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Temperatures to be 10 degrees above the norms (in the 60's) this Tuesday we just loving it? - you bet! Can get out without being so bundled up and no one is complaining. Getting some Christmas shopping done with some nice weather to boot quite refreshing and we certainly welcome that.

Weatherman said most likely next week's temperatures will be coming down to normal for what they should before December which would be 50 to 51 degrees for highs. Would be nice if we could have some white fluffy snow show up around these parts Christmas Eve night and wake up Christmas morn to one more beautiful sign with that snow still falling.

Hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate would be ideal for that kind of occasion don't you think? I'm not predicting that - just would love seeing it and would be remembering days of long ago when we had snows like that. The snow cream was to die for that mom fixed up for us. Do you remember those time and the snowball fights!

Tracy Neal still doing better when I talked with her on Monday. Fay Pitts and Chloe Evelyn Bogle doing good, also.

Do Keep Tracy, Fay, and Chloe Evelyn in your prayers. Others to be praying for: Ruth Brown, Edith Miller, Kathy Martin, Denise Stanton, Carlon and Mai Nell Melton, Luther Lawrence, the families of Wanda Zeh and Brenda Vanderpool.

Birthday party for Clyde and I all straightened out now as everyone has gotten down to business and have found everything that was lost or mislabeled. No hint of the "Little green men" or that "invisible cow" being about but no one will be letting their guard down. Bobby is on sentry duty (whatever that is) and vows they will not get past him to disrupt the party. We will be hoping he can get the cars parked and keep people from road rage in the parking lot, and also deter little aliens and a cow from messing up this party that has really been only a few days in the planning stages. We're all used to this kind of pressure and all the media coverage that will be surrounding us that night. We always have everything down like clockwork when the curtain goes up (after being stuck for what seems like forever) and it then literally (most of the time) falls down after the party is over on somebody or something (maybe it could take out a cow or some aliens, if they get past Bobby. I'll just be praying they've forgotten about the party.

Have to comment on another shooting of innocent people yesterday in San Bernardine, California with fourteen people at last count killed and seventeen injured - some in critical condition. Please keep the families of this tragedy in your thoughts and prayers. Only would we know how they are feeling with this kind of hurt, if we were in their shoes.

None of this makes any sense as it is all so senseless. It would be bad enough is someone took their own life, but to take those people's lives that wanted to live, it is not in our human understanding to comprehend.

It seems at times our country is in complete disarray with so much killing that is going one. Even though I can no longer call America a Christian nation, I do believe there are countless Christians that have humbled themselves before God in prayer for our country to come to its senses and the realization that their only hop is to ask for forgiveness and serve only Him.

Do not know exactly when the train was getting off the tracks in America's decline of its morals and making their own rules as to how doing wrong and being ungodly is the fun way to live. We simply put God "out to pasture" and turned out backs on Him. Shouldn't we have known He wasn't about to stay where He wasn't wanted?

Shame on so many of us that call ourselves Christians, when we do what feels good, hurt people in so many different ways, and are always wondering what just exactly is in this for me? God who loves all of us and doesn't want any of us to perish may be giving us a little more time to get the train back on the tracks. I don't know but I do know going along with the so-calls in crowd after so long, - well, you'll lend right in with them and be dooming your soul to hell for eternity just like so many others.

Only God, Himself, knows how many chances He will give us to get this country right again. It will be right only when we "Turn our backs" on this lost and pitiful world and acknowledge the goodness and the righteousness of God almighty.

If you have any news for the column, just give me a call (615) 563-4429. Have a great day!

Be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest. Joshua

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