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Roads becoming a hazard to drive on anymore and not because of me being a woman driver. Traveling to church Sunday morning and was wondering where was the fire that so many people were trying to get to at breakneck speed and do they all live at that residence? They were zooming by me as if I was sitting still. This is becoming an all too familiar happening and it's not just on the weekend. That double yellow line might as well be purple, b because they are gonna get on your back bumper and come around you with the ease of one of those professional drivers of Nascar that actually do know what they're doing. I'm sure you've experience this lack of sense by some drivers yourselves and want to know have they really got a license to drive and do this is the first question that pops on your mind? If I'm driving the speed limit that someone else (not me) posted along the road, you need to back off and drive like a responsible adult or else be take out "behind the barn" and taught a lesson to get the wild driving out of your system. It wouldn't be a spanking - a spanking would get you in all sorts of trouble and being shipped of to Siberia could be in your future. Maybe people are getting the road rage thing over those signs that tell you the mph you should be driving.

Speaking of road rage, I was in line at a drive thru fast food establishment recently and was twenty minutes or more waiting on the few vehicles ahead of me to place their orders. Some people left the scene behind me as I guess they knew it was going to be too long a wait to get some food. "Patience is a virtue" I was taught growing up so I was mulling that over in my mind and glad I had taught that to our girls as they were growing up. The wait wouldn't have been so long if the people had their order ready to give when they drove up to the machine that takes it. When I finally got up there I was ready with both barrels to place my order but the message read "please wait". Nobody blew their horn behind me because I guess they thought I was trying to make up my mind, too, as what to order. If a person did get that road rage feeling at KFC (that was where I was at) I was thinking since people don't have much patience anymore what would happen? Would people be pushing vehicles forward to get them out of their way? That would only make the wait to get their food even longer. I would only hope they would think before they acted that foolishly but I wouldn't hold my breath on that.

Maybe parents from "way back when" did their kids a disfavor by teaching them right from wronga nd that they were going to be held accountable for the poor decisions they made. Spankings were probably a bad thing and that respect of elders and their property was also I image misguiding them in the wrong direction. You're smart so I know the lack of teaching the "Golden Rule" would most likely been a good thing, Right? If kids were brought up these days like way back when and to hold God in reverence, then you've figured out what's wrong in the lack of parenting that is going on today. The best you can do by your kids doesn't guarantee a thing as to how they will turn out but it's all you've got going for you to say you tried. If they see the life you're living then most likely they'll be the apple that doesn't fall far from that tree. I'm from that way back when generation myself and am so proud of it because I was taught by both of my parents to treat people the way you wanted to be treated, to show them respect, have good manners and be courteous to others at all time. No back talking to your parents as that would get you a slap on the face that you needed and you would then get the message not to ever show that kind of disrespect again. Parents were parents with the back bone to back it up. This sugar-coating everything today where kids are concerned as you can very easily see isn't working. Parents, you are expected to discipline your kids, not harshly, of course, but they will respect you for it as that is what God expects of you in raising your kids to be somebody.

If you have any news for the column, just give me a call at 615-563-4429. Have a great day.

Whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus. Colossians 3:17

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