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To the citizens of Cannon County,

I have recently heard some negative comments about a good friend of mine in the local coffee shops and around town that compelled me to write this letter to the editor.

 I’m talking about our Cannon County High School head football coach Mr. Brent Bush and his decision to fly to Oregon to watch his two sons play football for Tennessee Tech University against the Oregon Ducks.
Oregon is the number 3 ranked team in the nation right now and is one of the premier college football stages in this country to play in.

Coach Bush’s two sons played in this game side by side on the defensive line. That is a dream situation for those two young men and their family.

I have heard comments that Coach Bush should have forgone the opportunity to be there with his sons to experience that and to watch the game and instead go to York with the Cannon County football team.

Even though the rest of the coaching staff, including myself encouraged him to go, even though he agonized over the decision to go, even though he made preparations for the York game with the rest of the coaching staff, even though the rest of the coaching staff was perfectly capable of managing the game in his absence and even though the players, who all realize we are family and how important family is wanted him to go. Given all of that he was still criticized by some in this community.

But, the one thing that bothered me the most about this was knowing the sacrifices Coach Bush has already made for his family and for our country. Coach Bush missed a lot of important things, and a lot of fun times with his family, in the past because he was serving as a leader in our armed forces fighting for the security of our nation and to protect the very freedoms that give us the right and the privilege to sit comfortably in a coffee shop and freely express our opinion about something.

So, before you criticize someone about something they have done in their life, stop to think about their situation before you open your mouth. Coach Bush is my friend and I am proud to serve on his coaching staff. He doesn’t talk the big talk he steps up and walks the walk.

Thank You
Bill Parsley

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Members Opinions:
September 25, 2012 at 3:57pm
Amen, Bill! Thank You Brent for all you have done! Support your sons every chance you get. That's what you have assistants for.
September 26, 2012 at 8:43am
As a parent of one of the football players, Coach had a meeting with the parents to talk about this and all parents understood what he was doing. The team also understood why he wanted to go. Coach Bush has done so much for our country and missed out with his family that he and his wife needed to be with their sons. It is a shame that we have people in our community that thinks that this was wrong. I support Coach Bush in his discussions no matter if it is on the field or off.
Keep your head up high Coach we are behind you.
Dorinda Mankin mother of #11 Wilder Mankin
September 26, 2012 at 3:17pm
It is such a shame that so many put so much into sports and put that before family. Coach Bush COACHES because he loves family and loves children and loves what he does...that is proven by wanting to go see HIS children and support is okay for teachers to take off for family reasons, not show up for "sickness" or a Principal to be so involved in "SPORTS" also and put that first before anything, but Coach Bush is entitled to have days off, take personal days like every other teacher and if that is how he chooses to do it and had the support of his team, the parents and friends and family, I don't think it is anyone else's business. T. J. Daniels and others are very well equipped to handle the team and it is not if you win or lose but "HOW" you play the game and Coach Bush's example he set for parents caring for their children, and him caring so much for others is an example to all of us. When any of us here this kind of talk at coffee shops, at grocery stores or anywhere, the best thing is to put a stop to it and let them know where you stand , they will get the point!!!
September 27, 2012 at 8:05am
Thank you Coach Bush for the sacrifice you and your family have made and continue to make for my family and the rest of the world. Cannon County is fortunate to have you as a coach, and I pray that you will continue to Coach at CCHS for many years to come.
September 27, 2012 at 11:20am
Well said Bill I also thank coach Bush for what he does and has done for our country.
September 27, 2012 at 4:29pm
I agree with all of the above. If the players and coaches support this decision so be it. Father Bush has missed many opportunities to be his family while he was protecting our Country. The people that are complaining more than likely complain on a daily basis and don't understand family and serving your Country! They should be praising God for the servce that Coach, Father, and Retired Veteran Bush has given to his family and our Country!!
James Adkins
September 28, 2012 at 9:07pm
Coach Bush called a special meeting with the parents of the players WEEKS ago to inform them that he would be taking that game off to go see his boys play.
I was at that meeting and I shook his hand and told him that he needed to go see his boys play and I fully supported him. Not a single parent that was at that meeting had any issues with him taking the trip that I am aware of. It was 100% positive support as it should have been.
Whoever is complaining about him going needs to look around and find something that really needs to be complained about or just plain shut up. Either one works fine for me!
Coach Bush you keep up the good work and it may be a tough season, but that builds character in my opinion!
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