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Saturday morning and it's the start of a brand new month - November. Looked out our window and there was a skif of snow on the roof of Aubrey's shop, our wrought iron furniture in the yard, lampposts, and Randy and Gail's vehicles, and the roof on their house. We had been told about maybe a little snow and some very cold weather as well that was coming our way.

Treated several little ones and some big ones with candy that came by last night. It was a nasty night with the rain and the windy conditions for the trick or treating but did enjoy everyone that showed up. Treated several more than I did last year.

Betty Barnes has returned home from South Carolina where she was visiting her son Chris and his wife Julia, and their son Peyton. They all got to celebrate Halloween. Later on they got to visit Hilton Head Island. A wonderful time was had by all.

At the store (Short Mountain Market) on Thursday. Maybe the name of the store should be the Meeting Place. Lot of people up there and I had to maneuver my truck to find a place to park it. Ronald and Blake didn't know the danger they were in as they were walking to the store. Prayed I wouldn't hit them as prayer always helps. Burley Bogle trying to leave the premises in his truck as I was walking behind this other vehicle and Burley and I watching out for each other so as not to collide. Turned out okay and we had a laugh over it. In the store Mike Melton and Glenn Ferrell there at the counter so, of course, struck up a conversation with them. They are with the Forest Division up here on the mountain. Talked with Ronald and Blake at the back table as they were eating their lunch. As I left the store a big dump truck pulled up at the store as I was talking to Ralph outside by the benches. The guy got out of the truck and was walking by me when it dawned on me that I knew him. It was Edward Sissom. Aubrey and him had been good friends for years. We talked about Aubrey quite a bit and found out Edward likes the column. Getting to be a small world as I can usually run up on someone who knew Aubrey. That really doesn't surprise me as Aubrey made friends it seemed everywhere he went.

Sunday evening talking with my good friend Diane on the phone. Later she came down and brought me some calla lily bulbs. The flowers they produce are a deep purple - and almost black in color and are so beautiful.
Charlie Mai Daniel and Carlon Melton not able to be at church on Sunday. Do keep them in prayer and also, Fay Pitts, Denise Stanton, Edith Miller, Chloe Evelyn Bogle, and Donna Lawson.

With this new month our thoughts are now going to be turning to Thanksgiving and that turkey and dressing, pumpkin pie, and all of the other bounties of food we will be devouring.

Yesterday finally saw a bunch of turkeys wandering around behind Randy and Gail's house in their field. Yes, these turkeys all had feathers - just in case you were wondering.

Went ahead and got my flu shot a couple of weeks ago. Hope you have gotten your flu shot too. Certainly no fun being sick with the flu and now is a good time to just go ahead and get it over with.

Talking with Ruth/the boss on Monday evening. Her and her family doing pretty good. Peggy/the diva and Shirley/the trooper both are okay. Carol says, "Hi," to you two and sends you her love.

Not a peep from Debby about Clyde and my birthday bash that is coming up very shortly. Bobby Taylor will be taking care of the parking situation. Truck drivers are super good at doing that so we have the traffic problem eliminated. Someone had better let him know what his duties are for this mountain celebration that happens only once a year. Plans for that red carpet not fully completed yet. In fact, desperation has set in and that has brought about some wild ideas that people have come up with. Latest idea being to sew some red bathroom mats together and go with that. With so many flashes from all those cameras no one will be noticing that red carpet anyway is what I figure. Will have to have plenty of lighting outside to light up the sky and for people who don't know how to get to us will just follow the beams of light that will brighten all of Short Mountain that faithful night as never before and we will then be on the map like so many other places are in this country of the free and the brave. Hard to picture something of this great magnitude on the mountain isn't it? That's how other great events have sparked the interest of the people that have found their way to them - and only bigger opportunities for everyone will take root and the publicity doesn't hurt either I guess. The media will have to come to check all of this out as they will think a spaceship has landed up here on the mountain, after all the talk in the column about the little green men. I'm sure the suspense is building as to what we are in store for that night. No invitations to those little green fellas or that cow to be mailed as the night would be ruined by their appearance even if it would be one of their better nights. Rally sending out all of those invitations would be a costly venture for whoever is in charge of mailing them. I say everyone is invited to this birthday bash as we are going to have a great time with all of that great bluegrass music by Clyde and his band at Short Mountain Market, Saturday, December 13th. The time for the party to get started still being hashed out as to not clash with anyone's last minute schedule for that day. Will keep you updated as the information and logistics are relayed to me. Y'all come now.

Went up to Short Mountain School on Tuesday to cast my vote. Always a privilege to do that. Miss Anita and Connie Cantrell there to greet me with their warm smiles. Got to talk with Wayne Underhill and Betty Jo Johnson for a few minutes, while I was there.

If you have any news for the column, just give me a call at (615) 563-4429. Have a great day!

But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil. 2 Thessalonians 3:3

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