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Sunday March 20th, and it is the first day of spring. Got out of church and thought it was raining very hard, but soon discovered it was sleeting. Spring's transition into milder weather can sometimes be a bumpy one as we well know.

Busy week for sure around here using the weed killer spray to take down those pesky weeds that are hard to get at with the John Deere tractor. Everything coming to life with this lovely spring weather being ushered in as each day, if you will notice, the flowers are emerging so eagerly out of the soil. Great time of the year thankful that you can get outside to enjoy all the splendor and beauty of nature that God puts before you. It is so breathtaking to me.

Dust has accumulated to a depth I've not seen in quite a while on furniture and etc. Oh well, it may just have to accumulate some more as the outdoors just about always wins out over the house cleaning. I figure those rainy days in the springtime when I can't do outside work would be the perfect time to take care of that dust.

On TV this morning they were reporting terrorist attacks in Brussels Belgium today, Tuesday, March 22nd. Several people were killed and even more hurt. Only cowards do this kind of thing. Seems there's no place safe for anyone these days. Got to thinking whoever gets elected to the presidency at the top of their agenda they had better build up our military as never before in our history and take whatever other steps deemed necessary in protecting this country by more surveillance and everyone stepping up and watching out for each other. If something seems out of place and not right to you act on your "gut feeling" as most of the time it is right. These cowards have no regard for human life not even their own. We have set around twiddling our thumbs and had our heads buried in the sand long enough and now just look who's breathing down our necks ready to do us in any way they can. Are we dumb or just don't care what happens to this country? America is called the greatest place to live in but why don't we protect it? Have some of us got used to the so-called "good life" we have going on and can't see what's lurking on the horizon to bring us down? If you're not alarmed, you should be. An enemy like this America has never faced before. If you love this country, then be on guard for it wherever you go.

Please keep the following people in prayer: Edith Miller, Ruth Brown, Fay Pitts, Charlie Mai Daniel, Carlon Gunter, the family of Michael Underwood, and Denise Stanton.

Well, those little green men according to Bobby, are tired of all the honors being bestowed upon their leader Clyde as of late. Bobby says they are especially jealous of all the media attention Clyde has been getting and that he has forgotten them. They will be holding some kind of meeting to decide if Bobby should take the top spot as their new leader. Bobby says he's ready, willing and able to carry on with the important task at hand. I have no idea what important task at hand he's talking about do you? Bobby was supposed to get the little green fellas away from here not furnish them housing and a title to some land around that devil's hole. He's probably been paid off to not send them a packin. Clyde may not be willing to relinquish the coveted title as their leader and he most likely will attend that meeting to be heard. Would love to be a fly on the wall when the sparks start flying at that meeting between Clyde and Bobby wouldn't you?

If you have any news for the column, just give me a call at 615-563-4429. Have a great day!


Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thous hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created. Revelation 4:11

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