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July 17 article
Loving the past couple of days in the low eighties and the lower humidity. I could take this kind of weather all the time. I hope you have enjoyed it, too, and took advantage of it.

Sister Fay and I were at Glenda's store (Dekalb Market) on Friday. Debbie (Deb) there but Janice (Spider) had left a little bit before we got there. Always a treat to see our girls. We had a delicious meal as usual to devour.

Last week Ron and Pam Turnpaugh from Peru, Indiana, came for a visit. Pam is Aubrey's niece. We all had a great time and caught up on what's going on with the family.

Glad to report that Bobby Taylor and Clyde Nokes are doing better.
Keep in prayer Edith Miller, Denise Stanton, and Carlon and Mai Nell Melton.

Got to spend a little time with Diane Evans this week. She gave me flowers galore to set out. Also, I talked with Chloe Evelyn Bogle. She is doing better now, too.

I left out a couple of birthdays for July: Sue Cripps Kelly 12th, and Blake Mendenhall 21st.

Talked with Ruth/the boss Tuesday evening and we had a lively discussion and so much fun catching up with the latest news as we usually do. Shirley/the trooper doing good and so is Peggy/the diva.

Also, on Tuesday evening we got what I call a lot of rain/or a gully-washer. Didn't have to water my flowers - just hoping they didn't get washed out of the ground with the rain coming down so hard.

The Gunter Reunion will be here before we know it. This year it will be on Sunday, August 31st. Clyde feels like he needs an introduction before he comes out to play and sing. I have been drafted to be the one to do this. Do not like talking in front of a lot of people and I do not have a clue as to what to say about him. He has told me in the past to write anything in the column about him as long as it's not the truth and I could to the same in introducing him to the crowd at Aubrey's shop. This will all be in fun so I will forge ahead and make up great things about him so everyone will know just how big a celebrity he is and want his autograph before they leave.

Remembering a story about this guy who could run any piece of equipment on a construction job or that is what he let everyone know. Do not know what his name was or where he was from but Aubrey just called him Cowboy. He worked with some of the locals and a guy over toward Manchester who had a construction company. Maybe Aubrey just wanted to upstage this younger guy and have some fun by telling him how good an operator he was on machinery. Aubrey never had to tell how good he was - the work he turned out spoke volumes about how good he was and the pride he took in his work - always trying to save money for the person he was working for. No doubt about it, Aubrey was tops in running a dozer and other equipment and "doing an honest day's work for an honest day's pay." So many others just looking to line their pockets in whatever way they could. Maybe some of Aubrey's work ethic rubbed off on them I hope. Anyway, Aubrey had cowboy believing that he was the number one dozer operator in the southeast by being in this dozer rodeo and winning this belt, trophy, and money by competing in this big event for operators of heavy equipment. It was a very huge affair according to Aubrey and Cowboy took all of this in and couldn't believe he was in the presence of the champion. This went on for quite awhile with Aubrey never telling Cowboy the truth. A guy over toward Blues Hill was talking with Cowboy and could not believe the story that he was telling about Aubrey. This guy called Aubrey one night laughing and told Aubrey that he had told Cowboy that was just one of those tall tales Gunter could tell and none of it was true. Cowboy's feathers of course, fell and he was somewhat heart broken about learning of this the guy said. Aubrey and this guy made it up as how to straighten this out with Cowboy so he wouldn't be in the dumps about this. The guy told Cowboy he had been all wrong about Aubrey as he really had won a trophy, a big old belt with a dozer on it, and quite a lot of money, because Aubrey had brought this all over to his house to confirm his winnings. Well, this uplifted Cowboy's spirits once again and that was all that mattered and faith in the champion was restored. Only our Aubrey could have come up with a solution to this dilemma. No one could ever be as exciting as him. Quite a treasure for all of us that knew him.

For as the heaven is high above the earth, so great is HIS mercy toward them that fear HIM. As far as the east is from the west, so far hath HE removed our transgressions from us.
Psalm 103: 11,12

July 23 article
You just simply couldn't ask for a better day in July to get outside and enjoy. Today promises to be one more pleasant day. Maybe around 79 degrees today for a high and a low tonight in the 50's. The next few days splendid as well.

Carlon Melton back in church Sunday and Mai Nell. Everyone happy they were there.

We didn't get much rain yesterday and last night as they were predicting. Toward the weekend our chances of rain will be increasing.

A helicopter flying around and circling the area this morning while I am out on our patio writing the column. I guess they are looking for marijuana patches as I heard on TV the other day they would soon start doing the aerial views in looking for the crops.

Thinking just how funny it would be if the guy, or guys, in the helicopter spotted the little green people running around while they are looking for the marijuana. If either one of them reads the column, they would know that the little green guys are alive and well - just hope they are not tending one of those illegal crops. The alien hunt would be on then for sure! What would follow next would be an avalanche of reporters canvassing the area and you know this could get out of hand really quick. No need to interview, or bother, me as I've never seen one of them. Maybe they need to talk to Clyde as he speaks their language now - whatever that is. He could really get some great TV exposure and name recognition. Looking at the beautiful view of the mountain I have right now while sitting on our patio but, of course, later on in the day I will be back in our house right before the darkness sets in as bravery is not one of my great attributes when dealing with aliens, or little green people. So much drama going on up here on the mountain and so little time to take it all in as fact or fiction. Someone telling sister Fay they wanted to give me a lot of walnut shells to use around our house as a barrier to keep the little aliens away from me. If they wear shows, this won't help, but I do appreciate the thought.

Sister Fay and I planning to go to Glenda's (Dekalb Market) tomorrow for some of their terrific catfish they serve up on Fridays. Hope to see Deb and Spider while we are there.

Please keep Edith Miller, Denise Stanton, and Carlon and Mai Nell Melton in prayer.
Won't be long until the election is here. Be sure to exercise your right to vote and cast your ballot for your candidate. This is a privilege we have in America, but in so many other countries, they do not have this right.

Years ago, Aubrey and I were out at Glenda's and they were talking about his trips to Knoxville taking nursery stock up there for Judkins Nursery. In the conversation, Glenda talked about how brave I was to go on the trips and Aubrey said when I got up in the Peterbilt I got back there in the sleeper and I was out of it until we got in Knoxville and he woke me up. Glenda then told Aubrey he had misunderstood her. She meant I had to have been a brave woman to even get in the truck with him. Only a sister can say this to a brother and get away with it. There was always a lot of fun things going on with those two. Sure do miss them both. Sometimes Aubrey's dad, John, would go with him on the trip to Knoxville. I think John thought they might get stranded somewhere as he would cook up enough food for an army to take with them. It would usually be around midnight or later when the trip would get started. Aubrey told me later after his dad had passed away, how glad he was that his dad got to make those trips with him.
If you have any news for the column, just give me a call at (615) 563-4429. Have a great day!
The Lord hates evil thoughts but is pleased with kind words.
Proverbs 15: 26

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