Thump those melons

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WATERMELONS...of course....! Did you know they are BOTH a fruit and a vegetable?

It is not only related to the cucumber, pumpkin and squash, but also the cantaloupe, honeydew and multiple other vine growing produce. It was originally brought over from West Africa and now mainly imported from Guatemala.

I, myself, prefer the locally grown melons here in Tennessee. Watermelon is not just made of water and sugar...but has a high amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with a LOW mount of calories. With over 80 nutrients, it's refreshing sweet taste helps combat the heat with 92% water and tons of electrolytes that helps prevent dehydration. With the high content of vitamin A and C it helps to decrease the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, colon and prostate cancers, high blood pressure, constipation and aids in sleeping disorders. It also lowers asthma risks and promotes healthy complexion and hair and increases energy. (Good grief...let's put it inside all those prescription pills we take and stay healthy without nasty chemicals to keep us well.)
Did you know that there are FIVE types of watermelon? Seeded, Seedless, Mini, Yellow and Orange. Plenty of a GUILT FREE DESSERT if you ask me!!

Julia Child says: People who love to eat watermelon are always the best people. Mark Twain adored this melon and once said: When one has tasted watermelon he knows what the angels eat ! Did you also know what they called Lassie when this doggie ate watermelon?...MelonCollie...of course!!

Six-year-old Cousin Sally told me that the reason she gives her teacher an APPLE is because a watermelon is too HEAVY to carry. (Clever Kid...)

Okay, back to the THUMPING of melons. For as long as I can remember, my mother has been a THUMPER. Basically on watermelons....but she picked on other produce items as well. She told me that if there was a deep hollow sound under her THUMP, then the melon was ripe and ready to eat. So far, she was right ! I thump to this day.

While recently at the local grocery store, I was testing out the watermelons and a gentleman came up to me and said: Does that REALLY WORK? What does it mean? I told him to listen for the hollow thump and more than likely, it is a good-er. So, he proceeded to THUMP away. Finally he asked me : Does this one sound ok? I tested it and said:'re ready to roll!! And away he went. As I walked away from the large pile of melons, I noticed a little boy thumping...not only was he a cutie...but he seemed to know exactly what he was doing !!

One year when I was teaching at the YMCA summer camp in Florida, we had different contests featuring watermelons. Seed-spitting was most popular. When it came to the eating contest everyone ate soooo much watermelon that we all ended up laying on the ground with bloated stomachs and begging for a nap!

I'm sure you have all heard about swallowing a watermelon seed and becoming pregnant. Strange as it may seem, we ladies certainly do look like we are carrying one of those melons under our shirt while we are expecting. So, when the babies are wonder they can be termed as our: Fruits of Labor.

Cousin Clarence once told me that frogs and watermelons have a lot in common. They are both green. Both have freckles and stripes and both turn red if you smash it with a hammer. (Good Grief, Boy...what is wrong with YOU?)

Uncle Festus told Clarence that onions are not the only food that make you cry...wait till I hit you in the face with a watermelon!! (Double Good Grief....)

Did you know that a MELONOLOGIST is actually a Champion Seed Spitter? I wonder if their trophies are as big as the Corn Holer Champs?

Cousin Pete challenged little Jackie that if he could carry two regular-sized watermelons under one arm he would win. Well, with a bit of a struggle, he did it. And the prize? Both those big ole watermelons, of course!!

Actually, there are many more uses for these big melons than just eating. For instance, have you seen the fantastic sculptures that are displayed at the local prize-winning sculpture contests at the local fairs? They are GOURDgeous!! Really original artwork...such talent!!

Also, if you carve out half of a large watermelon, put two holes in the bottom and lift it slightly off the is a perfect babysitter and teething ring at the same time!

If you forget your motorcycle half of one of those green things and plop it on your ya' go!! You may get some strange looks...but safety second. You think I am making this up don't you.....Nope...for real...(Now, would I actually FOOL you folks ?....)

My neighbor's pig loves watermelon....he really chomps it up....all that's left is PORK RINDS!! I recently gave one of their goats a piece of it and must have been sour to him...because that face on a goat was something would have thought I gave it a lemon instead!!

Anyway, August 3rd is National Watermelon get lined up early for the TOSSING CONTEST.

Hey Folks, I could have picked a different subject to talk about this week...but something about Dallas police, white versus black lives matter, Trump, Hillary and the FBI just didn't click with me. Even tho, I did see a fella selling produce the other day with a sign up that read: Buy a watermelon, or I will vote for Trump. (Not to mention his versatility with the other side of the sign saying: Buy a watermelon, or I will vote for Hillary.) Either way, that
guy was bound to sell out of produce!!

By the way, don't forget to attend the Feed America First food distribution every Saturday from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM at the baseball field in Woodbury. If you need help providing for yourself and family, this is a perfect way the community can help you. At times, there is clothing available and household items...also at no charge. See you there!!

It certainly has been a hot and humid summer this do yourself a favor and remember to use your sunscreen, take water with you and chow down on that watermelon!! Chat with all of you next week.


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