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Do not have to ask anybody if they got rain as I know they like me have gotten more rain than they probably wanted. This is Tuesday the start of the second week of even more wet weather for this month of October. Possibly by Thursday the sunshine will hopefully be back with us. Two weeks ago I mowed the yards on a Sunday evening as it was one of those have to cases with the "ox being in the ditch" as Aubrey would say and the yards needed to be mowed with the rain on the way. Happy to report did not see an ox nor an "invisible cow" in the process of mowing.

At least George my garden spider is doing well and hasn't got washed away by all the heavy rains as he is
just hanging around you could say out front amongst the azalea bushes. Thriving nicely and is getting very big
now. I wonder how much bigger he will get and just how long is his life span. Probably longer than the last
one at the back of the house that I'm pretty sure the grandkids took care of. Got to find out more about him from
my out-dated encyclopedia on the bookshelf.

It seems like I'm not the only one who goes to Walmart. The other day I saw Joann Campbell and got to talk a
few minutes with her there. Also, I spotted Burley Bogle, Nick Nokes, and Clyde Nokes.

Visitors at our house recently were Bedford Taylor and Katie Underwood.

Have you got your Halloween candy yet? I have not gotten mine but will get it probably this week. Love to
treat the little ones and also the big ones. Candy that is left I give to my neighbors as that would be too much
temptation for me to have on hand to eat.

Got to thinking the other day about this General Election coming up on November 4th and how much more
knowledgeable I should be about what and who I should vote for. If I decide ever to run for some office (I
am leaning toward dog catcher as I told you in an earlier column) I feel like I need to be more up on matters
that would affect me and my fellow Cannon Countians. I'm sounding like a politician already, aren't I? Checked
the Courier pages about the official ballot and some of those constitutional amendments (most were foreign to me - and no lawyer did I have at my side to translate the meaning of all that dialogue of words) so that ended that notion quicker than it got started - but tomorrow will be another day and I will try to hash out those amendments on my own as sure to get out and vote and do your civic duty. That is the main thing as your vote counts in all of this.

Please keep some people in prayer:
Denise Stanton, Donna Lawson, Jeff
Brown, Carlon and Mai Nell Melton,
Edith Miller, Bobby Taylor, and the
Kenny Rhody family.

Have to write a couple of things that came to my mind that Aubrey told me over the years. It seemed that back in
his teenage years before I came into the picture, he would out run the law in Woodbury and I'm sure others
were in on this too. One time he had uncapped the headers and went through Woodbury with some city
officials and a lawman or maybe two in the court house yard just looking on in disbelief. This was so very loud by
Woodbury standards way back then and by the time the law was going up Woodbury hill in hot pursuit Aubrey
had turned around and was meeting them on the way back down. This happened more than once and Aubrey really enjoyed doing this. If you knew Aubrey, you can imagine the fun he was having out running the law. Even funnier, these lawmen liked Aubrey.

One other time after Aubrey and I had started dating as was the practice then the guys would congregate up at
Mr. George Barrett's store that stood across the road in front of what is now the Short Mountain Fire Hall after
they had taken their dates home. Well, the law would come by every now and then and make sure they were
behaving themselves. This one night a lot of guys there and the law stopped. Aubrey told me he could hear this car
coming from Smithville and as it topped the hill the guy had the hammer down and was sort of letting up on the gas when he spotted the law there at the store and then he really gunned it and passed the store and the Short Mountain School heading out of sight and sound. The officer looked at Aubrey and asked him, "Gunter, do you know who that was?" Aubrey replied it's probably some of those guys from Smithville showing out. The officer said, "Well, when you see those guys, tell them they better slow it down from now on." The officer wasn't believing the "guys
from Smithville story" from Aubrey, as you can tell. Later on the two guys that had come through driving so fast
came back and stopped at the store to be with their friends. The law came back and the officer walked up to the
two guys in the car and wanted to know if they were the ones who came flying through their earlier. To which
they replied, "No sir, it wasn't us." I think the officer got the message across to them (at least there for the
time being) to take the foot off the gas pedal or they could be in big trouble with the law if they didn't.

If you have any news for the column, just give me a call at (615) 563-4429. Have a great day! For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.
Isaiah 55: 8-9

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