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Whoever is doing the rain dances, you need to stop doing them. Farmers and others that work on the outside and me need a break for a month or two at least from the rainfall. We are not behind in the rain department around here (forget what the weatherman says) we're just about soaked. Frogs in the ditch line behind our house probably will be knocking on my door or be washed up at it before long. Dogwood trees over at Aubrey's mom and dad's place blooming out nicely now. Redbirds have been blooming out I've noticed and a lot of other bushes and trees. I guess it's been a redbird winter for a little while as we have had some cool spells to contend with as of late. This may be dogwood winter coming on now. Blackberry winter around the corner. Several winters to go through until the warmer weather really takes hold and stays for us. I'm past ready for that aren't you?

With the rain we got overnight, there is water standing everywhere as I'm looking out our patio doors. The bird feeders I had taken down a few days ago in case we had some high winds come through with the thunderstorms are now back up. The birds have come back now to get fed as I figured it would be like that saying "if you build it, they will come" the same applies I guess if you put the feeders back out, they (being the black birds and other birds) will gather around once again and have a feast.

The mountain behind our house is greening up by leaps and bounds or so it seems. Each rainfall we get, I notice how the mountain's trees and bushes are putting on all sorts of different green colors to fill in the landscape so beautifully. Most people don't get to marvel at this kind of spectacular scenery right out their back door so I feel very fortunate indeed. Only thing that bothers me about how everything is getting so green around here wouldn't this be great camouflage for the little green men if they do truly exist? Each spring I find myself wondering just how close my rendezvous with death really could be at this time of the year. Need I guess to get all my affairs in order in case the worse scenario for me should possibly happen. Clyde and Bobby not much help on this as all they say is you can be here today and gone tomorrow so get over it. Bobby needs to get the tuna and crackers el pronto as it could turn out to be my last meal. Have quit the diet drinks but a glass of sweet tea would suffice. Checked my out dated dictionary and encyclopedia for definition of alien and found not verification of such a creature existing as I checked each book cover to cover and in between sifting through all those countless pages and no trace of little green men ever being on this planet. Evidently, they've not been at the right place at the right time as others have told they thought they were going to die from fright at the sight of the aliens. Personally I have always thought you can't believe everything you read, see or stumble over in the darkness by just mere care -- lessness on your part in getting to factual happenings about extra - terrestrials being among us. Decades ago the sighting of 2 aliens going into daddy's tobacco patch by 2 individuals that to this day, not wavering from what they saw is all the proof I need to be vigilant on my comings and goings everyday.

We do have some important birthdays coming up in the month of April: our daughter Carolyn Graham 12th, Diane Evans 12th, Bernie Braswell 14th, our son-in-law Dusty Johnson 17th, Kim hall 18th, Edith Miller 21st, our niece Brooklyn Pedigo 30th and Debbie Melton 30th.

Please keep on your prayer list: the family of Ella Rich (this is the sister of carlon Melton), Mai Nell Melton, and Denise Stanton.

A really big ole spider inteh house the other morning. Thought I was going to have to call for back up as this spider looked like he could take me down if need be. He was I believe a home-grown spider from Texas. You know they gor'em big in Texas and he sure didn't look like a Tennessee Spider. Our spiders can hold a quitar and can pick and sing Rocky Top if asked to do that and fill the house to over capacity. I've never seen a spiker that looked that sturdy like a tank. Thought he might pounce on me so I carefully got my can of Hot Shot and the fly swatter. Somehow I felt a lot braver once armed. First I sprayed him with the Hot Shot to hopefully daze him. He didn't move an eyelash so in my mind he was going down to a horrible death and couldn't get back to spider headquarters to alert any others, if there is such a thing. You can guess what happened to that home-grown Texas psider - yep, he is no more. .

If you have news for the column, just give me a call at 615-563-4429. Have a great day!

For unto whomsoever much is given, ofhim shall be much required. Luke 12:48

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