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Hi to everybody and sure hope you are doing okay as we start off a week.

What I call a baby fuzzy worm or caterpillar on the door facing as I came in the front door yesterday. What is puzzling about this find is that it was black on each end and orange in the middle. Isn't this too early for a prediction of what kind of winter we are going to have? I am thinking way too early, but just to err against caution, I now have 4 cans of tuna and may start stocking the cabinet with more. Better safe than sorry as I love my tuna and crackers.

Was wondering when do squirrels start their storage of nuts and other food essential items to survive the cold and a lot of times the brutal and blustery howling north winds with the snow and sleet coming through the old peach orchard that I've always heard about? Could be I'm in the lead thanks to the cute little caterpillar at my door. After the kind of winter we have experienced, planning on having more vittles in the pantry would probably be a good thing.

On the TV this morning, they were telling about Chrysler recalling some models of the Jeep vehicles, wild and colorful stories about the two jeeps in our family. John's jeep more dependable for sure than the new jeep Honcho we owned. Something in your head should click when you have just purchased a new jeep and before you get home with it, the mirror falls off on the driver's side. We had all sorts of trouble with the truck from day one and a "lemon" it was indeed. A mind of its own as it would just stop while you were driving along but thankfully it would start up again after a couple of tries with the key. Spent a lot of money on the truck as each problem arose with it. It finally did some better but really nothing to brag about. I can remember one Saturday morning Aubrey and his dad, John, sitting at the table drinking their coffee, before they were going to finish up a job they had been working on. I was sort of drafted to take off the trash as neither one of them had the time. I'm pretty sure it was John's jeep I went in down to the dumpster in the Lucky Community where Mr. Tom Brady's store used to be in operation. Going down the road there was something I could tell not right about the sound of the jeep. I still thought it would be okay to keep going. Half way there I guess the roaring and the backfiring began. Thought about turning around right then and try to get back to the house as I was very embarrassed - no - terribly embarrassed with the sound the truck was making as I thought it was just going to die on me, explode, or just fall apart on the road. No inkling about anything wrong with the truck was I informed of by either John or Aubrey. I'm sure my face was very flushed and a deep pink as I made it to the dumpster. The truck sounding worse as I was coming back home as I was doing a lot of fussing and fuming. When I got in the house, not a peep out of Aubrey or his dad. I was not saying a word about my ordeal. Aubrey finally asked did I have any trouble with the truck. I gave them an earful, when I saw they were both smiling at my expense. How long were you two going to wait before you came on the lookout for me? Aubrey said he had just asked his dad a few minutes before I got home, should they go check on me. I told Aubrey this was not very reassuring to all to me as they should have told me how loud the noise from the truck was last time I took the trash off. As you can see, they were some characters, both of them!

One of many wonderful stories to tell about these two magnificent people in this girl's life. I miss them so and always will here - but someday, will be reunited with them there in heaven and with all my other loved ones. What a day of jubilation awaits for all those that have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and soon coming King. Can hardly wait for that but knowing your loved ones are all tucked away and secure with Jesus - you can endure until it is your time of departure from this earth. Glory will not be beyond our imagination then - we will be living in it!

Some people we need to be keeping in prayer: Carlon and Mai Nell Melton, Clyde Nokes, Bobby Taylor, and Charlie Mai Daniel.

If you have any news for the column, just give me a call at (615) 563-4429. Have a great day!
Thou art my hope, O Lord God: Thou art my trust. Psalm 71:5

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