK was built by amateurs and the TITANIC was built by professionals. That will give you something to think about...besides WHAT ARE THE NEIGHBORS DOING TODAY?

To add to the reality of Meditation...this was a practice that grew and developed throughout the Middle Ages in the form of prayers. Even back in the caveman days...they would chant and speak into the fire of their caves. But, not until the 1960's did it start to gain popularity in the West. Many professors and researchers began testing about the effects of meditation and learned about it's multitude of benefits. Deriving from the Latin word: Mediatum...which means to Ponder was first discovered by a 12th century monk, Guigo II. who discovered this happy accident. Buddha means awareness of the body and mind that prevents evil from arising in either...popular early on in India and China.

When realization set in, Dr. Herbert Benson became the pioneer in establishing the benefits and effectiveness of meditation. His book, The Relaxation Response, topped the best seller list in the mid 1970's and is available today in your local book stores. Edmund Jacobsen developed the relaxation therapy aimed at mental and muscle relaxation to reduce stress. Francine Shapiro developed meditation as an approach to behavoral and individual therapy.

So, NO THIS IS NOT QUACKERY ! It is TRULY for real !! All you can do is TRY IT. In the time it takes to swallow those prescription pills ... you can medicate and start your day with a clear mind and energy to meet the world head on.

In closing, John Lennon once said: When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up...I wrote down: H..A..P..P..Y. They told me that I didn't understand the assignment. I told them THEY didn't understand LIFE.... Lennon was well known for his meditation practices and this day, I believe the world has lost a most important brilliant soul...but if you listen to his songs...he was a believer and held the light within himself.

Once again, Relax your mind and Relieve burn out....INCLUDE your children in this theory...taking out the TRASH will hold an entire different meaning and grades will improve.


(P.S. If I hear a lot of heavy breathing this better be your meditation exercises and lots of TRASH leaving the area !!)

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